Resistance 3: The Dark Woods Of Pennsylvania

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Resistance 3: The Dark Woods Of Pennsylvania

As you know from our Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One blog post, we spent yesterday with a large group of North American and European press here in Los Angeles. They didn’t just see North Carolina’s new Ratchet & Clank game though – the Burbank-based Resistance 3 team was on hand to present a new single-player area, multiplayer map, and weapon.

Resistance 3 for PS3

Resistance 3 for PS3Resistance 3 for PS3

Our new single-player area finds hero Joseph Capelli and Dr. Malikov in the dark woods of Pennsylvania, hunted by Chimeran snipers and dropships. In this section of the game, players must sneak through the forest, avoiding the spotlights of the dropships while dispatching the sniper hybrids. They also run into Hybrids that are shielded by drones – requiring Capelli to destroy the drones first before attacking the Hybrids. A big emphasis in Resistance 3 is opening up the gameplay spaces, allowing players to not only choose which weapon to use for each situation via the weapon wheel, but also how to approach each situation while using the environment to their advantage.

After our Community Day in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago, many of you who couldn’t make it asked “when can I see the Boat level you showed?” Today is that day. Our journalist friends had the chance to go hands-on with the entire level, as it takes Capelli and Dr. Malikov through the flooded waters of the Mississippi as they approach St. Louis. We have released the first extensive footage of the level today, which you can watch above.

Resistance 3 for PS3

We also allowed the journalists in attendance to check out a new multiplayer map from our upcoming internal closed online beta test. The sun-soaked trainyard set in Bogota, Columbia represents another variation of the palette and weather in Resistance 3, and offers a lot of verticality with train cars and buildings to move in, around, and over. Media also familiarized themselves with the Chimeran Deadeye sniper rifle. The Deadeye packs a punch with its alt-fire, a skill shot that requires you to charge up and track the target for a second before delivering a devastating blast that can penetrate multiple enemies if performed correctly.

We hope you enjoyed this fresh look at Resistance 3. There is much more news to come in the coming months, so keep it tuned to the Insomniac Games Facebook and Twitter pages!

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  • Woah! Looking awesome, open environments ftw.

  • Can’t wait James. Gritty and “dark” just like FOM. SP Demo, open MP beta coming before launch?

    Just going through FOM again on Superhuman, still a fantastic experience, cheddar gorge, no cheese though :( LOL.

  • Woah looking great. One question guys. I’ve been a huge fan of the resistance series from the start but will this one have the journal Hale kept from the first one that listed the chimera he encountered and the details of each weapon and the enviroment.

    I remember in the early preview we see a moleskin or notebook with some sketches of the chimera. Frankly I miss the enemy bio’s from games and I was wondering if this would make a return in the third.

    Can’t wait until release day.

  • Video doesn’t correspond with description?!

  • loved R:FOM. my first ps3 game. loved the online. my question is – will u be bringing anything from R:FOM. because if it follows R2 in game play ill be unshore. im hoping u guys use ur own style in multi-player. no lets use that or copy this. ( killzone 2 – 3 ) also no 10.000 kills trophy please. ?

  • That level looks really cool.

  • Can I have the game right now? Please?

  • Really liking what i’ve seen so far, especially sound.
    Everything from the chilling music at the beginning, to the “Rarwwrwar” Chewbacca noise the Goliath makes.
    Great job Insomniac Games!

  • *looks at Video
    *Jaw Drops

    Finally the Guns have a “Realistic” Feel, the Sound the guns did in Resistance 2 when they were fired sounded like Toy Guns. This one Tops it !

    Great Work Insomniac ! Looking forward to this and R&C: A4O

  • this is looking better than any 360 exclusive to date this is why the ps3 DOES everthing including making the best looking 1st party games when the dev can be botherd and insomniac you can be botherd and thank you for it.

    cant wait for this it looks amazing and the detail little things like when he blew the egg up the sign fell down the destruction of the boat gradually through the level cant wait for beta to give mp a blast but its very normal according to the playtests they have had but heres hoping its not. never liked the multiplayer on the first two it just didnt click with me

  • Im so glad that lessons were learnt from R2.

    Im happy to see that the weapon wheel and health packs are back!
    Regenerating health is a joke. Im happy to see that good decisions have been made.
    The game also looks stunning. And the guns sound great.

    I am very excited to get the beta! :]

  • OH, Also, I would LOVE to play a single player demo. Noone seems to do them anymore.

    Please do one?
    I played the killzone 3 sp demo loads of times.

  • That trailer was amazing but what was up with the boat driver he kept getting the boat stuck in ice, he is the worst boat driver ever.

  • comment 3:

    The voice acting seems a bit off in places. Like when he turns right to avoid the goliath, And then says he is turning that way, after he has already done it.
    Just little things.

    Also, Is there any sort of puzzle gameplay in it? Half-life 2 type of thing?

    My main complaint about most shooters is that all you need to do is walk forwards, shoot, win. End.

  • that anon so & so is at it again so now in a UK style party political brodcast he/she issue a new vid a good example of a 2 face double standards hypnotic

    & Now for a party political brodcast by the anonymous group.

    see how many Ps3 you can see.

    i thought they said no more attacks that was last week.

    i think sony should make a blog post of where we stand. :|

  • * just want to add i back sony as for a boycott this weekend doesn’t effect me because i cant afford it meaning if you are short of cash of course you gonna boycott sony product but it doesn’t mean you boycott sony.

    so the boycott is useless. :D

  • i dont think this trailer looks that good if im honest. the way the chimera jumps onto the boat? rubbish animation. framerate dips when he gets surrounded by them too. the PS3 exclusives nowadays in my eyes have to be of an uncharted 2 standard at least. the people above who say this looks amazing and shows what the ps3 can do? utter garbage. this trailer does not show what the ps3 can do whatsoever. compared to killzone 2 and 3 and uncharted 2 etc. it pales into comparison. it is NOT a very good advert for the power of the PS3 imo. insomniac are missing a beat here if this is how the game will look on release.

  • @17. There is absolubtly nothing wrong with the frame rate. Even when walking through explosions and shooting another chimara there is no change in frame rate.

    And what exactly is wrong with the animations of the jumping? I think its great. It dosent look false at all. The landing part could be a bit better, But thats it.

    No other PS3 exclusive is going to match uncharted 3. Killzone 3 was good to look at in some places, But was ruined by their use of MLAA(too many verticle and horizontal lines in killzone for it to work well, It dosent take the aliasing from those things, Killzone 2 looks better to me.) and low resolution smoke (which against solid objects, looks blocky).

  • @17 Yeah, well it’s not even out for like 6 months.

    The game looks great, a worthy sequel to fall of man.

  • It looks wonderfull. The only thing I´m confused about is the story. I both got 1 and 2 but 3 does seem a compleet different story in the same universe. Not sure if I like that…

  • This looks…. awesome.

  • this game looks awsome :D whan is the beta comein to plus subscribers?

  • “We’ll answer your questions below!” ???

  • Looks great – kind of reminiscent of Half Life 2.

  • Uh yeah are the questions going to be answered? Or is it like the earlier Ratchet and Clank all 4 one post all over again.

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