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You might have seen a post earlier today announcing The Studio. To coincide with the launch of this new category in PlayStation Store, a brand new gallery is opening its doors in PlayStation Home on April 14.


Here the collection comes to life and you can peruse the work of The Studio’s top artists and designers in a unique circular gallery. And if you find something that tickles your creative fancy, you can purchase is as a theme for your XMB there and then.

Also, purchase any theme from The Studio before 11th May and get yourself an exclusive The Studio T-Shirt for PlayStation Home at no additional charge.

While you’re feeling cultured, the long-awaited Paris Clock Tower apartment is here. Also be sure to check out the Furniture store for a wide selection of accompanying Classical Parisian furniture. There are several great value bundles available for anyone looking to make a saving. For an extra classy touch, pick up one of five checkers tables available from Stuff.

paris clock tower 1paris clock tower 3

checkersparis clock tower 2

Meanwhile, the folks at Lockwood have sent over the following detailing their latest update:

Fool Throttle is back with a vengeance!

After the sedate adventures of the Bunny Baron, Lockwood are bouncing back with something a little more high octane in the form of a fantasy dress-up twist to two well-known uniforms.

With a wicked cut and sassy style you won’t find our police woman and naval officer reporting for duty in any unit or fleet. The word around Home is they went rogue, playing by their own rules. So you would think these no-nonsense ladies would keep a low profile and conform to the norm.

Low profile? Ha! Officer Offbeat and Admiral Admired intend to become world fashion icons who are worshipped as goddesses. Think you have what it takes to pull off this look? The gauntlet is thrown! Admiral Admired and Officer Offbeat outfits are available as value packs for those who accept the challenge.

Lockwood AdmiralLockwood Officer

Also this week, become one of a strictly limited number of players to gain early entry to upcoming high-energy racer Sodium2 – exclusive to PlayStation Home.

Visit the commerce point in the new and improved Sodium Hub and, for a limited time, claim your free beta access teleportal. This will give you access to the adrenaline fuelled world of the Sodium2 beta via the teleportal entrance in the Sodium Hub. Don’t miss your chance to become one of the privileged few – test pilot a Sodium2 Velocity Racer today.

If you’re still reading you may already have missed out.

Elsewhere, Heavy Water brings a new collection of outfits to Home under the Heavy Ink brand:

Our classy Pin-up girls are perfect for a night out on the town. Full of fun and curves, these pin-ups will turn heads with their custom walk animations and more. Get out there and be a Pin-up – Heavy Ink style!

New outfits and separates will be made available in the near future – stay in the loop by going to to see what’s in development, or follow us on Twitter @heavyh2o. Comments, ideas or requests? Drop us an email at“>

FuturLab has provided the very latest in coconut clothing; and THQ is bringing their Hot Dog and Snazzy Suit from Saints Row 2.

PlayStation Home will be updated at the regular time on Thursday.

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1 Author Reply

  • What date is the update coming?

  • shameful poor update this week and a limited beta draw lots is it just me that there are More draw lots beta on Ps3.

    still no word of the 1.50 when last week over on the SCEA blog the rep said it just around the corner. and here we are mid april still no sign.

    but the beta will have to be updated to 1.50 so you have split the community some beta players will have the 1.50 others will not.

    nice work. :|

  • Nice update, hope to try out Sodium 2. Still looking forward to 1.50

  • Paris Clock Apartment :) certainly a buy for me of course.

  • Hello, Paris clock apartment I’m very happy !!! Thanks!!!

  • NICE, cant wait for th4e apartment and the Sodium Beta Teleporter, one question, can friends use it?

  • I think you’ll find we call “checkers” draughts in this country. We’re not Americans.

  • Would of been nice if you gave beta access to people who purchased the original Sodium…

  • I was heavily impressed with the content available in the Studio in the store. Its a shame we can only have one xmb image going at one time(unless we had more than one ps3 and more than one tv going at once). It’s no secret that alot of folk “procured” the Paris Apartment only to have said perspace taken back again by Sony. Fair enough. I’m glad to see it finally made available. I want that classic carpet that seen in my US m8s Paris apartments. Now how soon until, Santorini and the Waterfall Terrace perspaces are finally made available, the latter would make the best clubhouse methinks?

  • Looks nice but I still have no reason to have it. A nice enviroment like the Clock Tower apartment is fine but to have it to talk with people I rather take time and visit my reel friends. And than the world is not connected but just a collection of places just doesn´t give me the feeling of beeing there. And serieusly, is this still a Beta??????????
    It´s fine a lot off people love this but I´m just sad that almost everything I was looking forward to years ago when home was anounced didn´t materialized. Maybe the prommis of beeing able to watch the E3 press conference in real time wil draw me back to home…

  • Where are the promised Saints Row2 Alter Ego costumes as promised in the message of the day on entry. And why are there only 10
    = comments here on this blog entry. Are we bloggers who enter comments the ones on the naughty list or something?

    • Apologies about the Saints Row content – there was a very last minute issue that forced us to pull it, but it will be there in the next couple of weeks.

  • 1.5 can’t come soon enough!

  • Hi Everyone.
    Nice to see some original art in Home.

    In the blog about The Studio space, you said:
    “Also, purchase any theme from The Studio before 11th May and get yourself an exclusive The Studio T-Shirt for PlayStation Home at no additional charge”.
    I bought a new theme in the space on day one, but didn’t get my free T-Shirt.
    Any ideas?

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