MotorStorm Apocalypse DLC Launches Today

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MotorStorm Apocalypse DLC Launches Today

The timing of MotorStorm Apocalypse hasn’t exactly been ideal. I remember waking on the morning of the Friday, near the end of what was already a pretty heavy week gearing up for European release, switching on the news and being stunned. My first thought wasn’t for the game, but for our Japanese Producer and his family.

Just a short while after the devastation he emailed me to apologise for having to suspend the ongoing tests for MotorStorm! That sums him up, and his fellow countrymen – courageous, unflappable and so gracious, even in the face of such tragedy. It really put everything into perspective. We did the right thing when we decided to delay it.

Now that we’re available in Europe (and soon to be released in the US), it’s time to make good on our promises to everyone already playing the game and start unveiling some of our add-ons. I hate calling it ‘DLC’; it makes it sound like a spreadsheet template or something.

First-up, you’ve got two weeks from today to pick up the ultimate ‘Stormer status symbol: the Supercar Elite, and then it’s gone forever. This is lightning-fast eye candy, with a completely unique look – play online and you will stand out in an instant as a dedicated Lunatic, and no-one will dare bet against you.

In the same two weeks, you’ll be able to freshen up your existing rides with the Launch Livery and bring a bit of the festival scene into Wreckreation with a strobe laser livery and amplified artwork design. This party piece will only be around when there’s something to commemorate, so grab yours while it’s there.


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We’re excited about all of the add-ons we’re designing and making, and hope you like them too. There’s more on the way and, as promised, some amazing updates are coming real soon – a brand new track with more than one version (including another night race), the Mode Editor and so much more.

Oh, and if you still aren’t convinced on the all-consuming awesomeness of our game, there’s a single player demo available on PlayStation Store giving you a taste of the intense racing action with a Supercar and Superbike.

You will believe.

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  • Brilliant cant wait to download, Loving the game been playing it in 3D excellent game.

    • Thanks doomsday619!

      For the Launch Livery you don’t have to wait – it’s already there, for free.

      The rare Supercar Elite will be available after the Store update today (usually between 3pm – 4pm UK Time) for €4.99 until April 27th.

  • Looks great, cant wait

  • will be there new tracks/courses planned for dlc ……and when :D

    • Yes, we’ll share more details about a free island track we’re creating in a future blog update, along with many more surprises.

      The night version Matt hints at in this blog is looking amazing already. :-)

  • New skins? Good luck with that.

  • sweet, getting this.
    some quick Qs though.
    will this car have online challenges tied into unlocking parts? or do they come with it?
    will it still be fully customisable within the game?
    thanks to the customisation feature (which is great btw) i have my own online identity, and would like to keep it with this car…
    also, are you planning like weekly/fortnightly dlc releases like you did with pacific rift?
    that was a great schedule of dlc, if a little too long after the game released.
    now, back to wreckin rookies…

    • The Supercar Elite is a rare vehicle with a bespoke design, so it has limited customisation options and parts available. It looks fearsome with in ‘roadster’ form with the top removed!

      There’s a healthy dose of add-ons and updates heading your way in the coming weeks and months, and we’ll bring you all of the latest news and reveals here on the blog.

  • This is probabLy the wrong place but when is the game coming out in the USA??

  • More Motorstorm content is always welcome :) I’ve been having a great time with Apocalypse. I hope we will be seeing some big add-ons like we got with the Speed and Adrenaline packs for Pacific Rift?

  • My game does not even work online…. And i will not start over just to play online! You can keep this DLC

    • Hi vicheous, I suspect you’ve encountered “error 8002E501”? If so, it’s because you accepted the beta version of the online T&C’s (a while before the game was released). The only way to bypass this at present is to refresh your game save data.

      If this isn’t the case, please contact me on twitter @PhenomEvolution or by XMB messaging on your PS3 & I’ll try to help.

  • Are the DLC vehicles faster than the ones included in the game?

  • Do you have any idea when/if it’s comming to NZ?

    It got “delayed indefinetly” in NZ due to the earthquake. It’s been weeks since the quake, can we have the game now?

  • cool i quess does are free?

  • This looks nice, shame the supercar is a bit of a turkey on the track at the moment :) Looking forward to a patch to improve its performance.

  • Thanks for the apologies of that the servers have been awful and with that you charged us 4.99euro for the first DLC with just some skins?

  • For those that have the game, how is the difficulty compared to the others?

    • To expand on kivi95’s reply (@17), Apocalypse was designed with feedback from previous MotorStorms in mind.

      Each character’s play-through is progressively more challenging, offering up tougher opponents and more technical tracks as the earthquake intensifies and the city becomes more dangerous.

      For every race you finish 1st, you unlock a Hardcore version of that same race as a Special Events. It’s these Hardcore events that will really test your mettle, even compared to Rank 8 in Pacific Rift!

  • Hi

    Would you consider lowering the price on the Pacific Rift DLC “Adrenaline” and “Speed” now that Apocalypse is already alive and kicking?


  • Wow, £4 for a single car, that’s Brutal Offroad Pricing!!

    • The Supercar Elite is a one off, completely bespoke “stand-out” vehicle. It’s the ultimate status symbol, and it’s entirely your choice whether you want to pick it up while it’s there. :-)

  • 14# It’s easier but then their is HARDCORE festival which is really hard.

  • £4 for a new car model?

    It doesn’t even do anything other then look different?


    sad face

  • Please stop this overpriced dlc nonsense.

    Things like this should be integrated in the final product.

  • so what is that car free? cuz any sort of price tag for 1 car is pathetic… especially when we only got like 3 vehicles per car class on this game.

  • £4?! no way, over priced crap. it should be a free update.

  • £4 for something that was on the disc already… Please go and sit on it, and swivel. bring out packs for that price not 1 CAR! which cant be modded at all to be honest. should have been an unlock day1. Fail and i thought these were going to be free. You dont like calling it DLC because you should call it “waste”

  • @Phenom_Evolution

    Get it fixed! I never played the beta.. and i think i got the game on release here… BTW we did not have UK release date!

    I will contact you about this! I got about 70% so i’m not gonna just let it go.

  • Matt I pre-ordered my copy from and didn’t get any redeem codes for their preorder exclusive. Do you have any idea how/when I’ll get it?

  • You are 12 days late for this post, it would have been a great joke for April 1st. 5€ for a single car is definitely the joke of the year.
    I hope coming DLC (I like call it like this) will be for free or for a REASONABLE price compared to added value

  • £4.00 for ONE vehicle is pretty steep imo..

    It should really be free.

  • I hope there are free DLC coming in the future also..

  • man im so suprised about how bad theyv ripped us off on this game, taking out mad loads of classic vehicles and making some vehicles only available by pre order and DLC… its pathetic.

  • Delaying the game because of an earthquake is ridiculous! Yes it’s a tragedy, but it really makes no sense. People affected by the quake wouldn’t care about some random game.
    We might as well start delaying GTA games next time someone’s car is stolen, or the next SAW game when someone is murdered.
    F it, I’ll just import this one.

  • This greedy trend of over-priced dlc coming out just a week or so after a game has launched is really putting me off buying some titles – Motorstorm: Apocalypse being one of them.

    Played the demo and it is good, but the disc seems pretty lean on cars and tracks, obviously because you want to charge extra for those when you release them as DLC…

    I think I’ll just keep playing Split/Second thanks

    • Entirely your choice, and obviously I’m biased, but “lean” isn’t a word I’d associate with MotorStorm Apocalypse.

      The game offers 3 fully customisable vehicles in all 13 different vehicle classes, and there are 33 stages available to race (40 in the Festival campaign) – all with multiple routes. And there’s the real-time earthquakes which take place to shake up the racing experience on a lap by lap basis too.

  • ok, first consider how many cars we got free of charge on the old games…..

    now please realise how disgusting it is that youv taken these cars out of the new game, only to charge us for them later on.

    they should have been on the original game, theres no exuse for it.

    “The game offers 3 fully customisable vehicles in all 13 different vehicle classes”

    thats completely crap not matter how you put it, not to mention greedy and [Deleted].


    follow this link and read the dissapointment coming from even the people who bought this 1 car over priced DLC.

  • So what about us US folk, will this DLC be available to us whenever the game is finally released?

  • Oh, Christchurch got hit by a 5.2 aftershock earthquake yesterday…Better delay the game(available on import off the net so why bother)yet again…why? excuses are excuses. Blame a shortage of stock on an Earthquake. NZ got stffed around badly on belated day of issue of 2 Worlds 2 due to stock problems, yet at least NamcoBandai didn’t use the excuse of an earthquake to mask their inadaquacies and selfish self interest in using our intended stock elsewhere. And this dlc… I hope it’s free. It’s probably a dl key like the 3 shameless keys EA made available for Dead Space 2 just after release. Come on. We shell out $130 for a brand new game and they have the cheek to charge us to unlock farther sections on the disc we have already paid for(yet probably don’t even own if you end up reading thru the small print in their terms and conditions. Wouldn’t surprise me). hmph…

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