Announcing The Studio, Bringing Digital Art To Your XMB

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Announcing The Studio, Bringing Digital Art To Your XMB

The Studio (3)

Showcasing the best in digital design, The Studio brings to PlayStation a collection of Static and Dynamic Themes for PS3 and PSP from some of the most coveted and cutting edge graphic and digital artists, illustrators and graphic designers around the world.

We have partnered with Studio Output, one of the world’s most tuned-in creative design and production companies, to help us curate The Studio collection and ensure only the finest offerings in everything from urban street art to illustration are included.

In a world where art and gaming continue to converge, the digital creations on offer at The Studio are the ultimate design accessories for your PS3 or PSP. Available to download from just €0.99 to €2.99* each, you can choose from a wide range of Static and Dynamic themes for the XMB.

Over the next 2 months we will be updating the Themes on offer in The Studio every week, with monthly updates thereafter. Here’s a summary of the themes you can find in the first week and available to download today:

  • Discover the quirky, child-like doodles of Jonathan Calugi, one of the hottest emerging talents in Italy and the man behind Happy Lovers Town. Also available for PSP.
  • Let your eyes drift through Eyelevator by Rex Crowle, AKA Rexbox – one of the creative minds behind LittleBigPlanet. He describes his theme as floating collection of visions from a place known as The Orb of Dreamers. Also available for PSP.
  • Fans of English rockers Muse will also recognise the work of Jasper Goodall, notably known for his album cover art for the band. The artist shares his bespoke theme entitled Lake of Sorrows.
  • Celebrated illustrator Anthony Burrill brings two upbeat themes to The Studio: A world of Moving Shapes and Colours and Blocks. Also available for PSP.
  • Developed exclusively for The Studio, Craig Redman’s Explosion is a snapshot of the detonation of modern life milliseconds after a big-bang style explosion and made up of everything from hotdogs to the PlayStation symbols.
  • Explosion-3

  • Mr Bingo introduces us to one of his favourite characters in Charlie’s Awfully Big Adventure – a theme based on his sell-out print ‘Charlie does a Kickflip’ from 2010.
  • Madrid-based studio Serial Cut fuses retro electronics with living foliage to create Plant-Station.
  • Plantstation-2

  • Mr Jago brings his trademark abstract expressionism to The Studio with Jagobah Systems.
  • Glitch and Play, the themes from Studio Output, bring a kaleidoscopic array of colour to PlayStation. Play is also available for PSP.
  • Glitch-1

  • Velvet Spectrum aka Luke Choice, known for his work with the music industry, has teamed up with illustrator MegaMunden to create A Trip Into The Unknown for PSP.

To take a look at all the Themes in action visit our YouTube channel at

To celebrate the launch of The Studio, The Studio Theme created by Studio Output is available to download for free from today for two weeks only.

The Studio and PlayStation Plus

Subscribers to PlayStation Plus will be able to take advantage of a number of exclusive deals and offers, including six free themes a year and a 20% discount on all Themes in The Studio collection. The 1st free Theme from The Studio for Plus subscribers will be available to download on the 20th April.

So we cordially invite you to the grand opening on The Studio the brand new digital art space on PlayStation Store. Explore the store on your PS3 and PSP or visit The Studio gallery on PlayStation Home.

For more information please visit and you can find The Studio in the Themes & Avatars section of PlayStation Store.

And let us know what you think!

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13 Author Replies

  • Awesome :) i love Ps Plus. :)

    • Hi, Thanks, i’m looking forward to all the Studio themes but its great we get some free for Plus. enjoy

  • they look cool! i may get some.

  • Good of Sony to be reaching out to other arts as well as game developers.

    Unrelated question : has the first set of inFamous 2 beta codes been sent out?

  • id rather have more gaming dynamic themes as theres a serious lack of them

    • Hi, we agree that there should bbe more and try to persuade developers to create them, but they are surprisingly difficult to create

  • We going to get the bob ones and discount on the good ones?

  • James Gallagher

    That video was shot in our canteen, where I have my lunch!

  • They look really good. Some of the themes on PSN are really rubbish so this type of funky artistic stuff is a nice addition.

  • These look awesome. I love the themes that come free with plus because I don’t think I’d buy any otherwise but they do brighten up the XMB when I turn the old gal on :-D

  • This is a fantastic initiative.

  • Sorry, but those are some seriously ugly looking themes.

    • really?? I know art is subjective but out of all of them i’ll bet there are some you really like. if their not for you, you haven’t lost anything though. cheers

  • really hope there is more to come like these in the future, its a great idea!

  • Amazing themes, love my PS+. :)

  • This is great, awesome initiative Sony.

  • the plan-station theme looks amazing may have to get a few of these! any news on the beta codes for infamous 2?

  • great idea and i look forward to seeing some of the creations. 2 quick points though. Can you make some with differnt fonts and when creating tthe themes can you bear in mind that we still cant change the font colour. There have been a number of great themes since it was introduced to ps3 that just fail because were unable to read the XMB text. the abstract theme on PS plus this month is an example of that.

    other than that. great way to think out the box guys.

    • Hi, i’m not too sure about the text as there may be a technical reason this can’t be changed? i’ll look into it though and see if this can be added as an option or used in some themes

  • why cant u get these guys to do the gameing themes that the devs wont do because theve all become lazy fat usless idiots who cant even release a 100% finished game, or release a game for 40 quid and then not fix it for weeks (HOMEFRONT IM LOOKING AT U THQ) so its no suprise that u guys have trouble with them releasing themes, ahh i know why they wont mun its becaus the 360 dosent have dynamic themes so M$ isnt paying them so they dont make them thats it mun must be.

    so my point is get the rights off the devs/publisher and let these geniuses do the hard work then only give them 20p from the cost.

    also james when is the date for the emails for the infamous 2 beta as u guys said itll be based on which trophies we have for inf1 so i have the platinum got all the blast shards and put hours into the first 1 so if i didnt get an email i wont be buying this next 1 sucker punch and ill bet some snotty nosed kid who wont even play it will get an invite i hope not guys

    good update this wk some good offers and discounts keep em comming now take annother tenner of assasins creed 1 & 2 and ill buy them good price for the god of wars ill buy them now there more of a sensible price, oh yes happy “ever closer to death” day ross

  • Some of those themes look pretty nice – will be sure to check them out. I have a small complaint with some of the themes released on PSN recently though. It’s a very small, almost petty complaint, but it really annoys me when recently released themes don’t replace the icon for PS mini’s saves. It sticks out like a sore thumb, and it reeks of laziness IMO. I’ve noticed this with the free themes handed out with PS+ this and last month, and a few others I’ve bought over the past 6 months as well.

    • Hi, just spoke to Alex who does all the Plus themes and apparently it was to do with the fact that the minis save icon was not one of the original icons. However he has solved this so all the future Plus these should have this fixed. I’ll pass it onto the Studio guys to. not laziness at all. hope you can sleep easier now ;-)

    • H, I just checked a couple of the Studio themes i bought and the minis save icon has changed with the rest of them so this shouldn’t be a problem on these. cheers

  • Someone ‘up top’ mentioned Dynamic Themes.

    On that score, what are the chances we can get a Dynamic Theme tool kit, produce our own and submit them for (free) Store Distribution?

    Certainly lives up to the ‘Create & Share’ motto being banded around.

    FWIW, I know we can ‘edit’ existing Dynamic Themes but I’m talking about coding original pieces.

    • Hi, I’m not too sure about this. I know it has been mentioned before but i will have a word and see if its something we could do.

  • that Jon Burgerman theme is screaming “buy me buy me buy me!”, i need it

  • also give us the choice of music or not on themes some are gr8 with sound but some are not good example.. sonic theme awsome theme but cant use it because every single button press makes the usual ring sound and when ur typing a mssg or lookin around the XMB the ring collecting sound is the most anoying sound i have ever heard and has made the them unusable so please add the opyion to mute theme sounds i cant be that hard thanks guys already bought 4 of them now im out of funds for the new games out comes the bank card then……

  • An idea:

    To truly enjoy the offerings and to encourage people to buy more, whenever you buy a Studio theme it should be added to a picture folder that you can play as a full-screen slideshow. It would be nice to display the pictures as digital art when you have guests over and such.

  • hi mr thorpe any news on the infamous 2 beta as theres nowt and this was the quote from the orignal post:

    We’ll update right here on the blog with details of how PS+ members can get access to the beta.

    am i mistaken but is this the blog there on about pls give us an answer as theres been nowt said about it thanks.

    also what theme are we getting free from the new ones can we get a choice maybe a vote on the blog for psplus members make us feel wanted again.

  • Cool! I love dynamic themes. I’m gonna check them out tonight. There is mention of a free theme for PS+ users coming up? Will it be a different one to the ones already available? Don’t wanna end up buying the one that becomes the free one :-)

  • These look great. Alot more appealing than most of the themes we have been getting in recent months.

  • And that’s why I love Sony so so much. Art crossed with video games. Ambitious projects. Some of these themes are just sick.

    Thanks for Plus discounts ;)

  • Thanks for the reply – as I said, it was a very petty complaint, but glad to see it’s being sorted out :D. Just downloaded the free Studio theme and noticed it didn’t have the problem, so will definitely pick up one of the premium ones when I make some store purchases later.

    Oh, and I shall definitely be able to sleep easier tonight – the issue has been causing me months of sleepless nights :).

  • This is brilliant.

    I’ve always liked the simplicity behind the PlayStation ‘Original’ theme and never really used any others (until recently with the purchase of Plus) as you either have to pay for them or get really crappy free ones.

    Let’s just hope The Studio Plus themes are decent.

    The Studio Showreel @ 1.38 is a most have, free or not!

  • The first of those three screenshots is to me the perfect example on why Sony needs to give us some options for the text.

    It looks awesome, but the text is too difficult to see!

    At the very least, we should have options for white text with dark outline, and black text with bright outline.

  • Marvelous stuff. This is what has been lacking all this while on the PS3. True form of art on the PS3. The HD Tv’s will look gorgeous running the themes on the PS3 once again. Just a quick question, are these coming to the US too?

  • Some inspiring stuff. Once I get a grasp of learning how to create some PS3 themes I probably create some themes well similar to Jackson Pollock.

  • Really great idea and I’m liking the Plus discounts.

    Now, how about you try and get Banksy to create one for you:)

  • Jasper Goodall gets my money… long time Muse fan here, so as soon as I saw it I recognised the artist. Looks great and unlike most themes I can read the sodding menu text while using it!

    Really, really hope you get more work from Goodall in the future, I’d love more Muse-like themes!

  • I see false Advertising! I got a Theme from the PS Store, And did not get my free T-Shirt? Where is it? ”

    : Receive your The Studio T-shirt in PlayStation Home at no additional cost when you purchase any theme between 13 April and 11 May 2011.”

  • I didn’t get a free t-shirt in Home either. Tho I can’t see where you got that quote from.

  • Can u make this picture as an wallpaper size for My Desktop ?

  • I think the logo on the bottom left of the the themes really detracts from them. We know what we’ve bought and don’t need reminding. It just spoils it like putting a big sticker on an oil painting. The only theme I’ve seen that has not put a big logo on is the Gravity Crash dynamic theme and that one’s gorgeous.

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