Capcom Announces Dragon’s Dogma For PS3: Monsters, Magic, And Melee

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Capcom Announces Dragon’s Dogma For PS3: Monsters, Magic, And Melee

Dragon’s Dogma is a new intellectual property from the creators of Devil May Cry 4 and Resident Evil 4. And while it resembles another Capcom series featuring monsters and the hunting thereof, we’re promised a unique experience when the game launches in “early 2012”

I played a short demo and met with the game’s director, Hideaki Itsuno, and it’s producer, Hiroyuki Kabayashi, at CAPCOM’s Captivate event in Miami last week.

“While they may have some superficial similarities, they are very different games at heart,” explains Hideaki when asked about comparisons to Monster Hunter. “One key difference is that Dragon’s Dogma has an overarching story whereas in Monster Hunter the focus is on the hunt.”

Dragon's Dogma 10

In a nutshell, Dragon’s Dogma is an open-world action adventure set in a world of swords, sorcery and enormous, deadly monsters. “When I was at junior high school I was really taken in by The Lord of the Rings, so I’m sure that has had a strong influence,” explains Hideaki. “You can expect to see a lot of those creatures from Greek and Norse mythologies that fantasy fans will be familiar with.”

“While we don’t share a common history and mythology, Japan has had access to the same pop culture experiences over the last 30 years, and I think that Japanese people do like fantasy games, movies and books. Because of that, we have the same working knowledge of myths and creatures such as the Hydra and the Griffin and people in Europe and America do.”

Dragon's Dogma 02 Dragon's Dogma 05

Dragon’s Dogma has been in development for three years and currently has more people working on it than any other Capcom game. “This is a game that I have wanted to make for many years,” Hideaki adds. “I’ve never felt that we had the technology in place to take on a project of this scale. Now, we have consoles powerful enough and a development team at Capcom knowledgeable enough to bring this vision to life.”

The demo playable in Miami was a quest to take down a Griffin using the Strider – one of three character classes alongside Mage and Fighter – and the flexibility of the combat was the aspect that most stuck in my mind. You’ve got your standard sword melee attacks and daggers for very close combat. You can grab on to the griffin’s wing and hack away as you both fly across the verdant fields or have your mage enhance your weapons with fire and take it down with a volley of flaming arrows.

Dragon's Dogma 06

I went back four times overall to experiment with different solutions to the same boss fight, which is impressive pulling power considering I also had Street Fighter X Tekken and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City at my disposal (more on those later in the week).

Your three accomplices in monster-bashing are a key part of the gameplay and are known as Pawns. You can issue commands to them using the directional buttons and they respond with tips along the lines of “Orcs hate fire” and “deploy the rolled-up newspaper” (I made the second one up), and they can develop abilities of your choosing. Interestingly, there are more than 200 individual NPCs in the game world, each with spoken dialog and a full 24-hour daily routine, and any of them can be recruited as Pawns and then customised to your needs.

Dragon's Dogma 08

We are told that there will be “a brand-new approach to multiplayer” but were unable to squeeze out any further details. The answer to that other ubiquitous interview question is that the main quest is expected to deliver around 30 hours of gameplay, not counting side quests.

As you can see from these screens and trailer, Dragon’s Dogma is a looker and we’ll be keeping an eye on it here at PlayStation.Blog. Feel free to ask questions and look out for more Capcom posts later in the week based on my time with Street Fighter X Tekken, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and more.

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5 Author Replies

  • Thought it was a ps3 exclusive first :( well well hope it will be like Monster Hunter.

    Why not announce something like this on E3? and what is Dead Rising 2: Off the Record?

    • Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is a new game set in Fortune City with Frank West as the playable character.

  • Oh and forgot to say that it looks great!!!!

  • No thanks guys. The only multiplat capcom game i give the time of day for is resident evil (and that’s only because of its previous exclusivity to PlayStation).

    • I’m planning to post my hands-on and interview for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City on Friday.

  • James I officially hate you!!

    How many RPG’s can we get at the end of 2011 begining of 2012!

    Good times to be a RPG fan. Looks impressive, lets hope they can transfer this over the the final game on PS3.

    • Even though you hate me, I will point out that it’s more of an action game than an RPG. Depends how you differentiate between the two, I suppose. In fact, I asked Hideaki-san what he saw as the difference and here is his response:

      “That’s a good question and I don’t even know if I have the answer. I do know that with Dragon’s Dogma we want to create a fantasy world in which the player is free to do what they want. Action elements are core to the game but they’re not all that is there, so I don’t like to label it with a definable genre; however, it does have aspects that might be recognisable from other genres.”

      Bit vague, I know… probably why it didn’t make the final edit!

  • I’m buying this day one, looks amazing man! I never even heard of it before, cannot wait now :)

  • Looks impressive… maybe it’s my age but I’m gradually moving away from online gaming and a good RPG is just what I need!

  • @ james

    yeah i’m pumped for Raccoon city :) i just hope it remains 3rd person like RE 5 and not a full fps.

    btw, whats the deal with RE Outbreak? i know code veronica and RE4 are getting remade, but to the right of this post you guys have new Outbreak pics. ..another HD remake maybe?

  • Capcom, how have you not noticed that *everyone* wanted Monster Hunter for PS3 and you give us this… .

    Epic fail.

  • @6 Nah mate, its just just you, I feel the same way too.

    I just havent found that one RPG that i can call home yet on PS3, this… Dogma looks like this’ll be it though.

  • I wont be buying a single Capcom game this gen until I get Devil May Cry 5. The DMC IP is my favourite series from them and I a hate how much Capcom is neglecting it. So much so that they have outsourced the IP creating a title in the series that looks nothing like it.

    • Do bear in mind that some of the same people are working on this so hopefully some of the brainpower that created your favourite series will be carried over… I’m always in favour of a new IP.

  • @1 I was getting rather giddy thinking it was an exclusive, then my excitement dwindled when I realised it’s on the box too.

    The title could do without the ‘For PS3’ bit.

    Looks interesting though so we probably keep a watch on it.

  • Woawoh. Open world games are my fave, can’t get enough of them. Gonna keep this on my radar.

  • James, the gameplay is similar to Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls?

    From the video looks like the Capcom’s Demon’s Souls.

  • this does look very interesting, will definitely look out for this when more info become available, james is so lucky to have layed a early demo so early!

  • James I have a question.

    Why are PS3 owners getting Dead Rising 2: Off The Record when most PS3 owners don’t know who Frank West is and we also have not received either DLC from DR2 where one reintroduces Frank into the universe.

    I don’t mean to sound harsh. But the announcement of DR2:OTR really bothers me.

  • The trailer looks nasty in a good way!

  • Looks and sounds awesome! Loved DMC4, loved RE4, love the Demon’s Souls kinda style it has going on, love that unlike Monster Hunter it’ll be story driven. This may be the game that restores my faith in Capcom, can’t wait to hear more about it.

  • looks like it could be interesting

  • Capcom don’t be messing with chuck green, he better be in off the record?

  • Wow, just WOW!! This looks really good. When I heard that Capcom was going to announce a new game, I wasn’t interested at all. But after watching the trailer, I’m hooked!

  • Now this looks absolutely awesome! I will put this very high on my list of must haves.

    I wonder if there will be an ‘evil’ story arc too?

  • wow something to take my mind off the terrible [DELETED] that was the new ff cant belive how much they killed anyway does it really look that good james or are u being bribed with a full copy just to say that i really want this to be awsome as it looks class go capcom go!!!

  • Snakes… I hate snakes..

    Still, great looking game!! After RPG, Action/Adventure is my most favorite word in video games! And 3rd person view, sure. I’m sold. :)

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