Dungeon Siege III Brings Accessible Controls, Bountiful Co-op To PS3

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Dungeon Siege III Brings Accessible Controls, Bountiful Co-op To PS3

If you’re like me, the last time you played a traditional action-RPG on a console was probably Diablo for the PSone or Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance for the PS2. Over the years, the action-RPG gameplay foundation — compulsive loot-hoarding and XP-grinding with liberal character progression and heavy replayability — has slowly but steadily infiltrated other genres, from shooters such as Borderlands and BioShock to pure RPGs such as Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Dungeon Siege III brings the trend full circle, presenting a modern take on the classic overhead-view action-RPG.

Dungeon Siege III for PS3

Crucially, developer Obsidian Entertainment has put much work into making Dungeon Siege III play nice with the DualShock 3 controller without diluting the combat and inventory depth that genre fans have long adored. On the PS3, Dungeon Siege III’s interface is a robust approximation of the PC hotkey system, enabling you to swap between two battle stances instantaneously with a tap of L1. Each stance has unique strengths and weaknesses as well as an arsenal of special abilities that can radically alter your attack strategy. The lithe warrior Anjali, for example, can swap from her spear-fighting stance to a ghostly spell-casting form to pummel enemies from afar with fireballs and flesh-melting fire walls. Each of the game’s four characters will ultimately acquire nine different abilities, and at times you’ll need to swap stances rapidly to chain together combos in order crush the toughest monster hordes and harvest their sweet, sweet loot with maximum efficiency.

Speaking of loot, you’ll find thousands of randomized magical items, enchanted swords, blessed boots, and mystic helms on your fallen foes, as well as uber-rare Relic items that bestow outrageously powerful benefits. A welcome touch lies in the streamlined inventory management screen, which is accessible but not watered down in the name of draconian oversimplification. In another nod to accessibility, you won’t be fumbling for red and blue potions when you need to recover health and magic energy — defeated enemies drop healing and mana orbs and every character comes equipped with an innate healing ability. Another nice addition: Tapping Up on the d-pad will lead you to your next active quest, keeping you progressing through the game rather than staring at a mini-map. What’s more, the game’s developers claim you’ll almost never encounter a load screen while progressing through the game.

Dungeon Siege III for PS3Dungeon Siege III for PS3

Dungeon Siege III is also preparing robust cooperative play support on the PS3, beginning with two-player local co-op play that shares the same screen. Over PSN, online support swells to four players for drop-in, drop-out co-op play. Take heed: As more players pile into a co-op game, the forces of darkness respond by growing stronger and deadlier with larger XP and loot bonuses to sweeten the pot. Co-op play also factors into certain story decisions you’ll make throughout the game, the consequences of which can alter the course of the story. Your co-op players are able to vote to show support for a particular course of action, be it killing or saving a particular character or accepting or denying a quest, though the game host makes the final decision.

Dungeon Siege III raids the PS3 on May 31st. Want to know more? Ask your best questions in the comments and I’ll try to shed some light!

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  • Awesome! I loved Diablo, Diablo II and the Baldur’s Gate games including the Dark Alliance games on PS2. DS3 looks great, I already pre-ordered the limited edition, lol.

  • One of my absolute most anticipated titles of 2011. I LOVED Dungeon Siege II and I’ll be all over this bad boy on day one.

  • Cannot wait, we need more decent RPG’s on PS3 :)

  • I’d like to point out too you Scared 2 Fallen Angel as well as Dark Knight Kingoms but yes please more games like this and dragon age please we had plenty of shooters racing sports it’s time to get out more RPG’S please an hack en slash games

  • I hope you guys bring a demo. I truly enjoyed Champions of Norrath on PS2 and I would like to see if the genre still appeals to me all these years later :)

    (trailer looks nice, I just might give it a shot)

  • i’m looking forward to the game, but a demo would be nice. ;) wink wink.

  • Absolutely Fantastic!. Enough said.

  • This game is great & worth every penny. Why would you not nuy it? I would recommend it to anyone !@£$%^&*()

  • Yep really looking forward to this! For anyone looking to fill the gap between now and this being released then try Dungeon Hunter Alliance, it’s only tenner and really quite good. Satisfies my “Hack & Slash” blood lust for now!

    DS3 will be a day 1 buy for me thats for sure!

  • was looking forward to this until I saw it was by Obsidian – considering what they did to Knights of The Old Republic and Fallout franchises I wouldn’t touch this with a barge pole

  • The fact I will not see a loadscreen at all in-game is mana(sic) to my ears, especially after suffering the literal (teeth)grind of spending nearly a quarter of my total game time, whilst playing closed-world(I couldn’t let that barb go unremarked either)map repeater Dragonage2, watching load screen after load screen ad infinitum. After hours total of waiting for a whole screen of crisscrossed loading bars(most games have the one sliding scale bar, Dragonbrain2 had on average ten, AND I had to watch that lot of ten fill up EACH loadup time TWICE. TOTALLY kikks you from whatever gaming zone you may have attained). I have already preordered the deluxest edition of Dungeon Seige3 that I can find. PS3 needs beaucoup more of this kind of content. I’m a bit worried that it’s Bethesda tho viz. Fallout’s oh so crappy Sir Freeze-alot engine is not wanted in these titles. Cant wait for it to ship.

  • Looks similar to Dungeon Hunter Alliance which just came out, and has a discount for PS+….

    Dunno which to get now :S

  • This game looks sweet, loved the first one which reminds me I really should complete the second one ;[

  • Tibbz2, buy both, this isn’t out for another 2 months. DHA is cheap as anyway.

    One question. Can 2 local players be joined by 2 more online players?

  • I got this game to play it with a friend, but he now tells me that you cannot use your own character when playing multi-player, but have to create a new character every time you join a multi-player match. To use his words:

    “Existing players cannot join games via invite. You have to create a new character to actually join a game, although reports say that blindly joining public games works. But the whole advertised “play with friends” aspect is broken. How did this get through Gameloft and Sony testing? Who knows.”

    Can / will that be fixed? And preferably a little faster than adding voice chat to Dead Nation? Thanks! ;)

  • Looks interesting.
    Btw, am I the only one enjoying Sacred 2? Even tho it’s buggy and forgotten I still love this game.

  • Whoops, I posted my complaints in the wrong place, sorry about that! Well, at least they are still mildly relevant, in that this is a game in a similar genre with co-op, so please do make sure we have bug-free online co-op with voice chat day one by the time you’re ready to release the game. ;)

  • I love this game & more like this please

  • I love this game & more like this please!!

  • If you can see this & and read it then it works!

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