VidZone Update: Get Right Down The Front Of Your Favourite Bands

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It’s not as dirty as I made it sound… I’ll explain… You have loved our gig series, but we thought why do you want to see a gig as if you are in the middle of the crowd with people’s big heads and hands in the way? Why not experience the best bands as if you are at the front, like right at the front, within touching distance of the band? What bands? OK, OK, I was just getting to that! Over the coming weeks you will see La Roux, Chapel Club, The Pretty Reckless, All American Rejects and more!

Not enough? Wow, demanding this week aren’t we? No matter, we have loads more for you, read on to find out… but first:



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Hot New Videos

VidZone Update: 310311_HNVUKIE_en

If this feature was a solar flare, it would knock out the whole worlds technology, but it’s not… so it’s ok. Including Black Eyed Peas ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’, Jamie Woon ‘Lady Luck’, Silverstein ‘Sacrifice’ and Milow ‘You And Me’.

Official Playstation Magazine

VidZone Update: PSMAGAZINE13_en

Still picking the cream of the videos from the VidZone vaults as well as great new videos. This week featuring You Me At Six “Save It For The Bedroom”, Weezer “Say It Ain’t So Universal” and Mew “Comforting Sounds”.


Artists Of The Week


This week we have the fabulous Gorillaz that you all know and love with new video “Phoner to Arizona”. We also have one of my favourite artists at the moment Yelle with her new video for “Que Veux-Tu'”. We also have and the marvellous Medina and the bearded singer songwriter Jonathan Jeramiah, Selena Gomez & The Scene, Elske DeWall and Carmen Consoli. See the images for which one you get!

VidZone Update: AOTWYELLEVidZone Update: AOTWMEDINA



One To Watch – Jaya (UK, Ireland)

VidZone Update: OTWJAYA_en

If you had to choose just one thing to watch this week it should be Jaya, She is a hot new British singer and we have her new video for her single ‘Outta Control’ featuring Wretch 32 and Young Simmons.

One To Watch – Guineafowl (Australia, New Zealand)

VidZone Update: OTWGUINEAFOWL_en

If you are in Australia or New Zealand and your eyesight isn’t good enough to see Jaya then no worry we have an equally new, equally hot Australian band release their debut video ‘Botanist’.

Greatest Hits – Roxette (UK, Ireland)


Celebrate the many many hits of the mighty Roxette. Featuring new video ‘She’s Got Nothing On’ plus all their hits including ‘It Must Have Been Love’… It definitely will be after you have watched this feature!


Artists Of The Week

Katy Perry is confirmed for this week’s AOTW as she has a brand spanking new video for her new Single ET. Not sure who else we will have but rest assured it will blow your mind!

One To Watch – Soundgirl (UK, Ireland)

Izzy B, Olivia and Little Nikki form this year’s hottest new girl group that make pop tinged RnB. Check them out!

OTW – Luisa Sobral (Portugal)

The wonderful jazz warbling of this young lady have been melting peoples hearts for a little while now, head over and see if your heart goes the same way.


Remember to check out our ever changing Video Of The Day which you will see as soon as you open VidZone and as ever, if you want to contact us about anything then use the following channels below:

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I’m off to get down the front of my favorite band… Lucky them!


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4 Author Replies

  • Yo ben i enjoy Q & Vidzone, but i got a question it been a while since features when can we be able downloadvids to HDD?

    *same with Q download to HDD we payed for it.

    * well i didn’t pay for it yet hehehe testing it for free :D

  • I think people should start rallying for Breed 77. Hugely underrated band but, if you ignore the stage effects others use, they are the best live act today. Always very uplifting and great diversity through their career. Breed, Breed, Breed!!!

  • Hey i live in NL and i saw we dont get Selena gomez as artist of the week.

    Does that mean we cant get her vids at all? or can we still find all vids through search system ?

    • Hi Basket21

      You can still search for all her videos. We just aren’t featuring them

      Hope that helps.


  • Can we have more Snoop Dog videos please?

    Still lovin’ Vidzone, nothing else out there that comes close for me.

  • @Project2insanity i often encounter members of Breed77 on the bus home from the pub as they live fairly near me, great guys! wouldn’t mind seeing some of their videos on here either.

    ‘get right down the front of your favourite bands’ yet none are bands i even like…. get some more metuhlz on here! Ozzfest at O2 Arena was filmed last year along with all the support bands – could you get your hands on that? though i tihnk it was all done for MTV.

    • Hey jagerross

      We have to try and appeal to everyone, we featured Iron Maiden live a few weeks ago, if you search for it you will find it still.

      I hope that quenches your live metal thirst a bit.

  • Hi Ben,

    Could we have new statistics on how many times Vidzone was downloaded, watched video’s etc.?

  • that jaya pic look like she a hot evil devil with those red eye lol no offense honey ehehehe :D

    on my tv screen is Red :)

  • haha that carmen so seriously looking with a tie lol Nice :D

  • When are you going to start licensing Sony Music Videos again? Its been like, 2 months??!!

  • Hi Ben,
    I was wondering if there was any news about ”Touch A New Day”?
    Anf if Taken by a Stranger also by Lena could be added?

  • Although I liked vidzone, it spent more time buffering that actually playing music, after every update I hoped it would improve but it never did, so I ended up deleting it.

    • sprint900

      Could you email with as many details as you can as to your issue and we will be able to work it out for you. If you have fast enough connection (ie over 1mbps) then it should work seamlessly.


  • Could we please have the full-length version of Hybrid’s Break My Soul?

    And how are those Juno Reactor, Solarstone collections coming along?

  • I’m so glad that VZ was patched in regards to streaming just stopping several times sans expliquation. Now its fixed I can watch clips on “high” setting, even tho I live way downunder in Middle-Earth/New Zealand/Aotearoa. I’m glad you signed all those EMI bands on, including mute records, my fav label which has Depeche, Erasure, moby, Goldfrapp etc. I’d love to see Mylène Farmer’s catalogue along with Nina Hagen’s (who was on CBS now Sony music)therein and want to bring up two issues which I believe would make VZ more enjoyable,for myself at least. 1. The banner needs a toggle off choice in settings. The thing is huge, appears several times per clip, and takes one right out of whatever mood/zone the clip gets one into. 2. I like to put VZ on to watch what I wanna see, not what is thrust at me, full teet blaring at me when I first switch the service on each time. It totally kills whatever train of song, style I’m thinking of playing from my playlist. I’d like to be able to go to my playlist without dealing with whatever trash of the moment is being spun at me in-service. Otherwise VZ rocks.

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