Resistance 3 To Support PlayStation Move, Sharp Shooter And Stereoscopic 3D

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Resistance 3 To Support PlayStation Move, Sharp Shooter And Stereoscopic 3D

Greetings from the fabulous Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, CA, where we are in the middle of Insomniac’s 3rd Annual Community Day. Over the course of today, we have been letting fans get hands-on with Resistance 3 and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. We’ve also been showing all sorts of cool demos and Q&As that we will be producing to bring you in the form of Full Moon Show podcasts in the coming weeks.

That said, today we are finally able reveal, due to overwhelming community demand, that Resistance 3 will support Stereoscopic 3D. Furthermore, for those of you who are enjoying the precision of the PlayStation Move motion controller with your copies of Killzone 3 and the SOCOM: Special Forces Beta, you will be delighted to know that Resistance 3 will also support Move and the sharp shooter. After KZ3 launched, we heard a massive amount of positive feedback, and were inundated with requests to support both Move and sharp shooter, so we’re glad to be able to finally confirm the news.

Resistance 3 To Support PlayStation Move, Sharpshooter And Stereoscopic 3D

As you can see, our founder Ted Price and Resistance 3 Creative Director Marcus Smith are so pumped that they found 3D glasses and grabbed sharp shooters to pose for a photo (though we had to remind them that they need the cool high-tech stereoscopic 3D glasses to actually play, not those old “red-blue” ones).

Resistance 3 hits your 3DTV in September, so have your sharp shooter ready! In the meantime, if you want to hear about all the latest happenings at our community day, follow us on Twitter, (search for #InsomniacGames for some live contests!) like us on Facebook or check out for the latest news on R3. We’ll be posting audio and video from the event in the weeks to come, so keep checking in for all the latest.

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  • Killzone 3 was awesome with Move – played it exclusively. Will do the same for Resistance, providing it’s as good!

    IG ftw ;)

  • I dont see much appreciation for stereoscopic 3D on internet forums. But Move support should be obligatory for shooters on PS3.

  • Awesome!
    Resistance 3 is sounding better and better w/ each info blow out!

    can’t wait to play some co-op w/ Move <3

  • Make sure target lock-on has a long reach (target lock on, not aiming reticle lock-on). Look at Metroid Prime 3 lock-on system. Perfected.

    An auto-level for the camera like MP3 wouldn’t go amiss either.

  • If the Move support will be anything like KZ3 I will skip it. I would really prefer if it was more like a mouse/analog stick thing where you actually turn when moving the Move (8-O), not flail your weapon like your trying to hit a piñata.

  • gonna have to do some serious saving! first need the shapshooter then a 3DTV! though this may be a few years :(

    PS anyone else think the guy on the right looks like ricky gervais?!

  • if its anything like the killzone 3 move support it will be awsome, i found that so accurate i only used my DS3 for the co op, please add move and sharpshooter support to all games not just sony exclusives!

  • @6-quidditys_shore: PS anyone else think the guy on the right looks like ricky gervais?!

    Haha, now I do, yeah. Nice catch.

  • nice. all 4 one and R3 will be the last 2 games me and the clan, will buy from insomniac.

  • There’s no better way to play KZ3, than with the sharpshooter. It’s just annoying that there aren’t more developers choosing to support Move, as I think all shooters would benefit from it. I love Resistance, so this news couldn’t sound any better to me. The only problem is that I will likely be playing R3 in co-op, and I’m guessing Move only works in singleplayer?

  • Ugh… I have PS Move and do quite enjoy it but I wish developers would stop putting move support into TPS/FPS games, it doesn’t fit. Didn’t fit on the Wii and even with improved accuracy doesn’t fit on PS3.

    Move is meant for swords, or bats, or… Wands… *cough* where’s sorcery *cough*…

  • as long as the 3d is done properly and doesnt cripple the standards.
    hopefully evolution studios will be down helping them out as they are so far in my eyes the best people at it

  • Excellent News.

    ..about 3D :)
    Can’t Wait!

  • This looks aweseom!

  • I just hope 3D doesn’t ruin this game like it has a few other certain Sony Exclusives. Good to see move support. I may pick up that Socom Move bundle if it comes to europe now.

  • “cool high-tech stereoscopic 3D glasses”

    So that’s one then… (person in the world who would use the word “cool” to describe those glasses!)

    Hope there is a co-op element like R2 in there. It was the best part of the game imo.

  • the move is awsome with the sharpshooter but my main concern is that the look/turn is very hard work on kz3 and its insane with the jetpack on very uncontrolable but i still done elite with and found it easier with ss than the dualshock imho im just hoping that the new cod and battlfield will have move/ss support otherwise itll be the end of sharpshooter and i hope not cos it cost me 120 quid for all three plus the fifty quid for the se kz3 so i felt abit sick handing 170 quid over but it was well worth it when i got home.

    also any 1 got all three move bits buy deadstorm pirates what a blast with the ss and its even cheaper now in the move sale i paid 15.99 for it gutted it went on sale 12hrs after i bought it which was annoying

  • Why is it just because people who cant afford a 3dtv they have to slag it off? I absolutely LOVE my 3d tv and all the games i have played in 3d so far except Black Ops has made the game superb and much more of a jaw dropping spectical. And to all the people who ADMIT they want a 3dtv (who doesnt want one? BUT actually admitting it? Not so many!) they are not as expensive as you think. you can get a Samsung LCD 40” 3dtv for around £700-£800 now and alot of websites offer a free 3d bluray player with it, so all in all if you sell the blu ray player you can knock off around £100 from that price. i dont think thats so expensive for a 40” tv nowadays myself. you also get a free pair of 3d glasses with it too. shop around.

  • @Coody
    true, very true.

  • @coody
    I got tht exact same tv today for £699 from currys been on it all day and its awesome it definatly adds to the experiance and playing killzone 3 in 3D with the sharpshooter has been my favorite moment with it so far. Really cant wait to do the same with resistance 3. And roll on tomorrow Motorstorm wooo!

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