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You saw through their eyes and guided their actions, but do you really know what drives Tomas ‘Sev’ Sevchenko and Rico Velasquez? Sam Bradbury does – for his novelization of Killzone 3, the author delved deep into the game’s story to answer these and other questions. We sat down with Sam for a short Q & A about Killzone: Ascendancy.


What was the most challenging part of writing Killzone: Ascendancy?

It was maintaining the excitement and forward momentum of the game as well as delivering the depth and insight that readers expect from a novel. And there were times when the gameplay elements were incompatible with the demands of a book, so working to make them gel and complement each other was demanding, but of course very fulfilling when it all comes together.

What was the most fun part of writing Killzone: Ascendancy?

Apart from the above, it was being able to go into detail about Sev’s background. We fleshed out his character in the book, I think, in a way that informs many of the decisions he makes in the game, so the book really acts as a companion piece to the game in that sense. An essential companion piece I would say – but then I would!

If it was up to you, what would you explore next in the Killzone Universe?

One of the best things about the Killzone universe is that doesn’t break down into ‘these are the goodies and these are the baddies’. The morality is a lot more nuanced than that. I’ve seen people debating on the forums about who’s the worst: the Helghast or the ISA. So for that reason I think it would be great to do something from the perspective of the Helghast. We touched on it in Killzone: Ascendancy, but there’s a whole other world there to explore. Also I found the appearance of Visari’s daughter at the beginning very tantalizing…

Thank you for your time.

You’re quite welcome!

Killzone: Ascendancy is now available from Penguin Books in paperback format and from Amazon in Kindle format.

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  • Wow, i had no idea this was coming.. i might give it a read. Would i have to had completed Killzone 3 to read this book?

  • I completed KZ3 in 5 minutes, thought this was like some kinda story extension pack.

  • The Killzone series has to be one of only a few games where I actually cheer on the ‘bad’ guys or Helghans as they prefer to be known. The characters of the ISA are complete tools and Rico has to be the most annoying character to appear on a Sony console to date. Yes, he even beats Daxter and Crash Bandicoot he’s that annoying.

    I’d be interested to see things from the Helghan side more. What happened exactly, what their general public thinks (they can’t ALL be soldiers, surely?) and perhaps even play as a helghan soldier as part of the story?

  • I’m reading this book as I go through the single player campaign, and it’s a great companion piece for sure. I am really curious about the author’s identity though: “Sam Bradbury is the pen-name of a critically acclaimed British novelist.”

  • When I enjoy a franchise I usually want to explore all the backstory and lore surrounding it, so I usually tend to purchase the novels, graphic novels, animated movies, etc related to it.
    This is the second novel I’ve read which covers the general events of the related game, the other being God of War & I have struggled to finish them both. No matter how well written and intricate the book is, it’s never as enjoyable as reading a fresh story. Alternatively I recently read both Dead Space: Martyr & Resistance: The Gathering Storm multiple times and really enjoyed them both.
    In future please consider creating stories which actually expand the universe and not merely repeat it.

  • Actually, the scrapped ‘Heavy Rain Chronicles’ should be made into a collection of short stories.

  • If your quick you can pick this book up for £4 in the supermarkets. I’m currently reading it on my lunchbreaks.

    I was disappointed that this months PSM3 didn’t include it in their book review special.

  • I picked up this book for £3.67 from my local ASDA and It is brilliant.
    It adds a bit more flesh to the story and also to Sev’s character, and I love the fact that its Sev guiding you through the events just as with the game is all through his eyes, a nice touch. I also love the parts in the book that elaborate or add depth to the scenes already in the game. A lot of thought has gone into this and I loved every second of it. I finished the book in two days, but I am a VERY heavy reader anyway, and I hope in the future, the powers that be can commision some stories covering the earlier conflicts within the Killzone universe as well as any other future releases.

  • I orderd a copy here in holland.. looking forward to it.

  • hmm kindle version more than paperback !??? :/ how does that work ? paper/printing/transporting/tax ? sure a digital version has to be cheaper ?

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