PlayStation Home: The Next Evolution Of Novus Prime

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In case you missed it on Monday, this week’s headline addition to PlayStation Home is Novus Prime: Escalation and developer Hellfire Games sent over the following to whet our appetites:

Novus Prime, the hit multiplayer space shooter from Hellfire Games, receives its biggest update ever this week with Novus Prime: Escalation. Consider it less of an update and more of an expansion, featuring all-new missions, new weapons, new personal space, and new companions, plus new enemies, clothing, leaderboards, and more.

Embark with your squadron on intense new missions, unravelling the insidious plots of the Bot armada. Discover the secrets of the unknown in “The Mysterious Hulk,” and attempt to survive the onslaught of “Dark Beacons” and “Extermination Agenda” – if you think you’re up to the challenge. Face off against the assault of deadly newcomers in the defence of Novus Prime and the Earth Fleet.


Purchase the Officer’s Quarters, your very own personal space equipped with a zero-gravity simulator. You’ll love floating around, taking in the view of ships passing by, listening to the Novus Prime soundtrack on a personal stereo, and hanging seven unique pieces of stunning Novus Prime artwork on your walls.

For the full experience, you’ll also want to own the private hangar add-on, which allows you to play the game from your apartment and grants access to private missions with friends. You can also check the new daily and weekly leaderboards from your hangar, and customise your ship up-close and in real time.

Tired of being mercilessly blasted by enemy bot fighters? Give ’em a taste of their own medicine with the Deflection Shield, standard issue with the purchase of our Armoured Pilot’s Leggings to complete your pilot outfit. You’ll bounce enemy shots back toward your foes and avoid damage – but watch your energy meter.


Ever wanted your own personal deadly enemy bots, reprogrammed as faithful companions? You’re in luck! Meet the Bot Spider and Bot Bee Swarm companions, repurposed to follow you absolutely everywhere in PlayStation Home. Watch after them and they might even perform some tricks.

While summer is creeping into view in Europe and winding down in the Southern Hemisphere, the sun shines whenever we want it to in PlayStation Home, and Lockwood has added a range of outdoor seating to its Cucumber range under the name of J’Adore Garden Furniture.


Elsewhere, we have a sparkling crystal furniture collection and some creature statues in the Furniture Store; hippie outfits, skull helmets and a wraparound snake in Threads and Alter Ego; and some new animated items in Stuff, including train sets and fully-functioning wall clocks.



PlayStation Home will be updated at the regular time on Thursday.

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