This Week On The SingStore (30 March 2011)

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It’s officially springtime now and I don’t know about you but we’ve had the loveliest sunshine last week over here in London Town. Mhh, makes me think about songs about the weather… ☺. Anyway, on to the store update.

This week we have a very exciting song pack for you consisting of the first ever ‘proper’ classical music on the SingStore. (I say ‘proper’ because we of course also already have the fantastic Il Divo song pack on offer featuring some classical songs).

SingStar: Classical_Final

So, instead of perfecting your Lady Gaga or Jon Bon Jovi performances every weekend, why don’t take it down a notch, relax and try yourselves at some arias from five infamous composers, including Mozart’s ‘Queen Of The Night Aria’ and di Capua’s ‘O Sole Mio’. Oh, and obviously you’ll get to practice your Italian, German and French at the same time. How many song packs do THAT for you, huh?

SingStar: Aerosmith_Cryin'

Also on my list this week, ‘Cryin” By Aerosmith, a bit of pop from JLS and Héroes del Silencio with ‘Avalancha’ plus, how could I deny anyone my amazing Jamiroquai impression to ‘Virtual Insanity’? I told them they should have filmed me doing the dance but they didn’t listen.

SingStar: JLS_Love You More

Here comes the boring but necessary bit: maintenance. I guess it’s got to be done and don’t ask me why but it means that the next update will be postponed by one week to 20th April. Apologies but at least you’ll have some new tracks to keep you busy over the Easter holidays, right?

See ya laters,
Nina xx

SingStar: Baha Men_Who Let The Dogs OutSingStar: Marilyn Manson_Beautiful People

In English
Aerosmith Cryin’
David Dundas Jeans On
Baha Men Who Let The Dogs Out?
BWO Lay Your Love On Me
JLS Love You More
Leona Lewis A Moment Like This
Lykke Li I’m Good, I’m Gone
Marilyn Manson Beautiful People
David Bisbal Esclavo de sus besos
Héroes del Silencio Avalancha
Guitar add-ons
Baby Bird You’re Gorgeous
David Bowie Starman
Dance add-ons
Britney Spears I Love Rock n Roll
Jamiroquai Virtual Insanity
MGMT Electric Feel
Run DMC It’s Tricky
Song pack
Bizet Habanera
Mozart Queen Of The Night Aria
di Capua O Sole Mio
Puccini Nessun Dorma
Verdi La donna è mobile

Tracks have previously been released on a disc.

All tracks released worldwide apart from Marilyn Manson and the Jamiroquai dance add-on.

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16 Author Replies

  • so how does the classicalwork then?

  • Hello Nina,

    Once again, nothing for me this time but classical music on Singstar, that’s original !! Congrats. I’m not a classical music freak, so I’ll leave this to better performers !! ;-)

    Otherwise, I’m desperately looking for these songs on the Singstar !! ANy chance ?
    . Simply Red – Fairground
    . The Delays – Valentine
    . Skin – Trashed

    See you in 2 weeks. Have a nice week.

  • i love singstar, but my ps3 had the yellow light of death. I bought a new one and now i can’t download my songs again.

    • All you need to do is call customer services and they will transfer everything you purchased to your new PS3 and then you’ll be able to download everything again! Happy days!

  • Much better Nina Baha men, Marilyn Manson and Leona Lewis for me. A big improvement from the last few updates any word on Sixpence none the ricer: Kiss Me i’m really dying for this track and Not Giving Up on Love by Sophie Ellis Bextor.

  • Well, the classical pack has to be worth a laugh :)

    I hope you’ve got a bumper crop of Eurovision tracks lined up for the next update – only two updates left till Dusseldorf! ;)

  • Oops almost forgot thank you for our very own singstar afrikaans Nina, awesome to be singing in our home language.

  • Maybe I will download 2 songs :P
    And it would be great if there are some eurovision songcontest songs! For example our lovely Lena with Satellite!
    And some German songs(Culcha Candela) please!
    Any new features on singstar soon? Playlist or something else?

    • Which ones? Which ones?

      Is it Eurovision time again? ‘Like a sattelite…I’m in an orbit all around you…’ – not sure we can get it though :(

      Will let you know when I know anything as usual.

  • Am glad to see JLS – Love you More & Leona Lewis – A Moment Like This

    Is this a sign of good things to come, this has to be the best update so far even if it is just 2 songs this time its an improvement on last times 0 songs. I’m hoping that the delay will also bring on a BIG amount of Singstar is sorry for delay here is loads of songs to make it up to you.

    Still no Eminem, Nina! You obviously like me to rant on here lol

    See you in 3 weeks

  • @lukypor

    I had YLOD, got in touch with playstation customer services, they unlocked all my previously downloaded songs.

    Should work for you.

  • So many people love Lady Gaga as far as you can see.
    So why dont you just put more Songs by Lady Gaga on the Singstore?
    For example: Paparazzi, Alejandro , Telephone or her new Single Born This Way?
    Please put more Songs by Lady Gaga on the Singstore!
    Please :D :D

  • Still haven’t downloaded a single song since December and before I used to download songs every month! What’s going wrong? We need more mainstream artists and more dance / pop. Where is Kylie, Nelly Furtado, Katy Perry, September, Calvin Harris, etc? :(

    • Sorry to hear you haven’t like anything for that long. We have quite a few of Calvin Harris and Nelly oh, AND Kylie. Oldies but goldies!

  • finally a song that i can buy, I don’t think there’s been a good song to buy since Christmas time.

  • Hi Nina! Can you please see if you can make the songs Twilight Zone by Golden Earring and Something Stupid by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman available in the U.S.? Thank you

    • I’ll check. Golden Earring may be coming up soon but sometimes there are restrictions that prevent us from releasing in certain places.

      PS: Robbie and Nicole is not on the store over here either.

  • Hey Nina,

    just wanted to let you know how many songs we’ve collected: on the 19th we had a Singstar party (pass the mic with battles only), we started at 9pm and didn’t hit repetition until 6am! That’s nine hours, without a single veto left unused!

    I see the updates are slowly getting better again, hopefully we’ve seen the worst of licensing troubles by now! :)

    Getting Aerosmith, Baha Men, Marilyn and maybe some more if the previews are pleasing!

  • as with the alexandra burke song last week, i cant find marilyn manson beautiful people on a disc…. which disc are they on…. i keep a database and havnet found them or any information on them or a few others yet

  • I cannot believe this update, it’s getting worse and worse… CLASSICAL songpack? I didn’t realise the target audience was classical music enthusiasts…

    Please increase the number of recent pop songs released with each update… I don’t buy discs anymore, I rely totally on the singstore but this is just getting stupid.

  • Leona Lewis is a must for me… I hope to download more songs from her in the future… Maybe a songpack? :)
    The dance add-ons are great as always… Thank God I bought a move to play singstar ;)

  • Any chance of Republica – Ready to Go making it into the store? An excellent, high energy song that was previously released on a singstar disc…

  • Classical songpack? I see April’s Fool’s day comes one day early this year ;-)

  • FINALLY! What the SingStar community has been clamouring for… a classical pack!

    Errr, I think not.

    But, on the plus side, if you’re going off-piste like that perhaps you’ll consider my idea of a “Classic TV Themes” pack? Who wouldn’t enjoy singing along to The Littlest Hobo, Transformers, Happy Days, The Muppets or Batman, for example? OK, so Batman might be a little silly, but sometimes the silly ones are the best!

    In all seriousness though, I can’t remember the last time I thought “wow, so many songs to buy this week!” but it was a long, LONG time ago. I don’t know who chooses your songs these days but they need a serious telling off. More nineties indie classics PLEASE, like The Bluetones and Pulp! Or even some of the artists playing festivals like Glastonbury or Reading? We’re not all chart-obsessed pop-pickers or ridiculously obscure eighties fanatics, you know…

    • Hi,

      Actually, a lot of people from the community seem to like the idea of the Classical song pack. Maybe you should give it a try?

      TV Themes would be great but film footage and the complex rights that come with that probably means it won’t be happening in the near future. We’ll die trying though.

      I am not sure how many times I have now said this: it isn’t just about ‘picking’ or ‘choosing’ a song and just releasing it. that just would be the best ever situation! It’a complex process involving many different parties and if we are refused a song for whatever reason, then there is nothing we can do about it for the time being. Frustrating for you, even more so for us.

      I love The Bluetones more than anyone and I would love to get them on here but think how many people would say the same thing about your requests because they have no idea who they are and they want chart pop? And funnily enough, Eighties tracks and the chart pop you refer to above is the music we get asked for the most.

      Sorry about the rant. Hope this helps a little? :)



  • May I also point out that “David Bisbal: Esclavo de sus besos” and “Héroes del Silencio: Avalancha” aren’t actually English?

  • @ Bumblebee:

    Speak for yourself! I love classical music and even though it’s going to be super hard to sing these, I’m excited.
    I’d prefer stuff from Sarah Brightman, Josh Groban and Charlotte Church and those types though.

  • The classical pack is nice, but I’ll leave it to those with a greater vocal range :) It’s been a while since the last Finnish song has been published. I have some suggestions what you could add there (e.g. Juice Leskinen and Pave Maijanen), so where I should send them? Is there a local selection team for different languages or something?

  • will we ever see another Depeche Mode song pack? I need more Depeche Mode songs! Or maybe some more metal songs, there is hardly any presence of the genre.

    • Might have something coming up for you later this year.

      And two DM song packs are not enough? Sorry!

  • Hi Nina! Can you please let me know when we can expect Afrikaans songs to be added to the Singstore for Singstar Afrikaanse Treffers?

  • Hello again Nina,

    Thanks for replying my post. I’ve got 2 more questions :
    1/ Which version of Bizet’s “Habanera” will it be ? The French one ?
    2/ Any chance to see the following tracks on the Singstore in the near future ?
    . REPUBLICA – Drop dead gorgeous
    . any GARBAGE single !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (PLEASE !!!!!!)
    . ADAM LAMBERT – Whataya want from me
    . JEAN ROCH – My love is over
    . NENEH CHERRY – Kootchi
    . SUGABABES – Denial
    . TEXAS – In demand

    See you.

  • Now this is a much better update! Thanks! ill grab a few of these.

    One question i do have though Nina is what is the typical routine for obtaining these songs to actually getting them onto the store? Im quite interested to find out but also maybe to a few people complaining that the new songs never appear on there.
    Maybe you should release a blog entry with a brief description on how the process works.

    Now if you’ll excuse me im going to go sing Baha Men :P

  • Has anybody in the US been able to download the Pixies guitar add on successfully? I keep getting the error, “content not available at this time.”

  • I have to take my hat off to to the singstore team here. It’s obvious you are having trouble obtaining rights, so you’ve chosen something where you won’t have trouble…classical. That’s a pretty good move, very original and a good piece of lateral thinking. Well done!

  • Very bad update. Sorry but it is. Not a single decent tune to be had, again.

    Whats the story with the delay on the next update? Does this mean the following update will be the week after (ie 2 in a row)?

  • BTW, is there an official request forum or do we just throw up ideas here?

  • Whoever said “speak for yourself”, thanks. I do. That’s what forums and blogs are for. Voicing an opinion. Your own opinion. So yes. I speak for myself. Thanks for giving me permission to do so.

    And Nina, thanks for your response, from one ranter to another ;)

  • Yes! the classical music song pack has made my life.

  • Yh okay these r gud songs i waz wonderin when tht leona lewis song waz gonna come on loool!
    Just my request but can you do some britney spears songs mainly from her latest albums!!!
    If u can’t dont worry but i would love to sing those! THANK YOU!!

  • Hi Nina. I’ve just downloaded my songs and add-ons but I’ve noticed the dance add-on from I Love Rock n Roll by Britney Spears disappeared from my purchase history. Could you ask the Singstar Team to fix that asap? Thank you!

  • I’ve got the same problem as post 35, only the Jamiroquai dance add-on is missing too.

  • Same problem here, i cannot download the purchased dance add-on (Same as 2 weeks back)

  • So I tried out the Classical Songpack, and it’s really excellent :-)

    La donna è mobile and O Sole Mio are great tracks!
    Nessun Dorma, I know it but not well enough.
    Queen of the Night Aria absolutely slaughters you but is hilariously funny as you try to get anywhere near (so it’s actually quite good for a laugh!).

    But the real gem is Habanera, it’s simply lovely and nice and great to sing!

    I hope other Classical Songpacks are being worked on, because this was a real surprise!

    A big thank you to everyone involved!

    And now that you’ve released opera, and you’ve already released metal/rock, can we hope for a bit of Within Temptation ;-)

  • Yay bwo :-) my ps3 is very happy! More more more please :-) classical looks very interesting, may have to give that a go too.

  • I am for sure going to try and get the Classical pack, just for a few laughs!

    Also, is there any chance that we will see more Afrikaans songs on the Singstore, now that Singstar Afrikaanse Treffers have been released?

  • Cannot download the dance add-ons

    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Same problem as 2 weeks ago!!!!!!!!

    Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is anyone reading this?

    Are you there Nina?????

  • Still cannot download the dance add-ons

    Please give a reaction!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nina pleeeease could we have some Beyoncé – I know getting the rights to her songs are quite difficult but she was or is with the Sony BMG music label right? I bet if you put any Beyoncé song on there it would be one of the top 10 downloaded songs of 2011… She has a lot of fans, especially within the younger generation, including me. I would buy any Beyoncé song you put on there, hands down.

    Some more Rihanna and Lady Gaga would be fantastic – ‘What’s My Name?’ and ‘Only Girl’ will keep me on SingStar for a while, along with ‘Telephone’ by Lady Gaga.

    Please please let me know if Beyoncé is possible.

    Oh and Whitney Houston – I have nothing, I will always love you, Million Dollar Bill, I look to you, etc. etc. Love these songs!

    Please Beyonce, Rihanna, Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga – would be fannnntastic I’d buy them all!

  • I also have the same problem as some of the other players on here and cant download certain dance add ons…. i have been refunded for heartbeat by scouting for girls…. and then i bought i love rock and roll…. was refunded for it and told to download it again.. and the same thing happened

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