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Killzone Universe

Hello everyone,

We’re happy to present a live action short that takes place before the events of the Killzone games. Some of you may have read the back story on and found out about the origins of the Helghast, the start of the war, etc. We’ve been looking for ways to add a personal touch to this back story. We found a team that was able to transform it into a live action short, which tells the story of two friends from different backgrounds, who are separated and become increasingly alienated from one another.

In the short, we listen in on video communications between the two friends, one on Vekta and one recently exiled to Helghan.

We hope you enjoy this small glimpse into what life was like before the war started in Killzone!


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  • thats awesome!

    i would like to see a prequal showing what happened in the first extrasolar war think that would be awesome

  • Can you guys add subtitles?

  • Great video but couldn’t help but notice that some dates were marked as 2019 instead of 2219 ;)

  • Thanks for the video it was interesting to see how the guy on helghan deteriorated and grew more angry as time went on

  • That was a good video but…one little things bothers me and its a very glaring typo.

    If the video is set in 2219 why does the scrolling days show the year 2019?

  • hi steven,

    instead of showing us another useless video why dont you guys patch KZ3 which is completely broken the way it is at the moment?

  • I would of preferred a HD remake of the original PS2 Killzone

  • @7 killzone 3 isnt broken, i for one think this stuff is awesome i like delving deeper into the universe of the game and it is good to see something official in that respect

    @8 no just no, killzone 4 would be better, what is it with people just wanting HD remakes now days glad the game companies dont agree with these losers

  • Why did you make this? As seen in Killzone 3, you don’t really care for the source material you once wrote for the Killzone saga. And after what you did at the end of Killzone 3 i have no idea how you guys are going to move forward with the story. As “Vandaliser” said, patch the multiplayer and my opinion is that you should patch it up and make it like it’s predesesor (Killzone 2).

    And by the way, I won’t be buying Killzone 4. You lost a fan with what you did with Killzone 3. I’ll be giving my bucks to Splash Damage and Bethesda Softworks, ‘cus they got your former lead multiplayer designer and he knows how to make an awesome multiplayer component which he showed us in Killzone 2, and now in Brink.

  • I assume this is gonna make it’s way onto the store, 720/1080?
    I hope so.

  • Why is none of the backstory ever explained in the games? There was a massive timeline of events on the KZ2 website and yet GG used none of it in KZ3. Where are the civilians? Both KZ2 and KZ3 never even touch on the backstory of Killzone, it’s just “we gotta kill some Higs!” over and over.

  • @10 stop complaining and killzone 3 ending those make sense it called rebuild to start over and brink looks absolute rubbish and just play killzone 2 if you hate killzone 3 so much end of.

  • Hi Steven! The story in KZ3 was absolute garbage. While the game looked great and had great gunplay it was like playing a bad B grade action movie. One dimensional cliched characters, terrible dialogue, hammy acting and a badly written nonsense plot full of box-ticking set pieces all dragged the game down and left a bitter taste. The Sev character is really unlikable now, generic American action hero #25378. I cringed during that dumb speech. The ending sequence was a joke. Please hire better writers and get some outside feedback on your storyline if you make another KZ game. Try to avoid cliches, do something original and make a compelling, powerful story that includes the civilian and soldier’s perspective.

  • @14
    I couldn’t have worded it any better.

  • Keep it coming GG…. make a god universe, not just a game…

  • gaaah! Why didn’t live action stay dead and buried with the Sega CD? Bring on the hammy acting!

    Shouldn’t the Helghast guy have an English accent? :)

  • Killzone has a great universe and backstory. It’s a shame you don’t see any of it in the games.

  • Sony should develop this live action short as a mini serie for the PSN network.
    Cant get why this havnt been done already with Sony having a foot in movie.

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