PlayStation Home: Animal Kingdom

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PlayStation Home: Animal Kingdom

Home Square is set to be like a scene from Call of the Wild after this week’s update, which sees a herd of new animal companions added to PlayStation Home.


Heavy Water is bringing a new range of virtual pets under the Heavy Pets brand Visit the PlayStation Home Mall where you can purchase companions, controllable in-apartment pets and furniture pieces to show off your collection. You can purchase individual peeps or bundles of three and ten from Home Stuff.

Heavy Water also provided the following message: “New pets and creatures will be made available in the near future – stay in the loop by going to to see what’s in development. Comments, ideas or requests? Drop us an email at


After the kittens from a couple of weeks ago, the Vstore has a full-sized Black Labrador Dog called ‘Binx’ that will follow you around, chase his tail and other animations, while in Home Stuff you can find an animated goat and cow to turn your apartment into a farmyard.


The final companion this week is death personified — the Li’l Reaper will stalk you from the shadows and strike out at you with the fabled scythe of the dead.

From a black scythe to White Lies, Universal is opening a new store in the shopping centre called Access All Areas where you can pick up merchandise from some of their biggest acts. Launching this week we have Florence + the Machine T-shirts; White Lies Drum Kits and Drum Parts; The Wanted Leather jacket, boots and chunky scarf; and Tinchy Strider hoodies and Jackets. We also have an array of ornamental instruments for your apartment.


Lockwood has provided the following for their update: “This week sees the Lockwood Catalogue taking on a very oriental feel for this latest collection of formal-wear. Exquisite embroidery gives a lush exotic touch to the men’s smart Chinese jacket and for women the silk Cheongsam dress is complemented by a decorative fan. If you like your clothes smart, fashionable and versatile these items will be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. For the shopper under pressure you’ll be glad to know the full outfits are available in value packs.”


“For fans of the Lockwood Gift Machine a new and improved version is now available as a reward. So by entering Lockwood Publishing spaces like the Sodium Hub you will automatically find the new Gift Machine in your inventory as Reward Item. We’ve have also taken the time to adjust the Gift Machine workings making it even more efficient. Had a gift sent through to you but not been able to receive it? You’ll find the gift winging its way to you with the latest version of this wonderful machine.”

Elsewhere, The Funksters ’74 will be jiving their way into the nDream Store (which itself has undergone a makeover) with funky disco clothes for your avatar and 70’s furniture and shag carpet bundles for your apartment. Billabong is introducing some new surfer clothing for the guys and there are some Judge Dredd T-shirts in the Vstore.

PlayStation Home will update at the regular time on Thursday.

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  • thanks dor news

    Any news for hollywood hills apartment?

  • SWEEET update heavy pets look awesome might buy binx keep him away from MB lol.


  • This article reminded me of the Barbie adverts aimed at children during Christmas…

  • When is the new update coming?

  • Goodness be, Playstation Home has become Playstation Zoo. Phil Harrison must be so disappointed to see the disastrous path the present Home team has taken shifting priorities with time and eventually shattering his personal dream of Playstation Home along with the numerous promises he had once planned to see flourish.

    Ring the alarm.

  • Binx? What a coincidence!

  • good gracious huge update ;)

    Will look into the new store :) Pets are awesome to have. any word on more killzone 3 outfits?

  • oh btw the ps plus needs to update. menu’s need to update :)

  • I got a HOME Kitten so i am happy :D

  • *Gasp* I cant belive you said shag :o lol “shag carpet* and what is it :D

  • Wanna play with my peep?
    bad name choice…

  • Or do you wanna play with my hard peep?

  • My peep is very heavy!

  • You can toy with your own peep thank you very much…I must say that out of curiosity, I went into Billabong’s real physical store here in Queen street Auckland to see how the stuff they have for us in their Home Store stacks up in the flesh so to speak. I think the reason Billabong’s clothes look so good in Home, in fact I think they look the best out of all the ranges, is that they are based on real specimens of clothing that one is also able to buy for real. For instance, I think their Scotty Lago pants and jackets are the best available of any pants in particular in Home. For instance and sorry to go into the gory details girls but I like pants that don’t make my legs look like storks and that actually have the crotch I know so well & love…did I just say that? Makes one wonder how a bunch of Ockers could geddit so right? They must have a Kiwi or three running the show at Billabong(I’m kidding))

  • @ no 11. being a kiwi myself, you have the very person fit to answer your shagging question. Shag carpets are usually made from lambs pelts(tho their are many synthetic variations(check Home shopping district on the glitch stand for shaggable girl-manthing and outwardly outraged but inwardly approving gaggle of male onlookers)). They come in a roughly lamb shaped pelt(tho there are many square variations of the said synthetic varieties)and they are so popular that expectant american mothers are known to preorder shag carpets from here in Godzone all the way to the laity in the U.S. for the laying of their babes to sleep. So yes shags are softer then the softest toilet paper and are world famous to boot.

  • @5 I agree. I dont like the direction Home has gone. I wish they had stayed more focused on gaming. There is so much potential for this application. Hopefully things will start looking up with the next big update.

  • “shagMore Blue Toad Murder Files furniture items are heading your way this week, including the Miniature Toy Collection, the Animal Furniture Collection, and – brace yourself – the Collector’s Collection (how meta!). The full range of 20 new items includes: Sheep Chair, Blue Toad Chair (also available in gold), Blue Toad Rug, Blue Toad Table, Cow Sofa, Grand Piano, Miniature Toy Cars, Buses, Tractors and Trains, Vintage Car Seat, Red Tractor Seat, Green Train Sofa, ‘Gold’ Blue Toad Light, Ornate Little Riddle Painting, Vintage Camera, Magnifying Glass Wall Art and Surf Board Backdrop (for more detailed descriptions visit”

    over the pond SCEA gets 100+ items and a uk company that can’t be a$$ with EU the only thing they missing is binx the dog.

    while pets are fun and cute we SCEE still suck compare to SCEA.

    i Do hope the 1.5 core-client does add streaming music/video you say the 1.5 gives the devs tools maybe the devs is the 1 to add music/video as SCEE to chicken to Add em.

  • Do we need Heavy Electricity to power these Heavy Animals?

  • What a freaking ridiculous joke.

  • Home is a program.. why not integrate it with the xmb so theres a reason to buy clothes and modify your avatar.

    the ps3 is way back on avatars.. WWWWwwwaaaayy BBBBBbbbbaaaccckkk

  • @21
    Do you know how long people has been trying to tell the people at SCEE to do that?

    Its almost like they have selective hearing or something… Atleast then it would give someone like myself to actually go on Home.

  • Any word on missing items being sorted before any updates ?
    Been missing beta items and killzone 2 helmet since june last year

  • Man I can’t look at those Heavy Peeps for a second without thinking about Mod Nation.

    Not liking this influx of companions, they’re really just there to pray of people’s need to buy junk.
    Really not liking the direction Home’s going with the companions, haven’t from the start. (1.4 previews)

    Home should be more about bringing the psn community together, a bit like 20 said.
    Things like extra pets just alienate new users I bet.

    Home has turned into a place where you look weird if you haven’t bought virtual clothes, and it’s getting more distant from the original “bring gamers together” idea.

    I just can’t wait until we get a new HCM so we can sort this out.

  • Its a shame i’m not a 3 year old girl then this update would have been great. lol cmon is this the best you can come up with its purely down to greed. the useless bloke in charge of home wants sacking.

  • I’ll show you my peeps if you show me yours…

  • @Skookie30 Comment #17

    So, the “other guys” got 100 items, including stuff we’ve had for weeks, huh? I guess it’s a shame we only got 129 items this week, then.

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