Heavy Rain And God Of War III Celebrated By BAFTA

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Heavy Rain And God Of War III Celebrated By BAFTA

Heavy Rain and God of War III are just two of the PlayStation 3 exclusives that have been lauded by critics and loved by you, the PlayStation fans, in the last year. Both can now add recognition from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) to their list of accomplishments as Quantic Dream’s interactive drama won the awards for Technical Innovation, Original Music and Story, while Kratos’ rampage of revenge scooped the gong for Artistic Achievement at the BAFTA ceremony in London’s Mayfair.


Comedian Dara Ó Briain was the event host, a popular choice as he clearly knows his games and he cracked a few knowing jokes that had the crowd laughing, including one about going to the doctor complaining about loss of movement and blood pouring over his eyeballs, and being told to go and crouch behind a wall for five seconds. You probably had to be there.

Heavy Rain was the success story of the evening, winning more awards than any other game, and I managed to grab an interview with its writer and director David Cage, which I’ll aim to post tomorrow.

God of War III was recognised for its art direction and sense of scale, and Game Director Stig Asmussen was present to collect the statuette on behalf of SCE Santa Monica Studios.

Here’s the list of Video Game Bafta winners in full:

  • Best Action Game: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
  • Best Family Gamers: Kinect Sports
  • Technical Innovation: Heavy Rain
  • Social Network Game: My Empire
  • Use of Audio: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • Handheld: Cut the Rope
  • GAME Award: Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Original Music: Heavy Rain
  • Strategy: Civilization 5
  • Artistic Achievement: God of War 3
  • Ones to Watch: Twang (That Game Studio)
  • Gameplay: Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • Sport: F1 2010
  • Multiplayer: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
  • Story: Heavy Rain
  • Best Game: Mass Effect
  • BAFTA Fellowship: Peter Molyneux

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11 Author Replies

  • Both are hugely deserving.

    • I agree. What are everyone’s impressions of the rest of the award list? I think it’s pretty fair and that most great games of the year were recognised. One thing I know: It’s quite a stunning list of games in its own right.

  • That awesome, good to see decent games winning awards but just a shame about Black ops being on there meh.

  • Congratulations to all involved, and a massive thank you to QD and SCEE for taking the risk if releasing a ‘different’ game in this day and age of sequels, prequels and spin-offs.

  • Black Ops winning GAME Award, no surprises there, why wouldn’t a CoD game get such an award (end sarcasm).

    Never got to play GoW, but Heavy Rain is very deserving, even if Danny Bilson doesn’t want to brush teeth in a game.

  • Glad to see Heavy Rain is getting recognition. A truly memorable and unique experience.

    • I’m just finishing off a very nice interview with David Cage and will be posting that around this sort of time tomorrow, as long as I can arrange translations in time.

  • Both great games – so, well deserved. Exclusives like this make me glad I am a PS3 owner.

    Surprised by no mention of Red Dead

  • Hey James, what’s up. I found when I saw stig accepting their award lastnight I was kinda chocked up man. He was really really appreciative for it, I just hope now it fuels them to make part 4 now haha.

    As for the whole awards though:

    Fallout new vegas nomination for “best strategy” ?! Really?
    Peter moly winning the award for lifetime achievement….what? How can anyone put him in the same class as miamoto huh?

    All in all though, an eventful evening of gaming appreciation. Let’s hope next year it’s televised.

    • Yeah, it’s nice to see that kind of passion. Don’t forget that he also flew over from San Diego, so that shows how much it means. I spoke to him at the party afterwards and he was a top man.

      The Heavy Rain composer got quite emotional too… then Dara ripped him for not being in black tie!

      Hmm, the Fallout thing raised my eyebrows too. It also made think how it’s weird there is no RPG category. Was quite surprised R.U.S.E. wasn’t nominated for strategy.

  • any chance the award will encourage the release of more heavy rain chronicles? Any hints from the interview on what QD are working on?

    • You’ll just have to pop back here tomorrow, won’t you… I’ve got my page view graphs to think about!

  • Well deserved, well deserved indeed.

  • Any chance you could post the other videos of Heavy Rain winning more awards?

    Black Ops. Oh dear.

  • So how about those dlc for Heavy Rain.
    Sony forcing them to make a move patch should be nominated as worst decision of the year!
    Love heavy rain game and love GOW.

  • Both[Heavy Rain & God Of War 3]are excellent games;)

  • thanks for the response. Maybe there should be a dlc award, the taxidermist would have been great for that. Kinda forgot to say but Congratulations for the awards!
    Oh and should the best game be mass effect or mass effect 2? I have trouble keeping track of when games release!

  • Both very well deserved awards. Was pleased to see Heavy Rain get the most awards of the night! Good to see it getting lots of recognition. One of my favourite games of last year.

    Good to see David dedicate his award to Sony Japan too. :)

  • Kudos for Heavy Rain & GoW & no i didn’t say gears of War HA much earned Wins :)

    i hope dara didn’t Ripp him to much :o

  • Did you speak to stig then!
    What did he say? Please tell me you interviewed him for the blog?
    That guy is really humble. Scary as **** but very humble from the other recorded interviews I’ve seen him in.

    • Sorry, no interview with Stig. The media room was the bad kind of mental and he wasn’t there for very long. At the party we just chatted, really. I thanked him for writing the MK post last week. Erm, not very exciting, I’m afraid!

  • also i dont under stand b:bc2 winning use of sound now dont get me wrong but b:bc2 is one of the best gams ever because of the depth of play but best use of sound??? am i missing somthing yeah the soundtrack was good but its not excelent so im thinking that it must be the vietnam pack otherwise im at a loss…gr8 it won though

    and i wouldnt give monelux a toaster yet alone and award he is holding his own games back only putting out on 1 console its a shame cos black and white was wasome loved to have seen it for consoles

  • Sport: F1 2010
    I’m baffled here…

    What other sports games did they have?

    • The other nominees were FIFA 11, Football Manager 2011, Gran Turismo 5, International Cricket 2010 and PES 2011.

  • almost all of those rewards are wrong.

    most stunning is how F12010 won over NBA2k11

  • havent played god of war 2 or 3 yet xD

  • Grats to Heavy Rain. I finally got around to playing it and really enjoyed the experience. Its not perfect, but its a step in the right direction for more adult-minded entertainment.

    James, could you PLEASE be a dear and get to nagging the US Blog to update us with Western release info for White Knight Chronicles 2/ PSP?

    I’ll import the EU version if I must, but I believe that precludes me from any sort of DLC off the PSN. I have quite a few European friends as a result of that game. Can’t wait to see what else is revealed for the sequel (guess I’ll be watching the EU Blog for that >_>)

  • I really don’t think that Black Ops, F1 2010 or need for speed shoud be there at all.

  • Well deserved, well deserved. Looking at the list of winners I pretty much agree with them all except I feel God of War 3 should have won best action game. Just the gameplay and the grand feel of things made it a memorable experience over other games in the genre. But I am glad it did win artistic achievement, most people just look at GOW as a game about blood and gore but damn it’s really well put together with some of the best design and look I have seen.

    I am especially happy to see Heavy Rain getting a lot of wins and recognitition, not all by Bafta but also critics and gamers. It restored my faith in the industry that an innovative new IP can be a success, showing developers you don’t always have to follow the exact same route to success when it comes to game development. Also David Cage delivered a great speech, hats off.

  • I think it’s well deserved. And I’m glad to see Bad Company 2 got recognition too for their incredible audio.

    I’m predicting Uncharted 3 will be there next year. :D

  • Insanely confused as to how NFS beat Halo: Reach in terms of multiplay on that list.

    But Heavy Rain got what it deserved, possibly one of the most ingenious games I have ever played, hell it’s one of the games that made me buy a PS3 a couple of months ago!

  • Congrats to Heavy Rain and God of War III for their awards, and also very many well deserved congratulations to Peter Molyneux, the father of god games and a true legend in the game industry. Glad to see Mass Effect 2 get Best Game too.

  • Dara O’Briain’s great, he was funny on Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe ages back.

    Personally I don’t agree with a lot of the winners but to each their own, these things are just popularity contests anyway. I’d give Nier the award for Original Music, Bad Company 2 for Best Multiplayer and maybe something like Vanquish for Best Gameplay.

  • Watched the awards live last night and hit the roof each time Heavy Rain won, no other game deserved it more. Also, congratulations to Mass Effect 2 for GOTY. Waited a whole year for it to come to PS3 and it’s the first game that I’ve played that came close to being better than Uncharted 2.

  • well funny enuf awards for games not fully understanding the people’s vote here unless u get people vote on things how can you give awards plus do they ever give awards for best hacked game or none best hacked game well funny enuf all ps3 game’s online get hacked as black ops lied to the people saying there ban hackers as im true 15th pritige online i seen over 100.000 people hack 15th pritige mode as i enter15th pritige pure pritige match only 5 are true 15th pritige players no other player who hacked 15th pritige may enter pure pritige match like i said you wouldn’t find a ps3 game out there online thats not hacked so all PS3 games get best hacked awards!

  • Pardon.. indeed. What about some grammar and what is your message you want to get through.

  • Great news for Heavy Rain and Mass Effect 2. Shame Bad Company 2 didn’t get more.

    Black Ops getting an award…lots of people like Justin Bieber as well, doesn’t mean either is any good.

    And what happened to the Crysis 2 blog post – it and all 2 pages of replies to that post have been deleted!? Along with the demo being yanked from the PSN the removal of the blog post and the many negative comments on it seems very shady if you ask me.

    Crytek/EA must be pressuring Sony to help with the damage control by removing all the criticism aimed at the game.

    • I removed the post and am going to tweet about it now. I wondered whether to pull it or leave it in light of the demo being removed but, at the end of the day, the post is about an event that isn’t happening any more so I thought it best to take it down and not mislead people any further.

  • How can I follow your tweets? (never used twitter before…=

  • That is so not cool sure right yes things happen i remember when things get delayed or a typo in a blog post there still there it called a edit button to add things to the same post.

    eg: like to change the post heading to postponed i bet it‘s a really comfort for crytek not Now to see any negative posts about it‘s game :P

  • @34

    Absolutely agree. Quite ironic really when you consider Crytek as one of the best leading devs for graphics in the business right?

    You couldnt make this stuff up seriously lol

  • @35

    I guess they finally realised that their graphics was pretty bad compared to other games on the PS3 like Uncharted 2, Resistance 2 and Killzone 3, LOL!

  • @36

    I wouldnt go that far to say THAT, but compared to the “other” console its below par definately!

    Me personally though, that wouldnt phase me to still buy it though.. i love the look of the game and still kick the visuals out of many other games out there regardless of its short comings.

  • @29

    Mbe Yu shd get ur pritige az bc n teh skool banks 4 sum grammr lesson dud!


  • Nice cover up. Burry the dirt. Yeah!

  • @29

    Is that some sort of a riddle ? i have no idea what ur saying

  • I heard the Crysis 2 demo was removed because of all the connection issues that some players were having, if this is true and they’re still releasing it next week this is terribly unfair, demos exist so that players can try a game before they buy it and if the game doesn’t even work properly they have a right to know, to take away the demo so that more players don’t experience it and may still buy it is wrong imo, a demo a week before release should represent the final quality of the product and if they can fix it in the few days left before release then they should fix the demo too to show people it works properly.

    If Black Ops had a multiplayer demo where you experienced ‘connection interrupted’ and host migration every 30 seconds no one would buy it, on the same merit I didn’t get Killzone 3 because it took forever to get into games in the open beta (which was a demo, and not a beta as they described).

    Anyway this is EA who made this decision and these people think it’s ok that Bioware employees pretend to be regular gamers and review their own games, so I wouldn’t hold this against Crytek and I’ll probably still buy it a few months down the line, hopefully they’ll sort these problems out quickly.

  • gow3 and heavy rain ftw

  • Go Zelda Skyward Sword for game of the year next year. Yes, I know this is Sony boards but Zelda rocks!

  • @ james G

    Yep Uncharted three for GOTY.. I can smell that platinum got to have it.. the first two are already in the bag. :D

    • Speaking of Platinums, did you see my convo with the world of twitter earlier on? I’ve decided I’m going to go for my first Platinum and I could write a blog diary about it. What do you think?

  • Did you not see my message I replied and you replied back.. :D

    I recommended Infamous.. ;)

  • Oh and I think the idea of a diary is awesome is a good way to get pointers for getting certain trophies as well..

    But it would give a nice read I suppose.

    I really want to see the trophies for MK!! With the challenge tower and all hoping to be able to get the platinum. :D

  • @Platinum Trophy: A easy one is Sly 3 on that HD collection. Even I pulled that one off, and I actually think that was the first (and only) platinum I’ve gotten. Though as MrLopes said, Infamous is also obtainable. I was going to go for that one myself as I saw it was fully possible with my skills, but I was too fed up after finding all the shards :D

  • Hmm.. an interesting winners list, but congratulations to all.

    Good luck Trophy hunting, James – Be warned though, it can get a little addictive after you hear the “Ba bling” of your first Platinum.

    Aw, and hey! Go easy on Immortal-Wolf- (29)
    I’ve seen far worse diction here on the Blog, even in some Blog Posts!

  • @James Gallagher

    Whilst I enjoy Uncharted, I do have to think whether the game would be even 30% as good if the voice over guy changed.

    On the other hand, Killzone 3 – the BEST single player campaign I have played for a while. The last great one was Modern Warfare 1 for me, good mix of game play and I played it entirely with the move controller – brilliant fun.

  • OK Im just going to put this out there. I thought GOW3 was average at best. It brought nothing new to the series except slicker visuals and challenge anybody as to why they’d disagree.
    Repetative gameplay, predictable plot, looks fantastic but if you squint your eyes you’d think you were playing GOW1 or 2 upscaled to HD. It deserved nothing in the way of awards imo. Just my 2 cents…

    oh and James, check Heavy Rain, Sly Trilogy or Terminator for an easy 1st platinum.

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