PlayStation Home: Welcome To Aurora

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nDreams now has an official HQ in the form of Aurora, a beautiful floating archipelago. It will be constantly evolving with new games and attractions and, at launch, you can help power the islands by taking part in OrbRunner, or check out the Aurora Defence preview for some stunning views.


Players can gain experience every day and climb from level to level, with secret rewards and bonus items given out along the way. Also available is the Aurora Island apartment which includes an action-packed playable combat game (which also provides experience points) as players help defend the skies of Aurora from a range of lethal enemies.

Meanwhile, there’s a bumper update from Lockwood this week, starting with the Iron Fusion and Cucumber ranges, following the success of Fool Throttle and Figment. Cucumber is as cool as its typically refrigerated namesake and seeks to take the stress out of interior design with a range of furniture to suit all tastes, from the modern to the traditional.

The Bayonne sofas and armchairs come in bright and dark shades. Or, perhaps for a little touch of French elegance, pick up a Chaise Longue, available in a wacky cow print or a sunny shade of yellow.

In contrast, Iron Fusion provides the latest in cybernetic fashion, melding man with machine with The Menace, Fractal and Rosko Full Body Suits which include a powerful back flip.

Two pets from Dragon’s Lair have found their way from the mysterious wizard’s castle to PlayStation Home. Singe, the villainous dragon, will now follow you around as your loyal friend and protector. He might still have a nasty habit of kidnapping princesses, but that is mostly kept in check. You can also take a giddy goon with you on your travels through PlayStation Home. Domesticated giddy goons will bounce around and practice their swordsmanship when you’re not looking.


Everyone’s favourite Blob is now available IN SHIRT FORM. Stand strong while displaying a “Can of Awesum Sauce” on your chest. Proudly wear our take on your favourite internet memes including the Double Rainbow, and Ceiling Cat. Or, simply go with the classic Blob himself. Be the life of the party with this knock out collection of great About a Blob T-shirts, available from Threads.

Elsewhere, we have some tennis clothing and a companion from Top Spin 4; Hard Corps Uprising items, including Bahamut and Krystal costumes; and, Last but not least, be sure to stop by Home Square and paparazzi the PlayStation Move Heroes. Enter your favourite photos on the forums and the best heroes and villains will be uploaded to our facebook page, with a prize for the winner.


PlayStation Home will be updated at the usual time on Thursday.

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