Jill Valentine And Shuma-Gorath Soar Into Marvel Vs Capcom 3

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Jill Valentine And Shuma-Gorath Soar Into Marvel Vs Capcom 3


Today we launch two new characters as DLC for Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Jill Valentine, of Resident Evil fame, and Shuma-Gorath, the “Lord of Chaos, Master of the Great Old Ones, Ruler of a Hundred Dimensions”. So definitely not just a big scary octopus.

Jill has appeared in many Resident Evil games over the years, but it’s her most recent appearance in Resident Evil 5 that defines her as a fighting games character. Which means that she’s FAST, and scary, because she’s being controlled by the device that Wesker has put in her chest. That pesky Wesker! It wouldn’t be entirely inaccurate to say that Jill sits somewhere between Wesker and X-23 in terms of playing style, but I’ll let you discover that for yourself.

Shuma-Gorath is, well, special. A little-known fact about Shuma-Gorath is that for quite a long time, Marvel didn’t want Shuma-Gorath in the game at all. We did, though, so the producer fought relentlessly and eventually Marvel conceded that he’d be allowed to appear, but only as DLC and not as part of the main roster. And so here he is, in all his glory.

And finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all of you who have expressed concern for Capcom staff based in Osaka and Tokyo following last week’s earthquake, and also for your patience and understanding for any possible delay that this DLC might have suffered. I’m pleased to say that all of our Japanese employees are safe and well. Our thoughts go out to the people of Japan and everyone who has been affected by this tragedy.

Thank you.

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