DC Universe Online Coming Soon To PSN!

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Greetings PlayStation.Blog,

It’s been two months since DC Universe Online was released in stores across Europe and today we can confirm that DC Universe Online is coming to the EU PlayStation Store!

DC Universe Online will be available to download for €49.99/£39.99 with a 30 day subscription included at no extra cost. Game time can be purchased thereafter in the form of a 30 day, 90 day and even 180 day subscription.

Keep your eyes peeled on PlayStation.Blog for a release date in the not too distant future.

Oh, and for those of you that missed my DCUO February Update, be sure to check out the awesome group combat raid The Batcave Inner Sanctum.

See you in the Batcave!

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3 Author Replies

  • Sell it for £19.99 and I would be interested in taking a chance on it.

    £39.99 is too high because I might choose not to subscribe after 1 month, making it £40 for 1 month only.

  • Overpriced, you can buy this off Shopto for £10 less. More thought needs to be put into prices for full games on the store.

  • Shouldn’t downloads be cheaper than hard copies?!

  • Really liked the Beta, but subscription is still an issue for me. I just don’t see it being worth that kind of value.

  • Aww c’mon SCEE, are you having a laugh?

    You said it was’t going to be available via the store, one of the most asked for features was that we wanted to run DCUO from the hard disk without the need for the BR in the drive.

    Is an installer going to be made available for those that own the disk?

  • I don’t want to pay twice for a game
    (once to own to game and twice for playing it)

  • I would of thought it would be a bit cheaper.

  • “Oh, and for those of you that missed my DCUO February Update, be sure to check out the awesome group combat raid The Batcave Inner Sanctum.”

    that the reason i still on the fence to get it like All MMO they not like story missions that you can missed you Will missed alot of events so i take that event batman raid is over.

    & unlike other games you can replay missions & of course take your time plan your way but with MMO you must be on the ball.

    Not paying 40 quid plus sub to be Missed a lot of things. the 1 thing in beta Fail was no arrow to point the way.


    • I’m pretty sure the Batman raid is still live! There’s only a few pieces of content that are up for a limited period of time.

  • but 2 MMO im really wind up For is……..

    free realm a free game till level 4 then buy key & of course FF14 i was upset that i didn’t get to play FF11 online as IT NEVER Release in EU On ps2 just the 360.

    that was the plan ff11 on ps2 i think it did In japan. :(

  • I’d love to hear the excuse of “well its not sonys idea of the price, its the publishers” lol

    £39.99 in stores & now £39.99 on the PSN store???

    Need we say more?

  • thanks josh i was right no point getting a dear then blu-ray game on the store for events i missed they should be in a LOOP & a timer and arrow you got this time to go from point a to point b (event) if you missed it the event will be in a loop & come again.

    so you saying we paying more for locked stuff if you miss 1 Tough. :/

    i agree it should be 20 quid & a tenner for a sub yearly.

  • This game is a pure ripoff you guys want us to pay 40 notes for the game then u need to pay for online you’s are kidding yourself’s on

  • What about a Demo? I really would love to give this game a try, but without a Demo there is no buy. In Online games the factor “Community” is a decisive one and because of this I want to see how easy it is to go into a raid or something… with first-hand experience and not pre-recorded ingame footage where everything goes as planned…

  • I cannot believe enough people will pay for this to justify the cost of uploading it!

    Seriously, how digital download games can cost so much MORE than actual physical copies is totally beyond me.

    I’m a die-hard Sony fanboy, I’ll argue about how great the PS3/PSN is till i’m blue in the face, but the pricing for full games on the PSN is completely stupid.

    Take Mass Effect 2 – In store, brand new: £28.
    On PSN, download only – £40 (possibly even more, I forget)

    Why the hell would anyone pay MORE to download rather than buy a disc?

    Whoever decides PSN pricing needs to take a seriously long, hard look at STEAM. I buy stuff from Steam, just because it’s cheap or on offer, games i won’t even play! Just because I can’t turn down the price.

    You guys need to take a look at how “lower price far greater sales” system works for Steam. Seriously.

    A complete restructuring of the PSN pricing, really could see the Playstation brand taking over it’s competiton in a big way.

    PSN prices are the one thing that let’s down the playstation brand.

  • Hi – Hope you can help.

    I’ve just bought this game today. Could you answer some questions for me:

    1) I want to be ‘locked in’ to the Legends 90-day pricing before the offer expires (tomorrow ?). How will this work exactly, in relation to my free 30 day subscription? (I’ve yet to load up the game and sign-up for any subscriptions, even the free one). Should I still use the redeem code and then switch to the 90-day plan? If so, will I still get 30 days free before I have to pay? Can you please give me guidance here.

    2) I played the game during the Beta (great game, btw). Will my character that I created at this time (plus any armour / items earnt etc) still be available for me to use?

    3) I have tried to play the Facebook game to get the in-game items (Penguin umbrella etc.), and they don’t seem to unlock for me. Were these time-limited items? If so, is there any other way I can get hold of these items? I feel really annoyed with myself for not jotting down the codes when I first played the Facebook games – I just played them for the Home avatar items at the time.

    Hope you can answer my questions. Many thanks.

  • @KAP you are aware, of course, that this is published by SOE who are, i believe, considered a third party publisher? ;)

  • They running out of excuses now lol 1st it was localisation as that stands SCEJ & SCEA got imports no localisation now oh wait they us :D

    we still promise thing‘s that never happens but it‘s devs nope it take 2. :|

  • ahh yes good idea IF DUCO do what Free realm do put it on free put a level cap of 10-15 because i was at level 4 in the beta couldn’t fly fast enough i figure i must buy something or gain a ability by level up as it doesn’t tell me what to fliping Do.

    even then i level up slowly it took to long. :(

  • this online pricing for digital is just plain stupid ill just wait for it to be dropped to a fiver cause no one wants to buy this mmo [DELETED].
    also why no comment on digital pricing???? a lot of ppl have commented on this and there has been no response at all.
    in GAME this game is currently 34.99 pounds this includes 30 day, disk,cover,manual…

    you guys want 40 pounds for no game, no disk, or no manual…..

    so what your saying to us the customer is that we have to pay full price for something that has no physical disk/cover???????

    this is just stupid same for mass effect 2 47.99 pounds are u guys real this cant be the way things are going as no one will buy games as they will become out of reach price wise for some

    so its up to you guys either bring the pricing for digital downloads into the real world or just dont do it altogether……

    makes me sick to see the way the games devs will go to any length for a extra buck when they charge enough for the games as it is

    first over priced DLC, patches that come out day 1 when they should have fixed the problem for release and not afterwards,

    not ur fault sony but start putting ur foot down on these clowns b4 they wreck the lot for US the consumer

  • game for me finsished along time ago no one hardly plays it anymore servers empty takes ages to get in to raid comms for me still dont work !!!!!

    Gameplay repititive i bought the legends plan but after the servers died ive cancelled it to be honest if i had the option to sell my 2 months still on subscription id gladly sell um 2 months for a fiver. This game had everything going for it but it just dont work on console.

    And 1 last note i bought this game day 1 for 31 quid inc my subscription and your selling it for 39 quid where is the maths in that

  • Will Free Realms come to EU PSN if so when? Thanks

  • This retails for £30 on, why cant you compete on price, especially when you dont even have to post it out?

    Its not 3rd party publishers this time Sony. This should be no more than £20.

  • @ 22

    Due for release, and available for download via the PlayStation Network, on March 29, will become the first free-to-play MMO to hit any console. Sony refers to Free Realms as a family-friendly experience with an endless array of exciting gameplay activities, minigames and adventures to entertain a diversity of players. From ninja fighting and playing soccer to battling pirate ships and training exotic pets, Free Realms offers a social environment to connect with old and new friends while participating in live events, group quests and community activities.

  • Still no feedback that is a joke !!!!!!!!!

    • Sorry, I was out getting my lunch. Subscription based MMO’s have been common place in the market for more than 10 years and DC Universe Online is nothing different.

      The game is constantly being updated, patched and new content is added on a regular basis. Servers must also be maintained and monitored so your subscription goes far beyond the initial purchase.

  • Come on sony, This is a joke, as everyone’s pointed out how does a digital copy cost MORE than a hard copy with all the packaging etc!? if this was around £15 – £20 I would possibly swing for it since i have to pay for a subscription anyway, but £40 is just stupid, like redneck stupid! Get on the ball!

  • I bought DC Universe Online it was good but i played only for 2 weeks!Dunno why but it is kind of boring after some weeks!They say that in MMO u can do everything and it never stops,ofcourse it never stoprs bcz all the missions are the same!The only <> for me thing in DCUO now is Arenas but i deleted cause i am not playing it and cause it needs 15GB!Btw where is Dynasty Warriors Online?

  • @Do-_One (20)

    Thank you. With no community what-so-ever this games seems pretty much not worth the money. I’ll pass from here on. Thanks for the intel, you saved me a bit of money here :)

  • poor… this game is going to sink even further than it has allready has. let alone having the physical side of the game as a plus from buying the cheaper disc version . you potenitally are able to claim alot of it back from trading it in.

  • err sorry you cant be able to trade it in as it‘s lock to your PSN accout & not your PS3 so if this white elephant ever dies you stuck with a dead disc. :/

  • so its £40 for a download when the disc is £30 lmao and you guys think people will buy this ……oh dear

  • Are we getting Free Realms?

  • cmon then sony explain why the download version is more expensive than the blu-ray disc version. you treat your’e customers like crap as usual your’e not happy just making a profit you want to make a killin. greedy

  • …its more expensive because the game is available IN STORE. They cannot shoot themselves in the foot by selling to stores and then under cutting them online via its own distribution methods.

  • Dream on SOE with that price

  • no ur wrong joss this is a first as it includes ps3 no one plays this anymore bet ur wishing u done a standard dc game now cos i am whats running the online got to do with rippin ur customers off by charging more for a digital copy over the disc based version.

    also some ppl have pointed out that the disk version has a install size of 15gb…. hang on just 1 darn min isnt the download version 15gb also??? so all u get on the disk is the dl copy rammed onto it and sold as retail so i doubt very much the dl version is any diffrent. (just the security on the disk to play)

    so u are charging 10 pounds more just for taking the disk out of the running how rude if this is how ur next games are going to work ill pass on all of them ta but no ta

  • it‘s 5 quid more then game…….

    it not selling well i know that from other post about this MMO when i 1st see it at E3 it look good till i found out about sub months after.

    some MMO sub are cheaper but the price of the game & any events missed yip still on fence. :\

  • @Slookie30

    You do realise that all MMO’s contain events that only come around once, even season events based on Holidays tend to be different every year. If I signed up for EVE or WOW I shouldn’t expect to be given access to the last 8 years of content I missed! lol

    Ultimately the game is an MMO, just like WOW you have to buy the game and then pay for a sub. Your sub covers the upkeep and improvement of the service.

    The game came out in January and by the mid of March had already had 1 massive update plus a seasonal event.

    Also don’t forget that there are 6 storylines to engage in 1 for each mentor, some missions do cross over but ultimately there is a lot of reply value.

    There are also arena, versus, team and other “mutiplayer” style modes to tide you over.

  • “The game is constantly being updated, patched and new content is added on a regular basis. Servers must also be maintained and monitored so your subscription goes far beyond the initial purchase.”

    Ever heard of a game called Burnout Paradise?

    They did the same… for free!

  • Yes i know there be set pieces story mission that wont ever end i‘m couldn’t use the PvP panel in beta it would properly took me to the event by teleport but still it was set to level 7 that to high.

    & you still buying a dear copy that if you like to take your time finding your way you cant afford to or you missed something.

    can they do again rerun events putting them on a routa.

    im sure FREE realms & FF14 be the same with free realms it be free to download as for ff14 if it done Square enix it is dont be surprise by a big buy + sub. :|

  • *if i do get this when it realistic price or free realms it be my 1st MMO that i ever played. :D

  • @Skookie30

    …That is the point of an MMORPG, even an action based one. If you could do everything from the off there would be no point in playing. These games work on the “carrot dangling on a stick” method of design. You level up you get access to things and then you see more things for the next level, so you level up to that level get that stuff but now you want the next levels stuff and so on… All missions give you an arrow telling you where to go and highlight the specific area on the mini map.

    @Yeeron BP gave you an initial free update of Bikes and that party mode. Everything after that required $$$$. Sure some will games give free updates and some don’t but an MMO runs 24/7 not just “when you make a session”.

  • As a current subscriber I have NO complaints. I paid £37.99 for the game, which included one month free and I played nothing BUT that. And I’ve never played an MMO

    I’ve now moved onto the legend subscription (3 months for the price of 2) and I’m still not looking back. Bags to do, massive community and totally unlike anything else on the PS3.

    It’s PlayStation Home, but without the depraved teenagers dressing like girls in order to get other girls to talk to them, and with actual things to do, other than change costume and dance..

    So to anyone playing this:- LVL 30 DPS with full T1 and 4xT2, up for duos, alerts, raids and good times. Look in the skies for SpiderMike!

    See you on the battlefield.

  • Give it for free to PSN+ users and maybe I will get addicted but i’m not paying for €50 for a subscription based game anymore.

  • @SpiderMike_X

    Only a Level 20’er myself, rocking Crossfire as a villain, Solar Rage.

    Agree with that Mike has said, I have a full time job and family commitments so for me it takes alot of time meaning that there is a lot of content to get through at my slow old pace.

    If you have free time 24/7 I’m sure you could ruin this game for yourself in a weekend. lol

  • Well in the beta there was not a arrow if it was there it was crap as i couldn’t see the mini map on my SD telly it was hurting my eyes i got a weak eye the text i couldn’t read it was flicking & i couldn’t adjust the screen. when i mean arrow i mean a big 1 that can switch on/off at the top telling me if i‘m going off course.

    but no excuse for more then the blu-ray SCEE keeps telling us we dont set prices SOE is part of sony.

    i can understand why square-enix can set prices high in EU then SCEA even tho i like them there are greedy bastards & while we wait for xenogears & got no response SCEA is to get PE tomorrow.

    when this wednesday it be like a small hollow update when we finally get Hurrah Resident evil 1 director‘s cut. :|

  • Why are they idiots with the price?? okey i understand the monthly price(still little over priced) but that they have the game price at 50euro and then you are going to pay a monthly fee after that. 30 would have been good.

  • On the subject about prices and SCEE telling us we dont set prices devs does & we cant force devs to set em to us and cant force to give us content is also a excuse they use in the past.

    1 word will blow that excuse cant force eh “Trophies” :P

    i been looking at the prices on SCEA Store & Ours because of this in the past a $9.99 game is our £7.99 but now take PE tomorrow it be $5.49 if/when Square enix give us that game it be like £7.99 like soul reaver that cant be right.

    the only price square-enix got right was Vagrant story. :|

  • @Skookie30

    The downloadable version of DCUo is set at the RRP. The reason is Sony have get contacts with suppliers and stores who will sell the game on the highstreet. For this reason Sony cannot decided to flog DCUO for anything less then the highstreet as otherwise they would be undercutting them. You can’t sell a game to HMV for example then sell it yourself for half the price, no one would but it from HMV.

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