UNCHARTED 3’s Lead Designer On 3D + The New Villainess

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As you’ve no doubt seen already, Naughty Dog chose GDC as the place to reveal Nathan Drake’s antagonist for UNCHARTED 3. The calculating Katherine Marlowe is clearly a different type of villain than the brute force Lazarevic or deadly accurate Navarro.

Watch now as U3‘s lead designer Richard Lemarchand tells us more about this villainess, as well as the talent behind the role. He goes on to tell us about the positively jaw-dropping implementation of 3D, and how its development pays dividends even to players who don’t yet possess a 3D display.

Did you hear Richard use the word “stereoscopy” in a sentence? It speaks wonders of the English schooling system.

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  • [off-topic]when is the modnation release on PSN?

  • What a brilliantly edited video that was! Great interview too.

  • WOW I thought Uncharted 2 looked great but this is on another level! Kudos to Naughty Dog for raising that bar again!

    Great interview too…

  • Well we did invent the language Jeff ;-D

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm can not wait.

  • I want it now :-(

  • The ONLY game i’d sell me wife and child for.
    Where do i send them ;)

    Seriously though,
    Cannot wait and playing in 3D will be killer fun, if the 3D announcement Trailer is anything to go by, especially the scene where you see Drake jump from one building and crash threw another,lol.
    I was like,
    *jaw drops*

  • Awesome interview, terrible cam and editing.

  • Do we really have to put so much stock in to 3d?
    Yes its a nice feature but its not the be-all and end-all of games.
    The amount of 3d rubbish spewing out into the movie theatres is a problem.. “Hollywood, If you can’t make it good make it 3d” .

    I don’t want to see my favourite series loosing its edge because they have to shoehorn 3d gameplay into it.

  • uncharted 3 will rock great interview as well
    kingdom hearts avatars please sony lol

  • Here’s my comment on Marlowe from the Drake’s Deception B;og post on 8 march. May help giving insight into this “Doyenne”. Katherine Marlowe looks like one tough Doyenne. I’m trying to place her voice, sounds familiar. Of course playwright Christopher Marlowe opened the way for the great Elizabethan plays, with his own play Tamburlaine produced in 1587 which were produced in the last 15 years of the Tudor Age. If Her ancestry goes back to as far as Drake’s, then he has a worthy nemesis to face indeed. Marlowe was always a suspect character in the eyes of the authorities, tho he was protected. I’m sure he could have been burned as a heretic for his Arian connexions if he had not had the protection of Walsingham for acting(sic) as an agent in the secret service, very cloak & dagger.Marlowe was killed in a brawl in 1593, when he was on the brink of arrest for atheism amongst other charges. Of course Shakespeare’s first play was performed the year before. As a collector of books of reprints of old maps, Drake’s Deception is right up my alley. Can’t wait. Btw the bloke in the middle pic of the three looks like Johnny Klebitz from GTA:EfLC.

  • Glad to see a bit of the new villain and what’s bringing 3d within the game.

  • I haven’t played the uncharted series but I will and may get this in a a year

    • The Uncharted games definitely are worth a try, my obvious bias aside; I think any gamer that had tried them would say that, anyway.

  • the new 3d trailer on PSN is AWESOME and crystal clear. something which cannot be said for the demo for Motorstorm Apocalypse. THAT was supposed to be the new 3d standard but its got crosstalk and double vision coming out of its ears! Even my Prince of Persia 3d Trilogy is clear and thats just PS2 games redone in HD & 3d. but MotorStorm Apocalypse? VERY disappointing considering how much the devs are raving about its 3d. Uncharted3 in 3d in the trailer however – the gameplay parts at the end of the trailer – CRYSTAL CLEAR and amazing 3d. Just goes to show what the gameplay on release will be like. The part where he jumps into the window blinds and running down the corridor with water chasing him made my mouth water.

  • The uncharted series is the most immersive and rewarding games I’ve ever played!I used too think that about Metal Gear but that has been bumped too 2nd place. The leap from UC to UC2 was huge from graphics, gameplay and even more immersive with no loading!Keep up the goodwork guys and gals

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