PlayStation Home: Gangsters And Kittens To Roam Home

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From Lockwood we hear the pitter patter of tiny paws and claws from some very cute kittens, including a “rough and tumble tabby”, a “relaxed ginger kitty”, or a “scene-stealing Siamese”.


Also, to celebrate the public unveiling of Sodium2 – Project Velocity at this year’s GDC, Lockwood Publishing are marking the occasion with a range of stylish Sodium2 Track wear. They also sent over this description:

“The Racers are hot, loud and dangerous, just like this new range of hardwearing Sodium track gear. Look the part when you hit the pit lane in tough jeans or combats, goggles or shades to shield your eyes from the powerful racer wake and rugged trainers and gloves for when you’re clambering for that perfect view of the course”.

Sodium2 Clothing (Male + Female)

Finally, if some babbo is giving you beef in Home Square, take a walk in an authentic pin stripe suit, a pair of classic Spectator shoes and the ubiquitous Fedora hat, and show them who runs what.


That’s all for this week – all this content will available at the regular time on Thursday.

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