MotorStorm Apocalypse Demo And PSN Avatars Are Unleashed Today

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MotorStorm Apocalypse Demo And PSN Avatars Are Unleashed Today

Get ready for what will be the most insane and adrenaline fuelled racing experience of your life!

MotorStorm Apocalypse Demo And PSN Avatars Are Unleashed Today

The Track we’ve chosen is one of my favourites: “Mainline”, which is a solid example of the way this game is never just about street racing. Every race on every track is unique in MotorStorm Apocalypse Festival mode, and we’ve picked “Off the Rails”, a Rookie track from Festival day one, with 15 insane rivals… and some surprises, courtesy of Mother Nature. You know what I mean, right?

We hope the demo gives you a sense of what we mean when we say this is urban off-road racing action. When MotorStorm Apocalypse is unleashed in Europe from March 16th, you’ll see how this track changes each time. It is also home to a *nuts* military attack, and a really challenging 5-lap Veteran race, with damage carried over from each previous race. Oh, and the demo works in stereoscopic 3D if you have a 3DTV. Please try to see this – folk all over the world are agreeing that it is the best example of 3D gaming in the world.

In the demo you can race one of the lightning-fast Supercars or extremely agile Superbikes, both available for action racing in MotorStorm for the first time. Also new, (but not playable in the demo), are Choppers, Superminis and Muscle Cars, plus the legendary mix of diverse vehicle classes from previous MotorStorm games.


‘Mainline: Off the Rails’ is one of the early earthquake hit tracks you’ll encounter.

Playable in the demo:

  • 1 of the 40 races – Mainline: Off The Rails
  • 2 of the 13 vehicle classes – Supercar and Superbike
  • All in stereoscopic 3D or (up to) 1080p full High Definition depending on your set-up

Also available on PlayStation Store is a variety of suitably apocalyptic MotorStorm PSN Avatars and a Dynamic Theme, featuring the characters of MotorStorm Apocalypse Festival and incredible artwork of Jonboy Meyers.

MotorStorm Apocalypse Demo And PSN Avatars Are Unleashed Today MotorStorm Apocalypse Demo And PSN Avatars Are Unleashed Today MotorStorm Apocalypse Demo And PSN Avatars Are Unleashed Today MotorStorm Apocalypse Demo And PSN Avatars Are Unleashed Today

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  • Looking forward to this,heard that the handling has changed a bit from the past versions.

    • Handling has been completely updated for the new location, and rebalanced to accomodate the new Superbike, Supercar, Supermini Chopper and Muscle Car classes.

      Let us know what you think when you’ve tried out the Supercar and the Superbike in the demo. :-D

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH WAIT please say you are updating the store EARLY!! I must play the demo!!!!!!

  • Sold! Loved what i played of this at last year’s Beta Rooms event :) Look forward to seeing it now.

  • @ kivi95

    1pm Uk time,plus content at noon.

  • 3D is definitely cool feature… rift 3D was cool… can’t wait to play apocalypse in 3d :) trailer is just awesome…

    i like the style of the game… not everythings looks “real” (like the broken streets or some water effects), but i like it anyway… hope to get “flashed” by it :D

    • The demo being released today will showcase the 3D much more effectively than the trailer. We hope you enjoy it. :-)

  • Are does avatars and the Dynamic theme the same as the pre-order bonuses?

    • They’re different. The Carbon Edition avatars and dynamic themes are completely unique, themed around the carbon vehicle in the pack.

  • Can’t wait to try the demo out, though I already know I am going to love the game…it is Motorstorm after all! :)

    I’m very interested in the new supercars as the rally cars have always been my favourite vehicle type in Motorstorm.

    • The Supercars challenge the Rally Cars for the speed king crown, but require more skill when you run out of road. The Rally Cars just take it all in their stride and they’re still one of my favourites. ;-)

  • nice, those avatars look cool too, great artwork.

  • cool, how many levels will be in the final game? And will split screen be returning?

    • There are 40 unique races, each set in one of the 9 city districts at a different point in the apocalyptic 2-day festival.

      The race featured in the demo takes place on the first day, so hints at the levels of destruction you can expect!

      4-player split-screen racing is offered up again, and you can even take a buddy online for 2-player split-screen action in MotorStorm Apocalypse!

  • Would like to play this later but isnt the store going down at 4pm?

    If so great timing :-/

    Why couldn’t it be done in the early hours of the morning?

  • I read the store will be updated at 1pm today ;)

  • Oh My God!

    BTTF and now this, My body isn’t ready…………………………………………………………………………..Ok, now it is! bring it on!

  • “folk all over the world are agreeing that it is the best example of 3D gaming in the world.”

    To which I have to disagree. That accolade belongs to Killzone three. Having played both I can safely say that while Motorstorm uses Stereoscopic 3D a lot better than the tacked on 3D associated with many title, it’s way beneath anything Killzone 3 pushes out. It’s 2nd only to Killzone 3, however and should be rightly used as a clear example as to why 3D is worthy of becoming commonplace in the household, but Killzone 3 is the benchmark. It’s the Avatar of the gaming world, from a technical standpoint.

  • I love PlayStation Plus

  • OMG Sony… truelly spoiling us this today(thank you):

    +MK Demo
    +Motorstorm 3 demo
    +Ridge Racer Type 4
    +…….errr, come on guys help me out here…..

    • LOTS happening on the blog today – we were just discussing it and I think today we’re on for the record number of posts in one day. All great stuff too.

  • I not to Fuss about about demos you will get bored quick with em playing over & over but haveing a look on SCEA store heads up i can say for once dispate they 9 ps1 classics 8 of em are disney that they store is CRAP for once. :/

  • Excellent news. So there’s at least one demo I really want to play (sorry, mortal kombat has always sucked). This game looks great.

    I have to disagree with a previous poster tough and say Motorstorm Pacific Rift was a far more impressive 3D title than Killzone 3. Ok so I bloody hate first person games and can barely stay awake when having to play one but after trying both out in the shop last week I know which one would make me want a 3DTV more even though there’s no way I’d actually be able to afford one.

  • “Preordering”
    Looks epic!

  • Made my day :D
    Love you guys :P

  • @17
    For those who like to check out a game before its released and knowing wether its worth spending your hard earned £££ on? DEMOS are a GREAT thing.

    Demos has saved me untold amount of money these few years trust me skookie30.

  • is the demo only for psplus-members?! or 4 everyone!?

  • Please try to see this – folk all over the world are agreeing that it is the best example of 3D gaming in the world.

    3DRift is the best example of 3D i’ve played. So yeah, i’ll believe this statement ;)

  • @KAP

    i have 2 agree with skookie30 demo’s don”t mean anything their useless if you do enough research your gonna know what games are good.
    i’d like 2 see more full games releases on psn i don’t like playing the same circle off a demo untill i get sick off it

  • @KAP

    o ya ppl who bought COD black ops for ps3 were just stupid and overhyped

  • Oh yes Kap i know demos has a good point to try out but demos doesn’t make a great store update & ppl excited about demos, its content & features FTW with me on par with the other regions.

    let see what the 2 heads up Posts got for us today.


  • I pre ordered this y’day along with Yakuza 4.
    Where does it say their updated the store early?
    If their not we won’t be getting it 2day. v_v

  • Are the Killzone 3 avatars still coming today? Love to buy them but cant :(

  • @24

    Mate, all the reseacher in the world wont be as acurate as your OWN opinion on a game you play. Right?

    An example: Eurogamer slated Dead Space 1 for being a generic resi clone in there review a few years back.

    But look how the public backlashed at there review once the demo game out for it?

    Dont get caught up on what others online(that you DONT know) say about games unless you try it yourself and follow your own opinion on said game.

    If i listened to most online advice i’d only have COD games in my collection. lol

    All im saying is, it. spells. logic.

  • What happened to the Mode Creator Matt? One of the main things I’ve been looking forward to and it’s been dropped? Are you guys patching it in later?

    • Because the mode editor is essentially the same set of tools used during development of the game, it’s quite involved and the original interface is rather complicated.

      Rather than including these tools in the game (and supplying a huge, technical handbook on how to use them!) we’re taking a bit of extra time to design a simplified, cleaner and more intuitive interface for it, and will update the game in the not too distant future to empower the community with the tools to create imaginative new experiences.

      Expect more information on this soon, but please do keep looking forward to it – just for a little while longer!

  • @KAP

    well dead space is like a good old cult classic movie
    what sold the game 2 me was the awesome trialer and the lack off horror games this Gen but i never felt like buying a game because i played a demo only horrible buy i evermade was Damnation omg was that game crap

  • @27

    I get what you mean, but when you said demos are boring?! I said to my self Is he serious?”

    Thats like a crazy person saying “I hate trailers to movies… there sooooo boring & short.”


    If you see demos as boring “playing them over and over” (which i dont understand WHY you’d do that dude?) then you clearly miss the point on what there meant for.

    “I hate TV advertisments because their boring.” You see how silly that sounds. If its boring dont watch them; a sane person would say uh?

  • @KAP

    It IS my opinion, to which i agree with his statement because of my experience with 3DRift.
    Apocalypse will be no different and will be nothing less to what 3D was in 3DRift.

    The best 3D experience atm.

    And thats why i choose to believe THAT statement.


  • Can’t wait to play it!

  • @KAP

    well one thing is sure first party games are always great cause off it’s production value.

    yes demo’s are boring!!!! muahahahhahaha and your right trailers 2
    but everybody’s got something they like but i see more value in a full product than a incomplete piece

    and we are alrdy missing so much stuff demo’s are the last thing i would want in a store update but one thing is sure motorstorm rocks!!!!

  • First reviews are up!

    Eurogamer Sweden:

    Google Translate version:

    Metacritic summary:
    Because of its name it’s fitting that MotorStorm: Apocalypse is somewhat of a rebirth for the series, and the racing feels fresher than ever. It may have lost a bit of its identity whilst borrowing so much from Split\Second, but the apocalyptic city setting is so strong that it doesn’t matter. The best MotorStorm game yet.


  • Will there be some sort of casual mode in this Motorstorm?

    The previous ones were a little bit too difficult for me…

  • @36


    A trailer can be “miss-leading” but a demo is very rarely mis-leading.

    Example: The trailers to PROTOTYPE looked amazing. After playing the game… what a damn mess it was. I wasted £39.99 on that dogdroppings.

    Another Example: DeadSpace 2 SEVERED DLC, the trailer to it looks awesome and action packed. bought it as soon as it came out on the store only to be greeted with 20 – 30mins of gameplay??!?!?!?!?!

    My point is this:

    If there was a vote on here that stated this


    What do you think the majority would say?

  • Nice one. I can’t wait to play it :P

    Sooooooooooo much PS3 exclusives to play. Keep’em coming! ;)

  • I dont ever played demos over and over to get bored read what i said‚ i said why ppl get to excited about demos you will get bored so all the excited was for nothing.

    i never said i played demos over and over till i got bored trails version are alright as its the full game and not a cut down of a demo no cutscene so you still buying blind after you saw the demo.

    what the cutscene is like i like the ME2 demo but then the full game was not from the demo at all in fact a friend says it better looking then the demo.

    the demo doesn’t show what the finish product will look like, i been reading that ppl actually bought ME2 for 48 quid from the store lol can you believe that & EA is very happy I bet. :D

  • Lovely.. The new Pana 3D has arrived just in time then :D
    I already found the demo-vid looking great :)

    (offtopic, but, any chance of finding out how you or Sony made the PS3 recognize the mp4 as being a 3D file ? Just with a default stereoscopic 3D Vegas export?)

  • & yes i will be getting the trail version of BTTF today & unlock it next week‚ really enjoyed SAM & MAX & Tales of monkey island.

  • Thanx for the reply James lol

    Loads of Demos and blog posts today will keep us, The fickle-playstation-blog-community on a good stead i reckon. hahaha

    What do you think about game demos james? would you rather watch a well edited-touched-up-1080p trailer or play a demo and get your own persective from your OWN gameplay on your on TV(lol) to decide weather or not its the game for you?

    • Hmm, it depends on the game. I think games like racers or a beat ’em ups are best suited to demos as you can get a lot of fun out of replaying the same track or having a lunchtime scrap with guys on MK, for example. If it’s something more story driven then I prefer to wait for the full game; I found it jarring when I reached a bit in the middle of God of War III that I’d already played a few times with the demo.

      Now I think about it, we had this whole discussion a while ago in The Friday Debate: Trial or Tribulation?

  • Can’t wait pre-orderd the game yesterday, Motorstorm will also have a place in my heart as it was my very first game to play on the PS3 and it never disapoints.

  • I have won a place in the games radar heats tomorrow. I have booked the coach and am looking forward to the whole thing.

    I hope this demo is the track for the competition. I will just keep playing until my eyes are bleeding!

    • This demo will definitely make for some good practise, getting a feel for the handling, learning the intricacies of boost and in-air cooling, etc.

      Whether or not it will be the track you compete on I don’t know. I suppose there’s a 1 in 40 chance, at least!

      Hopefully we’ll see you there. :-) Best of luck to you and everyone else competing!

  • @ Kap i would play the dem, trailers are so misleading of course i would but i not so Fuss when we dont get em, i would Love more full content with today Busy blog day. ;)

  • Stuck at work and won’t be home until PSN is down, but this will be the first thing I’ll be doing when it’s back up!

  • @Skookie:

    Do you really need it explaining why people get excited over demo’s? A great trailer can build hype for a game but trailers are all too often misleading ex. Dead Island CGI trailer. With demo’s people get excited over them because its usually their first opportunity to play a game they’ve been excited for a very long time, yeah it likely wont be the finished article but a demo is still the best way to work out whether a new game appeals to a specific person with their own opinions.

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