Resistance 3 Multiplayer And Co-Op Details From GDC

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Resistance 3 Multiplayer And Co-Op Details From GDC

Greetings from the PlayStation Bloggers Lounge here at the fabulous W Hotel, across the street from the Game Developers Conference in downtown San Francisco. As this post goes live, we are revealing our brand new multiplayer for Resistance 3. We’ve said all along we wanted Resistance 3‘s MP mode to bring the best of both Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2‘s MP and co-op modes, and you’re about to see just how we’ve managed to do that.


Resistance 3 will feature 16-player Human vs. Chimera deathmatch and objective-based modes set in locations across the globe. That may seem somewhat jarring after the 40 and 60-player mayhem in RFOM and R2. Rest-assured though, our biggest motivation in determining our new player-count was the fun times that we and the community had on maps like RFOM’s Busyard and Rooftops, as well as the Bayou House and San Francisco maps in R2.

Resistance 3 will offer a very deep and customizable progression system. Players can create their own progression paths through multiplayer, spending their earned points to customize load-outs that fit their unique play style. We learned a lot from Resistance 2 co-op in terms of giving players the ability to create specific roles in a team and level up different abilities – which you will see with the various active tactical and support abilities, as well as the new personal and combat attributes.


For instance – each player can choose and level different support abilities – such as a Bubble Shield, Ammo Beacon (give ammo to teammates) or Radar Beacon (enhance your team’s radar). There are also tactical abilities you can use against your enemies, such as the Doppelganger (projects an image of you nearby to distract enemies) or Dash (an explosive burst of speed to evade enemy attacks).


Furthermore, each player can select and level a personal attribute and a combat attribute. These range from the ability to have leapers bust out from your corpse, to start with more weapons in your arsenal, to reloading or firing at a faster rate. You will be able to truly customize your character loadout to fit your own unique playstyle in Resistance 3.

We’ve been working on this new direction for close to two years now, polishing and refining our maps. We’re having a ton of fun playing Resistance 3 in the office every day. We will be bringing a multiplayer beta to PSN later this year, so stay tuned to our newsletters (Check today’s for the first news on Insomniac‘s Community Day on March 29th!), Full Moon Show podcast, Twitter feed and Facebook page for all the latest updates!

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  • can’t wait for this

  • will the R3 beta be for ps+? and also will there be a R&CA4O beta too?

  • This is going to be epic, I can’t wait for this game.

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Include the Somerset map from R:FoM. Theres a community that are still playing it in the custom games. 8v8 on the 40 player size map is unbeatable.

    Give it a make over with one or two others and sell them as a retro map pack. Killzone treated it’s fans.

  • So no Story Mission Co-op like in R:FOM? :'(

  • Sounds awesome, still play RFoM and R2 once a month. Looking forward to hearing more about the objective based modes.

    September can’t come soon enough.

  • Will Resistance 3 have the same 60 players online same as R2 That will be amazing.

  • can we expect the following:

    weapon customization (red dots, silencers, etc)

    deep character customization (like R2’s, but better)

    unlocks from R2/ Ratchet and Clank?

  • Too bad that the online co-op isn’t going to be like the 8 player one on Resistance 2 but maybe they are going to make it DLC

  • Why just 8vs 8? :(, could please atleast have 12 vs 12.

  • 5# yes their will be offline and online.

  • Looks abit CoD-ish. To me thats not a problem (perks & kill streaks, imo need to become the standard) but you might have the “up their own arses” elitists looking down noses at the game.

    I notice that MP lacks auto-regen health? So will there be health packs or will there be a type of ‘medic’ skill?

  • Oh yeah, and will we be able to customize our characters appearance, like in R2?

  • It’s sad to see no sign of the team-based co-op that R2 had. I get no enjoyment,nor any sense of fun killing other players in deathmatches in ANY game. I’d rather work WITH people against AIs than against them anywhere. Shame. It seems that this dreafful behaviour is the norn when creating a game online these days, apart from a few hope-filled examples. What does that say about us as a species, and what does that say to anyone else whom will be watching us, which is a given, particularly at our stage of societal and technological evolution. I don’t think I will be getting this game this time around.

  • What about Custom game options that Rfom had (1 hit kill! Shot-gun/Carbine only Etc)
    Will they be returning to R3?

    Give us BACK the options Rfom had, to create the games we want too!

  • Not a fan of the decreasing multiplayer count in FPS’ recently (MAG aside).I want me some big crazy action.

  • Put the lobby in from RFOM.

  • Looks awesome just watching this makes me want to pop in disc 2 just to get in the mood.. :D

  • Needs Move support.

  • 8v8 is a turn off. :(

    The game LOOKS good, the weapons still nice and epic, but R2 multiplayer was awesome because it was huge with really big maps!

  • Resistance 3 will feature 16-player Human vs. Chimera deathmatch and objective-based modes set in locations across the globe. That may seem somewhat jarring after the 40 and 60-player mayhem in RFOM and R2

    OMFG, that’s just stupid? Why not go for the big scale, it was awesome in Resistance 2. This is just bad news. No buy for me, this is lika any other multiplayer game now. Such a shame. :(

  • So now you done away with the big player counts and introducing perks and stuff.

    …why buy this instead of CoD? Thats what you turned R3 into.

    8v8? Seriously? Lame as hell.

  • A maximum of 8v8? Man, that’s disappointing, to say the least. What were you thinking?

    Please kick these guys asses instead:
    1000 player FPS on 1 battlefield (no sections). That’s what we want! :D

    Is there a reason why you did this? Sure it’s fun to play cozy small maps with a small number of people, but only if I get to play large, bigass maps with a massive amount of people resulting in total mayhem as well. You are killing the game. Could just as well limit it to 1on1. :(

  • Please, don’t include the killstreaks, don’t make it like call of duty game play style. You guys are ruining it. I rather have 60 players like on Resistance 2. Right now you guys are screwing us over like Infinity ward did with modern warfare 2.

  • so the online coop isn’t going to be like it was in R2?

    8 v AI chimera?

    i will be disappointed if it’s not. the online coop was the best thing in R2 for me, a shame they didn’t release more dlc for it.

  • @20, No I found R2’s multiplayer too big for its own good. Once you are more than 4 people anyway you lose your identity in the team unless you’re the top player.

    I’d rather have 8 on 8 with tight maps, or bigger maps for more tactical play than have 20 odd people running around in each team.

    GO R3!!

  • The first to Resistance its awesome. Great story and gameplay. Only r2 i want has more vehicles! I don’t play so much online on both because i don’t has internet( only some time when neighbor…. you know… wifi……) :D In r3 i don’t care so much the multi, i want a good single player story and gameplay like others 2

  • I played resistance 2 and i can actually see alot of differences already.

    Graphics are much better
    Gameplay looks fast and frantic which is fantastic to see.
    Players have a good amount of health. I a sick of shooters these days where who shoots first generally wins. Give the player who is getting shot a chance.
    Guns look meaty, have a lot of kick in them and generally look brutal. Straight from the killzone manual. i love it.
    Animastions do not look good but i really don’t care for it that much as long as the game is fast paced and smooth.
    The map looks tight in nature where battles are being fought in close quarters alot of the time. i like that and not realy taking ages to find a enemy to fight.

    Looks like the game is going in a good direction. I hope for one thing. Do not make the killzone mistake of overpowering abilities. I hope their is check and balances so that people simply do not spam one single ability to kingdom come. And also a fair map level design unlike killzone where sometimes the ISA will spawn on a good side or the map or viceversa.

  • seems like a cool game!

  • Please, Move support!.

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