New PlayStation Plus Content For March & April 2011

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New PlayStation Plus Content For March & April 2011

New PlayStation Plus Content

Hi Guys, hope you have been loving last months brand new titles and other classics. It’s now time for you to get your hands on more PlayStation Plus exclusive content.

Here’s the list of content that is available to Plus members between March 2nd and April 6th.


  • Sonic The Hedgehog – brand new and exclusive to Plus for one month
  • Astro Tripper
    PS One:

  • Guilty Gears

We know from comments on here that some of you are not happy with receiving extra PSN titles instead of PS One Classics, so we will always try our best to include both.


  • Pix’n Love Rush
  • Enigmo

*Both brand new minis and 2 weeks exclusive for Plus

SOCOM: Special Forces Beta – This exclusive Beta trial for all Plus members is coming soon so don’t miss the chance to play this great new, Move compatible game before anyone else.

    Exclusive Discounts:

  • Fat Princess PS3 – 50% off
  • Fat Princess PSP – 50% off
  • Cool Borders 2 – 50% off
  • Stardrone PS3 – 50% Day 1 discount
  • Premier Manager – 50% off
  • PlayTV Live Chat – 25% off – valid until 6th July 2011

Plus also has some amazing Prince of Persia content and offers over March and April so we wanted to let you know what they all are well in advance.

Today – Get your hands on the awesome classic ‘Prince of Persia 2008′, now on PSN, as a Full Game Trial.

16th March – We wanted to make sure that you guys have the best deals available so we have managed to get you an impressive and exclusive bundle, saving you £11.99/€15. Get Prince of Persia Sands of Time/ Warrior Within/The Two Thrones in a Plus exclusive, three for the price of two bundle at £23.99/€29.99.

And that’s not all! Next month, as an extra PSN title, we have managed to get you Prince of Persia Classic at no extra cost.

Here is some of what you can expect to see from the 6th April – 4th May


  • Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – New to PSN and 2 weeks exclusive to Plus (includes trophy support)
  • Prince of Persia Classic
    PS One:

  • Creature 3: Raised in Space

*brand new minis and 2 weeks exclusive for Plus

    Exclusive Discounts:
    *These will be confirmed ASAP
    Dynamic themes:

  • Exclusive Abstract Art Theme
  • Exclusive Growing Garden Theme

Apologies that April looks a little light at the minute, this will not be the case when the content launches on the 6th.

As always we have been basing the content on your requests and also trying to get you as much new stuff as possible. There is plenty more to come.

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31 Author Replies

  • I want to let you know that I’m really happy with more PSN-games.
    Because I’m not playing the PS One Classics.


    Does Sonic the Hedgehog (the March-version) include trophy support?

  • looks great,
    but for how long will the beta be available.

  • Yes it does, Yeroon.
    Oh, and I personally would rather have more PSOne Classics! :)

    Looks like a nice list for March, at least. April involves just a little more waiting right now.

    Can’t wait to download stuff later today!

  • @James,
    Any word on the possibility of getting Japanese PSOne Classics with the Plus-membership? I’d love those…

  • Which Sonic is this? I assumed it would be the original (found on the Megadrive disc) but it links to Sonic 4: Episode One.

  • Cant wait to see the Infamous 2 theme :)

  • Amazing! Thank you very much

  • Hi James, just wondering if there is any DLC content planned in the near future. I really enjoyed the fallout DLC a while ago and would love to see some more to breathe some life into my old games, cheers and keep up the good work

  • Will Colony Wars still be coming some time in the future?

    • I’m afraid it isn’t currently in the list but I will follow up and if its possible then we will try to get it in

  • First off, awesome content guys! Thanks! ^_^
    And will Mushroom Wars be coming to plus at any point, now that a fix was found for the Shatter trial issue?
    Also, with Sonic 1 and 2 coming, are 3 and S&K coming (and will Plus members be getting them)?

    • Hi, there are more sega titles coming to Plus soon but the titles you mentioned are not included. The guys from Sega will be on here soon to give you the full story

  • WOW
    can i say it’s the best update ever? :D

    keep up the good work Plus Team…

  • @antikewl
    It’s the original Sonic, as found on the MD Classics disc, but has trophy support now. Don’t expect Sonic 4 ;)

  • Will the Socom beta be availabe for Plus members in Germany?

    • Hi, this should be available to all Plus terr’s. I know there are age restriction issues for the German Store but this should still be available to Plus members. Thanks

  • is sonic a game that has a platinum(this months one?)

    looking good over the next 2 months anyway(just wish pop classic had trophies)

    any chance of a plus discount on bttf when it hits?(telltale have been quite good with plus users so far giving us sam and max and a discount on tales of)

  • Looking forward to Infamous theme….but sonic sucks lol and i have it for 2 months
    Good job the socom beta makes up for it

  • Hi James. Some nice additions but can’t really see the point in the discount for “Fat Princess” as it was recently discounted for everybody during the sales (when I bought it btw, great game!).

    Also would like to point out that no DLC again, it is always great to get some DLC for free as it seemed at the beginning of the service.

    Apart from that no mention to the NeoGeo free game for this month and I think Sonic hyperlink is wrong as it shows Episode 1 for the 4th game.

    But my comment is really to ask this again:

    Hi! It is always nice to get some unexpected gifts but have been looking around in the store for “Flying Hamster” and it shows as 1,99 € for me, not free as it should, am I doing something wrong?

    Have a good time :-)

    • Hi, apologies if you had an issue with Flying Hamster, please contact customer services and they should be able to help you out getting the free game

  • Great content 4 me. Only 10hrs or so left. Gonna renew after my operation! :)

    Great job team :)

  • Eh? I thought we were meant to heave tons of Mega Drive games. Why has SCEE became cheap all of a sudden?

  • It was receiving a NeoGeo title instead of a PSone game that most poeple weren’t happy with. I for one would be happy with a good PSN title instead.

  • Thanks James, content looks great as per norm now, just want to say that I really enjoy the service you guys provide here :)

    just a small piece of feedback for the store team if you could pass it along. Is there a way they can let me rate purchased items from my download queue? maybe 2 buttons on each item, one being download and the other being rate? would be super useful and far more convenient to rate stuff :)

  • Who is handling the Sonic games? Backbone? Because I bought Street Fighter 2 HD and the game is a bug fest.

    • The sonic games are all coming from Sega and all go through lots of testing, so there shouldn’t be any problems with them

  • The link you use for Sonic the Hedgehog leads to the Sonic 4 page, which I take it is NOT the version we are getting?….

  • WHO IS SAYING we want PS1 games back? If it was some banned controversial Japanese game then I would probably play it just to see what the fuss is about but apart from that – NAH.

  • Its not Sonic 4

  • Cant fault you on the Sonic games, as old as they are, there a bloody joy to play. James! See if you can try and get in talks about getting the Puzzle Quest Games (PS3 Versions) into Plus or even at a discount. Been waiting since they’ve come out to get em alittle cheaper.


  • Really Glad I signed up to this great content thanks James + P+ Team

  • Will we get Call of Duty First Strike DLC discount??

    Please say yes!

  • I’d say this time it looks really good! I have Sega Mega Drive Ultmate Collection but it is alwyas good to play those games (especialy for free wth trophies support). Comix Zone would be most perfect choice for me (a small suggestion :D). Thank you!

  • James when will Shatter get sorted out? I had been a sub from day 1 and Plus has been great but its been 8 weeks now and its not working i download it 5 times now (last time was a week ago) March & april looks great. Thanks

    • This has been sorted. The game should work fine now. Please try downloading once more time or contact customer services as there shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Apologies for the delay in gettin it sorted, the guys worked as fast as they could

  • I’d much rather have awesome PSOne Classics like Syphon Filter, MediEvil, Tomb Raider, Spyro the Dragon or Crash Bandicoot than PSN-games ;)

  • @Death_Seeker:

    Dude if you’ve played that ‘Sonic’ 4 then you’ll know that having the original, better game, as a freebie is an awesome privilege.

  • Creatures 3? this game was free for a lot of time and now you present us? incredible…

  • @RemyX-1988 Then download them from some illegal website and stop encouraging them to recycle old material.

  • Hi James, first off a big thank you for restoring the PS One classics its much appreciated and im sure the sentiment will be echoed by many a subscriber. But, would just like to ask will there by more DLC downloads in future updates? seems like there hasn’t been any in ages….. thanks

  • 16th March – We wanted to make sure that you guys have the best deals available so we have managed to get you an impressive and exclusive bundle, saving you £11.99/€15. Get Prince of Persia Sands of Time/ Warrior Within/The Two Thrones in a Plus exclusive, three for the price of two bundle at £23.99/€29.99.

    It’s still more expensive then going out and buying it or even just ordering it online this it isn’t “the best deal available”.

    It is however impressive you managed to secure a more expensive digital download compared to the standard retail version I’ll give you that! :)

  • Brilliant content this month. The only gripe i have is the major differences between US PSN stores avatars compared to ours.. they have viewtiful joe now :/

  • clear it up guys its not sonic 4 and come on where is flower ive put off buying it cos as soon as i do buy it itll be free just my luck

  • what about dlc, the usa still gets dlc content, its been months since you have gave us dlc

  • The socom beta is awesome thanks for that… *cries* already bought sonic of the store.. to all you sonic fans enjoy.. *still reading the rest of the list*..

  • @Silent_Gig:

    Yeah i mean, why we getting so many Eye Pet Avatars too??

  • im pretty sure sonic 1 and all the other games on the mega drive collection had trophy support already as i platinumed it, so what the hell is this?

  • In the SOCOM beta you should have the LG CEO as the main baddy ;)

  • @ShadowDoGGG,
    Why would I wanna download games illegally? I don’t like that. I prefer to buy my games like I should It gives much more please then some illegal download…

    And I have plenty of PS1/PS2/PSS/PS3-games right now. However, there are many Classics that I do not own. Simply because I haven’t found them yet, or because they were never released in the PAL-regions. Therefore, I would like Sony to offer them as downloadable PSOne Classics. And if we were to get some free through Plus, it would make my day even better. That’s also one of the reasons I want the Japanese PSOne Classics-section so bad… I prefer them [PSOne Classics] over PSN-titles. It’s just me. If you feel it’s being called ‘recycycling old material’, then that is your opinion. Then we differ a little in that area.

  • @Clxmj

    I don’t know about you but I’m paying a subscription fee so I’d hardly call them freebies nor do I feel privileged when receiving content that I subscribe to.
    Take your tongue out of Sony’s behind.

    I would also prefer PSN titles and DLC to games I played years ago. Yes they were great and yes I have fond memories of them but seriously, let’s move with the times. Games don’t age well like some other media types and playing PS titles nowadays just takes those rose tinted glasses and throws them off a big building and then crushes them under a steamroller.

    Linking to Sony 4 ep 1 but actually giving us something else is a bit illegal isn’t it? False marketing or something like that?

  • *Booting iphone* delete Sonic 1 * removed. Booting PS3 * Enter store * waiting to download. Thank you /bow

  • @40

    The Megadrive collection had 1 trophy per game, this will have a set of trophies just for sonic.

  • yeah i could not care less about ps1 games either, i definately would prefer another psn game and some dlc instead, i mean unless you have a psp cause they look like ass on my 46″ lcd

  • Glad I didn’t buy Guilty Gears. Too bad the Prince of Persia offer isn’t much as you can find the trilogy in disc form for less than 20€. Seems like a pretty good month to be a Plus member although I’ve played my share of Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive already.

  • Just to be sure…

    Sonic is free, right? It’s not just being included on the list because it’s exclusive?

  • Hi James,

    A great month again thanks, looking forward to next month already.

    I know someone above has asked this but do you know what has happened to Colony Wars? I was really looking forward to this psOne classic (and compared to some others it really is a classic) but it has not appeared. Is there something majorly wrong with it? I understand if things need to be taken down at the last minute but is there any chance we will see it in the near future? PRETTY PLEASE!

    • Hi, I know the content guy is working hard to get this but i think there was a pretty big problem with it, so unless they can get this sorted, i’m afraid it won’t be in Plus. Cheers

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