MotorStorm Apocalypse Video Diary Two: Wreckreation. And A Demo Is Coming!

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MotorStorm Apocalypse Video Diary Two: Wreckreation. And A Demo Is Coming!

Our first video diary was all about ‘Festival’ mode. The most ambitious aspect of MotorStorm Apocalypse, ‘Wreckreation’ mode, needs two more video diaries to fully explain… and today we’re unveiling the first.

Dive deeper into in the suite of diverse multiplayer and solo game modes, and learn more about the flexible, rewarding and entertaining game-play experiences Wreckreation has to offer – and watch out for new footage and reveals of some of the challenges, rewards and customisation features. ;-)

There is still a lot more of MotorStorm Apocalypse to uncover, and we’ll be sharing the second video diary on Wreckreation on the blog soon .

In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you thought of this video and what you’re looking forward to from “the party at the end of the world”.

Finally – a demo is coming! Dates are very close to confirmation (it needs to be tested around the world just like the full game), but if you’ve seen any glimpses of a track called Mainline, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. As soon as we have a date, we’ll share it.

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  • That’s a really great dev diary, excellent stuff guys :) Seriously can’t wait to sink a load more time into a new Motorstorm.

    The level of customisation looks fantastic, it looks to be much deeper than I was expecting. One question though, I can’t remember if it has been confirmed if your unlocks carry over between single player and multi-player?

    • Thanks! All of the unlocks are earned through Wreckreation, although there are some extra rewards carried over from Festival too.

      Customisation is really intuitive and so simple to use. You can make a vehicle look awesome in 5 minutes – or you can take your time and embellish, tweak and perfect it for hours.

      My favourite part about it is after you’ve created a unique look and you’re happy with it, you can effortlessly transfer your design across any of the other vehicles you own in a matter of moments. :-)

  • Are you guys planning any limited edition in Europe?

    • There aren’t any plans for a limiyed edition version of the game, but there are special edition pre-order packs available in Europe (each pack features a unique carbon fibre vehicle with custom vinyl designs).

  • omg omg omg i can’t seriosly wait for this game!!!

  • wow, just wow. this is looking seriously deep. the unlocks perks medals whatever look like theyre going to have some people racing till 2012. 3 weeks now till d-day (destruction day!) glad to see news of a demo, how soon is obviously to be seen. liking that artwork by jonboy meyers, any chance youll be selling prints? will there be a cd soundtrack with all the original music you guys have? so looking forward to this, why it doesnt get more recognition from sony as a premier title is beyond me. this should have had a custom dirtbike helmet edition with artbook cd the works. Hope this game sells well for you guys, you deserve it!

    • I’d love to see the unique soundtrack released too, it’s stunning. No news at the present time on anything like that though. Thanks for your support Kegs11, and for your suggestions. Hope to see you online on ‘destruction-day’. :-D

  • Will you leat cheaters/glitchers do as they please this time around ? I stopped playing Pacific Rift online because it had became IMPOSSIBLE to play a single race without at least one [Deleted] cheating…

  • Seriously getting hyped for it now..

    It took a while… I was dubious until last month about pre-ordering it (it’s not you it’s me, I only pre-order one game a year, and it was a tough choice this year, as I’m sure you’re aware)

    But…now it seems like I could be making the correct decision :D

    Although I still need to see about stealing the parents 3D tv for one go >.>

    • If you can play it in 3D, you should make every effort to do so! There’s nothing else like it and the destruction effects and speed of the racing feel even more intense. :-)

  • :( I was hoping for some kind of metal box, at least. Anyway, I can’t wait to finally get my hands on Apocalypse. It’s gonna be perfect :D

  • This just keeps getting better and better! Also, quick question, are replays included this time around?

  • Oh and for god sake ADVERST THE GAME THIS TIME. people won’t no what they will miss.

  • hey hey

    i played the “demo” at playstation access. is this the same one ?

    • It wasn’t the track on the 3D pods in the main area. but it was shown in the developer sessions. I hope you enjoyed PlayStation Access – I loved it. :-)

  • Can you also modify/customize motorcycles?

    Will get this game first thing after TDU2 :-)

    • Yes – every vehicle in the game is completely customisable! You can even transfer designs from the motorcycle classes to cars and trucks, and vice versa.

  • Can’t wait! Playing MS1 and 2 in anticipation.

  • hello evolution studiods im big fan of motorstorm series and motorstorm is the best game and i cant!!!!wait apocalypse.please tell me when demo coming and when you great new site for motorstorm apocalypse and evolution. and what mean 40 unique races is there 40 tracks or what is these all races also in wreckeration.your diaries have been awesome i rrreaallllyyy wait next and demo i really like you evolution studios i cant believe that how great is apocalypse and hope that you guys in evolution studis resume after motorstorm apocalypse.wooohhoooo!!!!

  • Get that demo up, I want it! ;)

  • Will this demo include 3D?

  • Wicked! ! ! I can’t wait :P

  • I dont play racing games much,the only i ever played was NFS Underground.
    After seeing this,and doing some more search about this game,its looking like the type of racer that suits me.
    Im so looking foward to it

  • Hurry up with that demo, I can’t play 3D rift forever.

  • Regarding the demo – will this be of a build that is close to the final product? With Pacific Rift I felt that the actual game looked A LOT better than the demo did, so I think that sample did the game a bit of a disservice.

  • do you guys have anything planned for previous players?
    i.e. pacific rift players get exclusive cars.

  • Day 1 buy.
    Day 1 Download for demo.
    Day 1 and forever in 3D.
    Cannot wait!

    Must have,
    Must need,
    Must..ard on hotdogs.

    Gimmie the game, gimmie gimmie gimmie!!!
    Or atleast a demo date,lol

  • I know this is completely of topic but when are you guys gonna update the PS3 internet browser. Youtube search button does not work and Facebook is practically useless nothing shows on the pages except for my profile pic and photos. I dnt have a PC of my own so use the PS3 browser alot. please update ASAP Sony!!!!!

  • Guys, SONY was today at my home with police and got all my stuff and accounts. I don’t joke, it’s serious. And to prove it, I kept my word and uploaded all my HV reversing stuff. Upload it everywhere so SONY couldn’t remove it easily. Grab it guys, it contains lots of knowledge about HV and HV procs.

    It’s because I sank his battleship.

  • So glad I watched this video. It was destined to go under my radar but WOW there is so much more content than the first motostorm (only one I’ve got)! I need this game just as much as Uncharted 3 now.

  • Oh my god… That was amazing! Thank you so much for that, Evolution Studios.

    I’m currently saving for a Nintendo 3DS and this is released right before it, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I definitely have to buy this, loved every MotorStorm game so far and this is looking the best one by far. Those medals are seriously going to have me hooked to the game forever. :O

    Looking forward to the Demo too, I’m very pleased to hear that there is one coming soon. :D

  • looks promising, until I hear about the perk system. I pass, this gen have been nothing bout do call of duty on everything.

  • do evolution studios make more motorstorm games i hope so becouse motorstorm is way the best racing game ever. and still need one vehicle class to make even more awsome hovercrafts that would be cool

    MOTORSTORM THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is It going to be like split second but into motorstorm style also the graphics look good. cant wait!! :p

  • I don’t know if i agree with the direction of this game with fully customizable vehicles, perks, load outs and online points wager?

    I always liked Motorstorm for the arcade-style gameplay but this seems like abit of a risky move.

    I hope everything ties in together and the Time Trial modes don’t allow the use of these load outs.. i really do

  • looks brilliant!
    abit worried about the perks though, really hope they don’t change/ unbalance the racing formula that was so solid in previous games!

  • 30# Their will be options to play without perks too.

  • Intense!. Can’t wait!.

  • I think you guys should do an “Undead Apocalypse” DLC! Have a special mode where you get scored on how many zombies you take out, and some new tracks tailored for the undead. Like maybe a track that runs through a mall or two that are packed with zombies, then into a football stadium around the stands, and then jump off the back of the stands! Just an idea to make the game all that much more perfectly amazing!

  • Oh and the undead will slow down Smaller vehicles, and even tr. To rip the riders off of bikes or fourwheelers! And add some new vehicle parts to the game like spiked tires for larger vehicles or chainsaws for the handlebars of bikes or fourwheelers!

  • I love what ive just seen, cant wait for the the Apocalypse to arrive. its a shame the original two games didn’t have the customization that this one has, id love to drive round some of the tracks on pacific rift and in monument valley.

    maybe sometime in the future we could see a return to them :):)

    what i’d love to see is like a world map motorstorm, a compilation of the best tracks across the 4 games as well as some new ones and you travel the world from party to party.

    so looking forward to this game, its my absolute favorite racing series

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