Patapon 3: The Legend Returns

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Patapon 3 for PSP (PSN and UMD)

It’s been a little over a year since the Patapon forces engaged in an all out blitz offensive against the Karmen. Many an eye was lost, but the brave monocular warriors pushed through courageously… until they reached the most evil demon warrior this side of Patapolis… so what happened after that intense, life-changing battle at the end of Patapon 2?

Victorious and jubilant from their conquests, they pushed on until they came across a gigantic vessel, locked with ancient magic and scribed up it an ominous message:

Heed this warning mortal beings.

Destruction and darkness locked within.

Run away and don’t look back.

Lest you wish for seven evils to attack!

Together they stabbed, poked and kicked until the lock gave way in a thunderous explosion. Before the Patapon tribe could gather the severity of their actions, they were all turned to the hardest of stones. .. all but one lone brave Patapon, Hatapon, the flag bearer.

This is where we rejoin the Patapon saga, on a dark and desolate battle field, surrounded by a sea of stone soldiers and a new evil threatening the very existence of the Patapon world.

From the vessel appears Silver Hoshipon (of similar appearance to a Patapon, but with a star-shaped body, and possessed of magical powers). Silver Hoshipon reawakens three fearless warriors and summons YOU, the Almighty, from the heavens. Reincarnated in the body of a Hero, the future of the Patapon tribe rests on your shoulders. Together with your trusted warriors Ton, Chin and Kan, you are the last hope of the Patapon tribe.

Command the sacred drums, follow the rhythm of the earth, march into battle and banish the dark forces forever. Soon your PSP will sing the hypnotizing battle cry we’ve all grown to love: Pata-Pata-Pata-Pon!

The legend has returned!

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