DC Universe Online Update: Catwoman Purrs Into Action

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DC Universe Online

Greetings PlayStation.Blog,

The first DC Universe Online game update is here!

Get excited and sharpen your claws because you’ll be facing a super-powered Cat Fight with our favorite feline felon, Catwoman.


In this month’s update, you can look forward to new raids, items, races, collections and so much more! For an entire list of the patch notes outlining exactly what goodies you can expect, hit the forums.

Along with this update you’ll also see a large number of gameplay improvements, addressing many of the player requested bug fixes, not to mention the first of many User-Interface enhancements.



The patch is live as of… right now, so what are you waiting for!?

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  • is this the patch with the valentines day content? o_O

  • Lifetime sub?

    Stop treating PC better, for the life of a MMO it is a great deal, not gonna buy without it.

  • With this all updates the game done better and better!!!

  • Two comments in over an hour, shows how popular this is…

  • Perhaps it’s the blog’s popularity, or maybe the update which has brought borked voice chat and a couple of serious slowdown moments which required a PS3 reset. I’ve now cancelled the auto renewal on my sub and if things have’nt improved by the time it ends I won’t be renewing. There’s just too many things keeping the game from being smooth and enjoyable for me.

  • Glad to see the update hit, I hope it improves the severely laggy menu system.

  • woooooooot!!!! i’m just gutted i have to wait for the secondary background dl of 2.4gb to come down then i’m gonna hit this hard

  • Played it tonight. I’ve noticed some of the improvements and everything seems to look a bit more fresh.
    Now how about a lifetime sub for PS3?
    I know about the limit but surely it could be lifted. You could just make it £100 and I’m sure plenty of people would jump on the bandwagon ;)

  • Just went to purchase a subscription on the Playstation Store and the content folder for DC Universe Online has “no content available”. Will this be added back in today’s PS Store update?

  • this would be great if i could actually get into raid or duos or any kind of PVP.

    i would Trade this in instantly if i could, but i can’t.

    i’m stuck with this game forever now i can’t even give it to my friend cause its locked.

    i’m pretty much stuck with a useless game until it decomposes in like 3 million years.

  • My ps3 automatic used money from my wallet to buy a sub fee -.- I didn’t know this,i canseled it now =/ The game was very good but i was playing it alone that’s why it was boring to me after 1 week

  • Like many other gamers, I’d probably pick this up if it wasn’t for the recurring subscription fee. This is not how we want to play.

    Shame this game will fail because of the greedy fees. I’m a pretty “hardcore” gamer in that I play a broad spectrum of games. Heck, I own about 100 PS3 games on disc and have about 160 off the PSN. I’m a loyal/repeat customer. But I would never, EVER pay for a subscription-based game. I buy a game, I want to be able to play it when I like, and that may mean I have a month off ’cause life throws me better or different things to do. So subscription games are a MASSIVE turn-off.

    The company that come up with the first “amazing” non-subscription massively multiplayer online game will reap the rewards from a loyal fanbase and should be able to make their profits from significant add-ons and extras.

  • I bought a console initially because I loved the idea of getting games that were “as good as the arcades” WITHOUT the “pay per play” concept. Now times have changed and the arcades are a distant memory, yet companies don’t seem to realise that the vast majority of gamers would prefer to buy a game, own it and play it when they like.

    I hope this “subscription gaming” idea fails purely because it’s a terrible direction for gaming to go in. And somebody’s got to be shown that. Because I know from talking to my gamer friends that the ones that were going to buy this game didn’t once they found out about the subscription nonsense. And the lack of comments on this article kinda shows that people have turned their noses up at this game now. We already paid for the console, the games, and our internet service. That’s already a lot.

    Shame, it could have been a contender.

  • sounds pretty cool its taking forever to update tho

  • Bumblebee I find it amusing for you to say all that when you are a PS+ subscriber!

    I am 100% happy to pay for a subscription if I actually get MORE content and a better service. It’s the future man (well the present on PC) Live with it. PS3 gamers needed to weaned in at a smaller amount though to get them used to it, I reckon £4-5 p/m would have gone down better.

  • i cant play this game beacuse this game dont accept it key for my country account ı dont know whay it is . somebody help me pls.

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