Remote Racing Comes To Gran Turismo 5

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Remote Racing Comes To Gran Turismo 5

GT5 Release Announcement

I am delighted to confirm that a new functionality update has been made to Gran Turismo 5, which in addition to a number of other enhancements, means that Gran Turismo is now playable from a web browser!

The main features of the update are as below:

    1. Remote racing between friends to level up drivers

    You can now set the AI drivers you created for B Spec in Gran Turismo 5 to be shared online, and you can host fully automated B Spec races (Remote races) that will grant rewards and experience.

    You can either watch the live broadcast of the remote race, or save it to watch later. In B Spec mode the player is the director of a racing team, working to level up your very own AI Drivers.

    The races are driven by AI Drivers against each other, and the player does not have to drive the car themselves.

    This is a unique racing strategy simulation mode of Gran Turismo that allows you to enjoy races as you would in a live race broadcast on TV.

    2. Supporting Remote Racing from the web browser

    In “Remote Races” you can log in to the official “” website using a standard web browser, to start races, monitor its progress and check the results.

    This creates a new playing style that allows you to play “Gran Turismo Anywhere”.

    3. Tracks made in the Course Maker can now be used online

    You can now use tracks created in the “Course Maker”; Gran Turismo 5’s original course creation tool, in online head to head races (In the open lobby and my lounge).

    You can also automatically generate a new course right on the spot.

    4. Car rental system among friends

    You can now rent cars that are set to be shared online by your friends.

    This allows you to co-operate with your friends to advance in the game, loaning or borrowing cars you need amongst each other in addition to those you have acquired on your own.

    5. Multi-monitor display compatibility

    It is now possible to connect multiple PlayStation 3‘s and multiple monitors to create an ultra high resolution, wide angle playing view.

    By operating up to five PlayStation 3’s connected by LAN in parallel, it is possible to create a field of view that covers up to 180 degrees.

We hope that you enjoy these fantastic new features!

There’s sure to be more developments to Gran Turismo so keep checking back on PlayStation Blog and for more news.

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  • Any standard cars updated to premiums?

  • Paint chip system change is next.

    Collecting paint chips is tedious; let’s have them all made available for unlimited usage in GT Auto, please :)

  • Do I need to have my PS3 on at home to do this remote race thing? It’s not totally clear in this post o.O I’m guessing yes?

  • WOW @ the ability to link up PS3! Just calling my brother to let him know.

  • Wow! This is an even greater incentive to repair my phat PS3 at the weekend – terrible YLOD timing!

  • While the Remote B-Spec is somewhat limited in terms of events, it is nice to see that any web enabled device can run the remote event.

    As for the Multi-display. LOL. How many people have up to 5 monitors, 5 PS3s and up to 5 copies of GT5? Would have been nicer if a single PS3 could span the display over 3 monitors. This option is for the elite and loaded enthusiast.

    Still, a great patch with some neat hidden features.

  • @ SirTodge

    Multi-Display is not for 2 player gaming. It’s for single player surround vision. ;)

  • Great update with some good new features.

    But I’m still finding it completely backwards there is no proper setup for my G25 wheel.
    There are so many issues with it right now,that could be fixed with the option to configure deadzones,sensitivity,and a proper clutch input.

  • I dont think my bank manager will take me seriously if I go in asking for a loan to by 5 Bravia TVs and an extra 4 PS3 machines just to play one game.

  • To use this, your PS3 needs to be on, and sitting at the ‘Remote Race Standby’ screen – a new feature added in the new patch.

    Then you sign in to GT5 My Home, click the new button, and can take place in online races. It’s basically B-Spec from your PC, but run on your PS3. The browser only provides access.

  • Ahhh thanks Paranoimia! Well in that case I need to remember to turn it on before I go to work ^^ I will get something useful done at work for once :)

  • Why doesn’t PD hire a community manager? All this stuff should have been in the game as well as the myriad of other problems and bizarre antiquated design decisions fixed before release. Penrose, please contact Kaz and tell him to hire a community manager so the next GT game isn’t such a disappointment as GT5.

  • “All this stuff should have been in the game as well as the myriad of other problems and bizarre antiquated design decisions fixed before release.”

    A good chunk of it was shown before hand,so I agree it should of been in.

    “contact Kaz and tell him to hire a community manager”

    Tell him yourself,he’s very active on twitter,and takes ideas and stuff,he’s like his own community manager.!/Kaz_Yamauchi

  • Excellent update it is. But why does GT5 have a 20 Million credit limit for? It puts me off winning more games(ok i could spend some but i like my money/credit being that high) :D

  • Great features! Sounds sick hooking up more PS3’s and monitors. I bet amusement parks, warehouses etc. will use this kind of functionality.

    Will probably use that rental/borrowing. Really nifty!

    I’d like to see some more optimizations and enhancements around the game, like less “clicks” – streamlining of the menus! Also like to preview car painting, decal system and more premium cars.

  • Oh, and by the way – my girlfriend bought me this Logitech G27 steering wheel that I’d LOVE to see fully enabled. I feel so stupid that she bought it to me, and I’m not using it.

    Even built a playseat for it myself :-(

  • Where’s the North American support?

  • great update 1.06…but will you add more cars or make more cars PREMIUM?

  • best racing game ever, with ModNation Racers and WipEout HD :D

  • Tried the Remote mode, but it’s only for racing friends….. was hoping to be able to ghet my B spec points up whilst the girlfriend was watching TV

  • Good! I hop next update has all the cars premium

  • Nice Update.

    Feel free to add me, a driver will be always shared.



  • What an awesome update. Great support.

  • #17: You have a PlaySeat and a G27 and you don’t use it? The G27 works great with GT5. It’s just the buttons that you can’t configure yourself.

  • Love the new update, even though it is a bit annoying that my mates haven’t put their B-Spec racers up so i can race them. It would have been nice to have the remote race work with just your B-Spec racer and then 15 AI racers, but i wont complain once my mates sort themselves out lol

  • So.. some of us were asking for stage based rally races with delayed starts online, along with custom tracks – but hey, don’t worry, now we can link up 5 ps3s to five TVs instead. Brilliant.

    A great improvement to the game would be to make the throttle control have a few more steps the more throttle you would have. Along with a bit more intuitive force-adjustment for the brakes. But now I can watch my AI drivers play the game themselves online instead.

    Really, I’m just so happy Sony has any sort of clue about what they’re selling. It just makes me tingle in anticipation for what sort of game will be shredded next. Sorry, I mean, “improved and made more brilliant”.

  • Its a bit pants really. You can’t even see the race. Its simply click my driver, click on yours and the race starts. You have no control over the driver. You may as well toss a coin to see who wins

  • Now they just need to Update the tracks as the do in real life like Datona have an updated version you can download and keep the old tracks so the racing is as real as it can be.

  • #27 You can configure the buttons on the G27 yourself, use the profile for the Driving Force Pro. Obviously the buttons are in different places and not labeled the same, but it works.

    The same applies to those with a G25.

  • 5. Multi-monitor display compatibility

    It is now possible to connect multiple PlayStation 3‘s and multiple monitors to create an ultra high resolution, wide angle playing view.

    By operating up to five PlayStation 3′s connected by LAN in parallel, it is possible to create a field of view that covers up to 180 degrees.

    OMG, that’s just sick :O

  • has this patch fixed the “fully customizable” gear ratios?

  • A iOS and Android app for Gran Turismo Anywhere would be great!

  • “Good! I hop next update has all the cars premium”

    Lol,no chance.I’m guessing the photomode premiums may even have higher quality versions.All these should be done ready for GT on PS4,even then I cant see all the cars being done.

    Id say 500 or so ready for PS4,depending on how well the engine can scale up on the next hardware (something I’m sure the GT5 engine has been designed for) it should come around a little quicker this time,in the way GT1 took five years the n GT2 came out a year or so later.

    I do think PD should get ask for help from other Sony studios.Not so much on the cars as I think they’d be reluctant to farm them out,but for example,using Evo studios history in making WRC games,to do a load of rally tracks for the next gen version.
    Or even getting studio Liverpool to pump out some more F1 tracks based on their F1 history.

  • “This creates a new playing style that allows you to play “Gran Turismo Anywhere”.”

    Not quite, I’ve found (which you didn’t state in the OP) that if your friends B-Spec drivers aren’t shared this feature is pretty much useless :-( . I was hoping to jump straight in this morning untill I stumbled upon that hurdle.

  • @#34 yes it has as well as adding a power limiter to the engine catagory in the set up menu, i assume that this is so you can you any car in any restricted race as long as you have the right tyres.

  • coool no more waiting around 4 b spect :)
    wish i could get pics and decal on my cars :/

  • Thank you PD for this free update. It’s nice to see a game developer still looking to improve their product months after it’s release :) Adding new features is a nice touch.

    That said, there are two features the fans are crying out for still. The ability to save mid race in the endurance races. We don’t all have the time to sit around and play a 4,8,9 or 24hr race in one go. The PS3 is the “centre of my digital home”, so I use it every night to watch TV and Blu Ray’s. So I can’t even leave the race paused.

    The second thing fans of are after is better replay controls. This speaks for itself tbh.

    Other things like a livery editor, better track creator options and more tracks with weather night/day would also be really nice :)

  • OMERTA-VITA add me for REMOTE races i have 6 drivers available……

  • ADD acount for remote racing please! ADD ==> RISE-UP2 and ADD==> Metrios1

    i do it all the time i will enter whoever adds me

  • tried remote racing about 10 races, got home, no rewards, no exp! i also couldn’t watch the race live!

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