Alien Breed 3: Descent – What You Need To Know

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Alien Breed 3: Descent – What You Need To Know

Hi everyone! With Alien Breed 3: Descent launching on PlayStation Store on Tuesday, February 23rd, we’d like to introduce the game to you all with another handy list of things you may not know about the game:

  1. Alien Breed 3: Descent is the stunning final chapter of the Alien Breed saga, a trilogy of downloadable PS3 titles that reinvent the Alien Breed series, which has roots dating back to 1991. The game is an action-packed top-down science fiction shooter where you must conserve ammo, scavenge for gear and upgrade your arsenal to survive against a vast alien threat.
  2. After its successful introduction in Alien Breed 2: Assault, the challenging Survivor mode returns with an alien-slaughtering vengeance! You must resist endless waves of intense alien attacks in specifically designed arena environments, and because it can be played in single-player or in two-player co-op (online or local), you can get competitive and compete with your friends on the Survivor mode leader boards!
    1. There are some exhilarating new action-packed third-person set pieces in the game which really get your pulse racing .Battle through flooded levels, the all-new research labs, and take a spectacular space walk on the exterior of the ship as it plummets through the planet’s atmosphere. Come get some!
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    3. The Breed are meaner in this episode too, with new enemies to conquer: amongst them the ”Electro-shocker” alien and the mighty final boss — although, obviously, I can’t say too much about that. I don’t want to spoil the finale!
    4. Of course, with the odds and enemies stacked against you, you will need some more devastating firepower. Luckily you’ll be able to arm yourself with some awesome new weaponry: the “Project X” is a “BFG” that vaporizes everything it comes into contact with, while the awesome “Electro-Link” gun fires chain lightning to damage all nearby enemies. I have to say this weapon is my personal favourite, and incredibly satisfying to use.
    5. The single-player game sees the player take command of Chief Engineer Theodore Conrad once again, this time in his last stand against the savage alien horde. As the doomed Leopold and alien space craft plunge deeper into the planet’s atmosphere and with an icy ocean promising a watery grave, you have just hours to defy a grisly death and survive the alien onslaught for the final time. As you struggle deeper into the sinking alien ship, through the freezing waters flooding every corridor, the horrifying truth surrounding the existence of the Breed is finally uncovered…
    6. As well as the two-player Survivor mode, there is also a two-player Assault mode: a co-operative play mode (again online or local) in which players must work together to defeat the alien horde across specially designed maps for two players. This mode also concludes the thrilling separate narrative that crosses over with the single-player experience, and because both modes support voice-chat, for those playing online, it means you can work out your game plan and adapt your strategy as you go… something you’re going to need to do if you both want to survive!
    7. For those PSN Trophy hunters amongst you: there are 35 Trophies available within this game, including a Platinum!
    8. Alien Breed 3: Descent will be available at a great price of £7.19/€8.99 , which is an absolute steal in my opinion for the amount of adrenaline-fueled entertainment in the game.
    9. And don’t forget, if you survive the final descent and fancy a challenge of an altogether more cartoony kind, Team17 also develop the awesome Worms games (also available now on PlayStation Store) so why not check them out?

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    • Cool. I really enjoyed the first two though I’ve yet to finish the second one. Almost did but my PS3 died and I lost all my saves so gotta start over. Will buy this one too though.

    • I actually just purchased the first two games yesterday, so it seems I’ll have a full trilogy to play through soon :D

    • Now that the trilogy has completed you plan to bring more miggy classics remastered like body blows or superfrog? Also Why not include killing grounds as extra content on this game?

    • Will there be a bundle with all 3 games ?

    • I got first two but not playing much cause….waiting for the third :P

      Glad to see it’s finally coming!!

    • amiga classics would be great. Superfrog is a great choice, show sonic how its done. Maybe theres hope for amiga remakes, how else do you explain my Putty avatar?
      Wasnt Project X a Team17 game too? Nice touch.

      • Project X was one of ours yes and I’m sure we’d love to see Superfrog again at some point but we don’t have any immediate plans for these.

    • I can’t wait!

      I’m very much looking forward to completing the trilogy.

      Its been really good to get back into the AB universe once more, how many happy memories do I have from way back in the day playing AB and the ’92 special edition. Even loved it when the AGA version of AB 2 came out for what was at the time the best home computer IMO, the A1200!!!

      I second all the other posts about T17 remastering some of their classic Amiga games for PS3, my favourites would have to be the Body Blows series (Ultimate FTW!) and a much forgotten one, ATR, loved the ‘manga’ style buggies!!!!

      All in all, if we could get AB Tower Assault I’d be over the moon!

      Keep up the good work, and I’m sure all us old Amiga gamers will always support Team 17.


    • Always been a big T17 fan although not a Worms fan, since back in my hey day on the Amiga.
      I’ve got AB1 and 2 on PSN and will be picking up the 3rd at some point as I’m still enjoying the 1st so far!

      I hope they have sold well for you on PS3, as I know there was a timed exclusive type deal for the 360, however if you want a massive sales hit.. you should release all the Amiga classics on psn, in particular AB 1, 2, Tower Assault, Project X, Super Frog… surely they would more than pay for themselves?

    • I remember at one point emailing Team17 to find out if Superfrog would be released on the psp a few years ago so a PS3 version with trophies would be great hope it happens, also showing my age here but didn’t the Amiga demo have a Lucozade promotion just me then lol.

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