Official Statement Regarding PS3 Circumvention Devices And Pirated Software

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Official Statement Regarding PS3 Circumvention Devices And Pirated Software

Today, Sony Computer Entertainment released the following statement:

Important Access to the PlayStation Network and Access to Qriocity Services Notice

Unauthorized circumvention devices for the PlayStation 3 system have been recently released by hackers.

These devices permit the use of unauthorized or pirated software. Use of such devices or software violates the terms of the “System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation 3 System” and the “Terms of Services and User Agreement” for the PlayStation Network/Qriocity and its Community Code of Conduct provisions.

Violation of the System Software Licence Agreement for the PlayStation 3 System invalidates the consumer guarantee for that system. In addition, copying or playing pirated software is a violation of International Copyright Laws.

Consumers using circumvention devices or running unauthorized or pirated software will have access to the PlayStation Network and access to Qriocity services through PlayStation 3 System terminated permanently.

To avoid this, consumers must immediately cease use and remove all circumvention devices and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from their PlayStation 3 systems.

What this means to you

Circumvention devices and game piracy damage our industry and can potentially injure the online experience for you, our loyal PlayStation customers, via hacks and cheats.

Many PlayStation.Blog readers have asked how we intend to deal with these incidents that they have been reading about in the gaming press, and this is our initial response.

By identifying PlayStation 3 systems that breach our guidelines and terminating their ability to connect to PlayStation Network, we are protecting our business and preserving the honest gameplay experiences that you expect and deserve.

Rest assured, this message does not apply to the overwhelming majority of our users who enjoy the world of entertainment PlayStation 3 has to offer without breaching the guidelines detailed above, and we urge you to continue doing so without fear.

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  • Brick all hacked PS3s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Its good to see that you are taking this stance

    For me Modern Warfare 2 has been destroyed by online hackers and it angers me when i see it

  • Thanks a lot. I would prefer my online experience be free of hackers.

  • This wont stop the piracy, you guys need to take things a step further.

  • Well, I’m against piracy, so don’t worry. All I do on my PlayStation®3, is totally legal!

  • Did the guy in charge of cryptography ever get fired for his mammoth fail?

  • Block all hacked ps3’s and PSN ID’s of that users, PERMANENTLY!!!

  • Glad to see Sony are caring for us

  • Long time to get official statement from Sony.

    I just hope that the game industry goes to a subscription based system like how renting works for me currently – that’s the future in my eyes.

  • However, instead of suing the hackers – you should have asked them to join you.

  • Id say these guys are trembling in their boots after that Sony. There is no way back for the PS3 after Mr. Hotz’ Jailbreak and its as simple as that Im afraid.

  • BANG BANG BANG! Here comes the Banhammer.! Hope Hotz and co have to share a cell with a 6′ ex armed robber who likes to be called Sandra….

  • Glad to see the hammer starting to fall.

  • I hate to play devils advocate here but I said all along in the forums that cutting off OTHER OS was going to be a pandoras box of trouble.

    Hackers and Sony have made people like me, the normal end user lose out in at the end of the day. I’m not impressed with how all parties have conducted themselves.

    Yes security should be a concern, but not to the extent that your end user. It’s logic and dare I say common sense that if you have an open platform the desire to crack will be less.

  • SCEE you do know they also can clean the logfile that automaticly been send to you while playing games.

    there has been a few apps released recently like eraseme/psninja and also some log deleteing features built into gaia/multiman/rogero

    without logfiles you cant ban those people how you gonna fix that?

    i support sony always but there really needs to be done something

  • @ SmoggyPhil i agree a bit, but it dont matter what console, handheld, phone our whatever electronic device is released people will always try to hack it.

    even if sony would not remove the other os at the beginning it would be hacked also.

    it will never change.

  • If you’re really pissed about losing the Other OS feature it’s your own fault i guess.

    I’m pretty sure Sony has the right to remove whatever they want from their system at any time if it shows to be dangerous to the system’s security and to the consumers overall experience.

    And if you really wanted the Other OS software in your console you wouldn’t have downloaded the updated.

    You wouldn’t be able to go online either but hey at least you’d have your precious Other OS feature which you keep complaining about.

  • That’s fair enough though I’m annoyed this week cos my PS3 got the yellow light on Sunday and a Sony customer support woman told me I could retrieve the majority of my files off my 500GB drive by buying a USB enclosure and connecting it to my laptop and reading them off that. So I did that and found that’s not true at all. Why on earth does Sony have such a ridiculous ‘security’ system on the PS3 that renders the drive only accessible to the PS3 that formatted it in the first place unlike on my old PC where I simply was able to put the hard drive of that into into the replacement PC just fine. Lost me about 350GB of data. Annoying thing is I was saving up for an external 500GB drive to do a full back up of my PS3. I’ve had to now spend £130 (which was my money intended for that external drive plus a lot of my driving lesson fund money) on a replacement PS3 and I’m unable to get any of my files back at all. The loss of all my saves is bad enough but I had pics and videos on there made with the Eye camera that had huge sentimental value and are irreplacable. If that PS3 had just lasted a week or two more I’d have managed to buy that drive and back it all up.

    continued in next post…

  • So now I’ve lost all my data and lost a lot of money. I just don’t get that limitation of being unable to simply insert the old hard drive into another PS3. It just comes across as yet another ‘security’ feature that harms the law-abiding customer.

    At least my Uncharted 2 multiplayer settings and stats are stored online. I wish all game saves were. Especially hate those that are ‘copy prohibited’ which require a full back up of the entire PS3 system rather than just being able to shove them on your phone or something temporarily. I do hope that cloud service for Plus subscribers is true.

  • sorry if all that not really relavent to this topic though it feels a bit in someway and i just needed to get that out. been a frustrating week of bad luck.

  • This article puts me at ease over hacking worries. I don’t mind what people do with their PlayStation 3s so long as they stay off of the PlayStation Network. As soon as they start screwing around on PSN then it’s instantly ruined for everyone. It’s nice to see Sony taking this whole problem extremely seriously. It’s much appreciated.

  • Brick their consoles guys! Nobody will care, not even the hacker because they’ll just think “Oh, knew I shouldn’t have jailbroken it” and then they buy another console and won’t bother jailbreaking that one.

  • Good news. I’m glad that you’re doing everything in your power to stop this [DELETED].

  • Good start, Sony! Your fans are proud to be behind you in your actions taken to ensure your quality of service.

  • Good stuff, this is what we like to see.

  • Thanks for this post James :-)

  • We need a system like Steam on PS3. A account you register all games you buy and that wil require a authentication in some way.

  • An official statement, at last. Keep up the remarquable work.

  • Nice. Tear ’em a new one, Sony.

  • This attitude does not work. Keep your system as open as permitted, get these hackers who hacked you ON-BOARD and ask them to patch the holes for you.

    By pushing them away, you are just creating more of them.

    Because remember: Not all hackers are cheaters. Most of them just love to play around with this stuff and enjoy the puzzling aspect.

    So let them carry on doing what they love to do (and what they are very good at) but take their passion and work it in your favour.

    Google deploys this tactic and Chrome is the most secure browser ever and remains unhacked (because they got hackers to secure it).

  • Well Done Sony, Brick all the cheaters/modders PS3’s :D

    Thanks for looking after our gaming experience unlike ms and nintendo

  • Glad to see news like this.

  • Woow some seriously tough words on the blog today & Not game content i not in favour of Hacks i only got BT Home-hub as a router as i haven’t got a PC.

    What sony must do is give Geo-hot a BT -Home-hub as a lesson with out his PC so he can suffer his hack-less skills like the rest of us.

    but i can see the point to hacks suppose you want a OLD game that you cant buy in the shops or SCEE cant give you old games onto it‘s store suppose SCEE Cant deliver your FAB old games then what.

    hacking to get New games on the cheap (Free) is wrong but what the line to hack to get the old stuff. :|

  • *So wouldn’t it be Smart to do imports sooner then later then we can ALL get the old stuff legal like i Would gladly paid for items would You? :)

  • *BTW do we get a response on this subject how you Feel of what we said. lol ;)

  • All I can say is WELL DONE SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally some real action against these parasites! Its only a shame you can’t block access to the PS3’s of the people above who seem to ‘support’ the hackers by claiming this move as a ‘fail’

    We don’t need hackers and pirates spoiling it for the rest of us! I don’t go out to work to pay for my chosen hobbie for freeloaders to reap the rewards! I bet most of them are also cheating the system out of my tax money that pays their benefits too!

    Up yours hackers! Hope you like your offline console now!

  • Thanks James, for posting this. Been waiting for an official statement for some time now. To bad Sony is kind of losing the fight with the hackers.

  • and now the million dollar question what if ya ban the wrong ppl by mistake like microsoft once did.
    i’d feel Fup 2 lose my 66 platinum stat

  • I think, it’s time to brick all hacked PS3s and PSPs.

  • Can i still watch ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ tho? :D

  • Bring those hackers and cheaters down!

    If you can’t afford buying games for a console then you shouldn’t buy it. Damn greedy society that wants everything, but they’re not going to pay for it. And if you have to cheat to win over someone online then you shouldn’t play online. It’s as easy as that.

    I just hope no one get’s caught in the crossfire, like someone above me posted. That would’ve surely sucked.

  • Hopefully it will be easy to track down these users that are using this still! Glad to hear permanent bans will be getting put into place but are these done on a PSN login basis or what? They could just keep coming back with new names if that’s the case.

    It was their fault other os was taken away in the first place, blame the people trying to hack the system.

  • @ tetsuwwwww so becuase you dont have that other os you have it hacked

    you sound like a poor person who dont have money so you need to hack your console

    i dont even care about another os the reason you wanted that is becuase you could hack your ps3 from day one.

    you must have a awfull life without that os.

    mabey if sony changes the logfile problem, then they could ban people.

    without logfiles you cant ban anything.

    our they have to check to persons with clean logfiles but online gameplay time

    if they have played online, but there logfile says they have done nothing, you know enough am i right,?

  • I agree that hackers should be banned
    Where is the EU promissed Videostore
    where is the EU promissed Comicstore
    Where is the OtherOS as communicated as the machine that did everything.

    i cannot understand that the machine purchased and owned by me,
    sony is refusing to release the promissed functions.

    if a car manufacturer releases a car and tells the customer that he is only allowed to tank by Texaco of service his car by only their dealers else it would stop functioning,the EU and the whole world punishing the carmanufacturer, however since sony assumes they can go outside the DCMA (mobile phone is also a computer :)) they can get away with it.

    i still demand the comic store & videostore released in the WHOLE EU as promissed in 2009,same as Linux was promissed with the release..

  • About time sony banned all these ps3s. yes give them a MAC address ban so they never ever be able to log on to PSN.

    If you want to know where to start sony look at Psx scene forums. all of cheaters and hackers are on those forums

  • @ Vandaliser there are mac adress changers, and spoofers for this, this would stop a few kiddy jailbreakers, but not the biggest group.

    lets wait on sony what the have in mind, hope they get a good solution, time will tell.

  • First off, I own a PSP but not a PS3, so this doesn’t really affect me.

    While I quite agree with kicking hackers off, I disagree with ‘brick ’em’ comments – you’ve bought the product, and so you should be the only one to brick it (although if they did an update right then when people try to update to CFW it should brick so they should have to send it to SONY, and pay a fee to have the system reinstalled, all data transferred etc). I also agree that they should get But, quite frankly, I disagree with SONY’s stance on homebrew. A lot of good things have been done with homebrew. Imagine if SONY signed some of these guys! A team of ex-hackers as testers of firmware so that SONY knew what exploits were there. Can’t say fairer than that.

    Also, be very careful, SONY. As said above, you don’t want to ban legitimate users like Microsoft did.

  • I read this in Emperor Visari’s voice.

  • @19-21 Carnivius_Prime, I feel your pain. My PS3 went pop (no YLOD but suddenly started to overheat instant its turned on) and I had nearly full 320gb Hd (I have second PS3 but only 40gb model so didn’t have much on it). It was bad enough not being able to retrieve saves but living in rural area my broadband slow and capped so had to be patient re-downloading from PSN. The hard drive should be primary account locked rather than system. That would keep a decent level of security whilst enabling easy transfer between systems without the need to transfer. Sony would need to produce security measures to prevent duplicate hard drives though.
    Cloud saves are nice idea for multiplayer games but if network is down you wouldn’t be able to access single player progress to play offline

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