New PlayStation Plus Mid-Month Treats

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New PlayStation Plus Mid-Month Treats

Hi Guys, hope you are all enjoying the Killzone 3 demo and Stacking, which were both added to Plus on the 9th.

Here are just a few extra treats coming your way today; we hope you like them.

First, there will be some exclusive ModNation Racers avatars for you to download and keep. We got these after quite a few requests here on the blog.

If you love first person shooters and haven’t tried Blacklight: Tango Down yet, then this is your chance to give it a go with an exclusive 25% discount.

Blcklight Tango

Now we know how much you guys like to get your hands on new stuff before your friends, so you should like this next treat. We have managed to secure you an early demo of the new PS3 title, Yakuza 4.

Yakuza 4

Get your hands dirty in Kamurocho City a whole week before anyone else with the demo of this new SEGA title.

Speaking of SEGA, you will have seen that Sonic is coming up in March, but we wanted to let you know that we have managed to secure a few other SEGA classics for you. In the next few months, Plus members will be able to get their hands on these classics: Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2, Golden Axe Digital, Comix Zone and Altered Beast.

Sonic is coming to you guys a month before everyone else on PSN and all the other titles will be available two weeks before general release. And with all the titles having added Trophy support, you will have a good head-start.

Finally, if you hadn’t seen this yet, PlayStation Plus wanted to wish you all a happy Valentines Day and give you a little treat. It’s not chocolate I’m afraid…

Flying Hamster

On the Plus section of the store from the 14th we have given you a free minis title ‘Flying Hamster‘ just as a little thank you for being members. This title is yours to download and keep forever (it will not expire with your membership).

Hope you enjoy these extra treats and I will speak to you next month when we will announce the full list of content for March.

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  • cool nice free treats! will sonic 2 and the other sega classics be free?

  • Wauv… you guys are starting to do a stellar job with Plus. These extra surprises, really beef up the value of plus.

    Now let’s get some handy features like cloud save games (we all know it’s coming) and that infamous crossgame chat :D

  • Any news on Shatter? Not that I’ve still got great interest in playing it. Got other Playstation Plus goodies to play with!

    Twitter – @turbogeek421

  • I signed up for a year subscription and seems to be fine so far, Shatter and Stacking are fun and I hope it continues to get more awesome.

  • Good work guys you seem to have really pulled plus around in the last few months, keep up the good work.

    More new games like stacking is definitely the way to go,

    Also as a plus or normal feature i would like to request proper trophy leaderboards so we can see how we rank at a glance among all our friends and in our region, country and world wide :D

  • #3 From what I’ve heard, deleting and downloading shatter again, now fixes it.

  • #5 Agree some trophy leaderboards, but also automatic instant trophy syncing would be nice, but I guess that shouldn’t be a plus feature :)

  • so these sega games are they just ports or are they going to be full hd ports as i have a 50″ sony and the neogeo classics look a bit rough at that size and really looking forward to the trophy support and well done psplus is improving every month but please stop with the free minis never played them and dont think i ever will ust not fo me.

  • James Gallagher

    Hi everyone, The Other James and Ross are out at meetings all day so I’ll be keeping an eye on their posts and doing my best to answer any pertinent questions. First, I got an answer on Lead and Gold for NZ Plus users: the issue arose from the fact that the game wasn’t originally issued an OFLC rating and rectifying this has proven a difficult task. However, it is being worked on and the game will be made available. We can’t commit to a time at the moment.

  • Playstation Plus is finally getting better!
    Good work guys!!!!

    @turbogeek421: Shatter problem is solved after deleting and downloading it again.

  • also is it normal time for the update today??

  • Yes I agree with Yeroon!! slowly but surely it is improving.. :D

  • Altered Beast! Woohoo. Poor game really but I never finished it way back when. And Sonic should look awesome too. I bet Yakuza will look the bee’s knees too

  • Awesome stuff, thank you James :)

  • What Sonic game is it?

    The 90’s one or the new one?

  • streets of rage very cool – can’t say i have fond memories of altered “rise from your tomb” beast – would be nice if sega could convince codemasters to release wiz and liz – now that was a classic

    also flashback and although this was on the snes instead of sega md BUT because the latest version will be on the ps3- the earth defence force games wth while i’m wishing edf 2017 curious how the ps3 would handle the frame rate of insane

  • Plus is definitely improving. Keep up the good work.

    Last weeks dynamic theme (Art)… you said there were three versions, but there’s only one…??? How/when do we get versions 2 and 3?

  • modnation racers avatars, sonic 1 +2, streets of rage 2 and more.

    looks like ill be renewing ps+ when it runs out in may if this carrys on :D (should of got 12 months sub as i cant upgrade :( )

    Thanks James :P

  • Stop it, you’re spoiling me! When I signed up for Plus it sounded like a good deal but not THIS good. I must have gotten five times my money back already by now and you guys just keep it coming. :D I’ll definitely renew this forever if you keep the service going this strong.

  • You’re too good to us.

  • AwEsOmE!!!!!
    Thanks James

  • I’m loving the content at the moment, its really getting good but still no psOne game this month. Sony clearly doesn’t care about false advertising because we were promised at least one a month when we signed up. I fired off a complaint to customer support and got a reply back denying that anything has ever been promised for plus and then when I forwarded proof I was just fobbed off saying they still think its good value. To me this is irrelevant if we aren’t getting what was promised as some of us did so wanting the classic psone titles. This is very poor show from sony really. I really think you need to learn to live up to your own promises else how can customers trust you with their money

  • Nice one, Plus is turning out to be well worth the £40.
    Stacking was/is amazing, any idea if there will be any add-on packs for it as i’ve 100%’d it and want more.

  • Nice. Are the Sega classics any different from the versions on the Sega Mega Drive Collection that’s found in stores for £10 (easiest Platinum trophy I ever got)? I was disappointed that they didn’t have online play on that set. I want to play Streets of Rage 2 with friends who moved to the US like we used to on my real Mega Drive back in the day.

    • The games aren’t greatly different – you can’t really detract too much from the source – but they do all have individual trophy support.

  • i hope we get some good avatars today on the store.

  • Also, I loved Stacking. Ok I finished it 100% pretty quickly but the happy memories from that game will last forever :)

  • So, “exclusive” 25% off Blacklight Tango, erm aren’t the XBox guys getting 50% off that title this week? And an early demo to a sequel to a game that has limited western appeal and hardly shifted any units.

    I’m not seeing much return on my “12 month game rental service” for games that i’d already bought.

  • Upcoming Sega titles look brilliant.

    As an owner of the disc based ‘Sega Mega Drive Collection’ I’m wondering, are these new titles to be emulated versions, similar to what I already have on Blu-Ray but standalone, or will they be HD remakes?

  • Plus is getting better every week. I’ve been satisfied from the first week and its just getting better. Never been intrested in Cross game chat and never will. Cloud saves, if coming, is something I would appriciate.

    Stacking was a real treat and it was really good too! Also hoping for some DLC.

    Im afraid I will miss a few weeks updates next month because of a 3 week vacation in thailand. Hope you dont post any really good things in that time. ;)

    I like the minis you give us now and then. I don’t really play them all but save them up for a coming NGP day one purchase!

  • February is a very good month for PS+ users !!
    Stacking, lead & gold, and all this extra treats are great !

    I tried Shatter yesterday and now it’s working, finally ! Thanks.

  • Well it is much better then last years but it doesn’t make sense why release sonic-2 and street of rage-2 Before Sonic-1 & street of rage-1 with added trophys where‘s the logic.

    tell Mike.K thanks though it will be the ones from mega-drive version it be like gunstar heroes.

    @Jame.G any word of the upcoming 3.60 update or a other revise 3.56 to fixed HDD fault.

    Thanks :)

  • will there ever be full psp games? i think that would be cool

    • Plus is primarily a PS3 service but we’re listening to feedback and will consider that option if you think it will add value.

  • There is always one, isn’t there ZaphodUK? Glass half empty, yeah?

  • I’m going to be positive! Yes I am. Playstation Plus is really coming together. Stacking is brilliant! A real original treat! Love it.And these mid-month treats are great! Thanks guys, finally its money well spent! Non-Plus users may even want to sign up!? Keep it going……………. :-)

  • Stookie, the HDD issue is already fixed.

  • Weekly Plus offers are just amazing :D Thanks guys ;) Glad I’m a subscriber ;)

  • Great stuff, really impressed. The service is certainly getting better in the last few months.

  • Modnation Avatars – sweet!!

    February has been one of the strongest months yet for plus thanks to the high quality and quantity of the mid month treats.

  • AWESOME! :)
    Loving my PS+!

    I’d like to request the EYE OF JUDGEMENT DLC as a PS+ extra. :)

    Keep up the good work, Team!

  • Any news on a motorstorm demo!!

  • Not to some ppl it not the revise 3.56 made it worse i‘m not saying it true but ppl are complaing sony consumer service told them a fix is on it‘s way.

    the 3.60 when/if hits it will added cloud saves this silent treatment proves it coming.

    i ask a simple yes or no question are we getting a cloud saves and got a long winded response weeks back. :D

    Just tell us it‘s coming & be damed lol :)

  • And people say SCEE doesn’t care. I think you’ve proven through PS+ that if it’s something you can do about it, you will. It’s turned out to be an amazing service with all these extra treats with new stuff.

  • Looks really good, As I already have Sega Mega drive collection I may not need Sonic 2 Streets of rage 2 etc but If they are free and have trophies I may well pick them anyway.

  • do the sega games have individual trophy support?

    any chance of a day one discount for ghosbusters: sanctum of slime next month?

  • Blade Kitten & Lara Croft Guardian of light as free PSN title in the future? or a sale is fine, like half pric e, not like “Hey we give you a 10% discount” like last time with Lara Croft

  • Another great update for plus!!!! yes!!!! i love the minis, is great for my psp go!!! Thanks you sony i love you :):):)

  • Is there any update to the Socom 4 beta for Plus members? Thought this was happening soon?
    thanks for the goodies! keep up the good work!!


    • We’re not entirely sure when it is kicking off, but when it does, all Plus members will have access at no extra cost.

  • What is happening with the MAG DLC discount, will we ever get it? Since it was announced a few months ago and then pulled, why would I buy it at full price?

    Is there also any chance that Modnation Racers could be added to the service as a trial and unlock?

    • MAG DLC will be available in March, exact date TBC. ModNation is one of the many titles being considered for a Full Game Trial so keep your eyes peeled.

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