Digital Comics Store Update (16th February 2011)

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Hi everyone, here is your weekly comics update!

Digital Comics Store Update (16th February 2011)

New publisher alert! We are delighted to welcome digital publisher Zallag on board this week. Dedicated to the production of digital-only games & comics, Zallag brings us three fun independent comics this week. In the first one, Gods vs Humans: The Odyssey, humans from diverse civilisations set to build a gigantic tower to take their Gods’ place, with hilarious consequences. The second one, Racers’ Island, follows an eventful car race organised by a powerful media mogul, who will stop at nothing to gain complete control of the media… And last but not least, the hilarious Super OOrs World, a wonderful-looking pixel-art comic about a lazy, ferocious and seriously grumpy bear with superpowers – what’s not to love there! If you liked Happy Tree friends, you’ll like this one.

Next is the very topical comic True Grit, available here for FREE. This 24-page comic explores a subplot from the major motion picture by the Coen Brothers and introduces Rooster Cogburn, the tougher than tough bounty hunter played by Jeff Bridges in the film.

Locke & Keys: Keys to the Kingdom continues with issue #4, where our heroes find out that working with a dead man can have some terrifying consequences as they embark on their most perilous raid ever… For those who haven’t given it a try, Locke & Key is a truly great series mixing horror, a gripping thriller storyline by Joe Hill, and beautiful art by Gabriel Rodriguez.

Other highlights include #2 of DC Online Universe Legends, not to be confused with Legends of DC Universe #4 also out this week, more Ratchet & Clank, Green Lantern Corps, Y: The Last Man and many more:

  • Batman Beyond Vol.1 #6 DC Comics
  • The Boy Who Made Silence #3 Markosia
  • DC Online Universe Legends #2 DC Comics
  • Devil’s Wake #2 DC Comics
  • Domo #6 TOKYOPOP
  • The Dreaming #15 TOKYOPOP
  • Ex Machina #30 DC Comics
  • Fables #45-46 DC Comics
  • Gods vs Humans: The Odyssey Zallag
  • Green Lantern Corps Vol. 1 #9 DC Comics
  • Hack/Slash #1-4 Devil’s Due Digital
  • I Luv Halloween #14 TOKYOPOP
  • JLA #38 DC Comics
  • Lamorte Sisters #2 DC Comics
  • Legends of the Dark Crystal #8 TOKYOPOP
  • Legends of the DC Universe #4 DC Comics
  • Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom #4 IDW Publishing
  • Promethea #3 DC Comics
  • Racers’ Island #1 Zallag
  • Ratchet & Clank #6 DC Comics
  • Return to Labyrinth #4 TOKYOPOP
  • Sandman #22 DC Comics
  • Silent Hill: Past Life #3 IDW Publishing
  • Star Trek: The Manga #14 TOKYOPOP
  • Super OOrs World #1-2 Zallag
  • Superman/Batman #49 DC Comics
  • Supernatural: Rising Son #6 DC Comics
  • Tom Strong #3 DC Comics
  • Tranformers: Prime #3 IDW Publishing
  • Transformers: Sector 7 #5 IDW Publishing
  • True Grit Read Books
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #6-7 Marvel
  • Undertown #7 TOKYOPOP
  • Van Von Hunter #5 TOKYOPOP
  • Wonder Woman Vol. 3 #21 DC Comics
  • Y: The Last Man #28 DC Comics
  • Young Avengers (2005) #4-6 Marvel
  • Young Justice Vol.2 #1 DC Comics

Please visit for prices and to see the whole catalogue.
Enjoy and see you in the comments!

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12 Author Replies

  • why is Hack/Slash not mentioned? thers quite a few of them just apeared on there.

    glad its on there after all my requests its an amazing series

  • I’m really looking forward to reading Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom #4 :) The one shot style comics that Joe Hill has been doing in Keys to the Kingdom have been really good.

    I’ll be trying out True Grit, and the new comics from Zallag. I was just looking at the Zallag website a little earlier and I noticed they also do Minis for the PSP which is pretty cool.

    Surprised you didn’t have Hack/Slash in the weekly highlights Pauline. That’s another really great series, and a great comic for anyone who like horror films.

    All the new publishers today are thanks to Orb Entertainment aren’t they? Orb have been doing a great job with the publishers they have brought to the PSP :)

    • Indeed, great series.

      Zallag do do minis, and I hope you enjoy their comics – Super OOrs World in particular is very funny.

      Hack/Slash – I know, there was a lot to highlight this week but it will not be forgotten, we’ve had a lot of requests for it too so will make it visible to all! And yes, Orb are doing a great job with the content, very glad to have them on board. :-)

  • oops ment to say Hack/Slash 1 to 4 just apeared on the store with the update but its not mentioned here

  • Ah, my weekly Sandman/Y: The Last Man fix.

  • wow,Ratchet and Clank Comics???

    You can expect my money :)

    also,whats your take on DCUo Legends comics?worth the pound?

    and extra note,whats your favourite Batman Comic? :D

    • Cool – enjoy!
      Yes I think DCUO Legends is very good – the alternate world setting makes things interesting, and also it ties in nicely with the game.
      Favourite Batman: Year One. Nice and gritty. :-)

  • yay, comics ^_^

    can’t buy many this week, just bought a psn plus sub and that’s nearly cleaned me out, but i’ll be getting a psn card probably next week.

    anyway, true grit eh?
    have to say i never expected to see a comic based on that.
    never seen the john wayne version, but i’m planning on going to see the new one soon, it’s been getting great reviews, and jeff bridges is always watchable.

    just one downer though, i’m disappointed in dc, what are they thinking with the price of the dcu online comic?
    i’ve got the print version of the first issue and it bears their new “drawing the line at $2.99” logo, why do they think charging more for a digital edition is a good idea?

    but other than that, another great update.

    • Thanks! Hope you like the True Grit comic, plus it’s free so easy on your wallet under the circumstances. ;-) As for the film, anything with The Dude is watchable, definitely!
      I’m not sure about the DC price, I’ll try to get feedback.

  • I am always SO happy to see a new Locke & Key! \o/
    I do miss the weekly posts from the mainlanders though.
    When Poland? :D

  • Hi Pauline,

    Just wondering if you got confirmation yet that the Comics will transfer across the the NGP?

    I may also need to try the Hack/Slash that people are going on about.



    • Hi Ryan – no confirmation yet I’m afraid, sorry. :-(
      Hack/Slash is as good as it sounds, hope you like it if you try it.

  • So, Still asking, still hoping it gets here soon:

    The good old questions:
    Release in Scandinavia/rest of EU?
    Comics reader for PS3
    And Crossregion gifting?

  • Will we be getting the Assassin’s Creed comics by any chance?

  • Damn Sandman,it is too addictive,will we see any of the spin off tales and seems though there are 80 originals, can you ask the publisher to issue more than 1 a week.

  • The ignorant still asking the same questions even in light of the official notice that the comics store will not be appearing in other parts of the EU. How impolite indeed….

    Anyhoo, thanks for more Spidey. Keep em a-comin’!

  • @SpiderMike_X

    I did not want to show myself in this part of the blog anymore. But to call people that really want this service impolite is not nice.

  • I have not seen any statement of comics store coming or not coming to the rest of EU. I would like comics store and I hope they will introduce it with the NGP in the rest of EU then..

    Reading comics on the PS3/big screen seems akward but awesome on the NGP/PSP while traveling or commuting to work.

    But I guess or money is stained with decieses.. (even thou they are digital)

    • Hi twinlight2 – I included a statement regarding EU stores in the comics blog last week, I’m sorry to say that there will be no more stores for now. :-( NGP would be awesome, I’m really behind that, so I’m waiting for news on this side. No reflection on you or your money though!

  • Just wanna add my voice in saying its cool to see Hack/Slash on the store, and at the cheaper 79p price too! I’ve been wanting to give the comics a whirl for ages, so now is the perfect time.
    Just read ep1 and its not dissapointed. Also not quite what I was expecting, but in a good way.

    I guess its too late to get a response to any of my questions now, so I’ll wait till next week to jump in and say what I wanna know about NGP compatability details :D

  • Damn. Still no Maximum Carnage”… :-(

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