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That’s another week over, folks and what a week it has been right here on the blog. There has been a lot of Killzone 3 chatter what with the unveiling of the Trophies and Strategy Guide. Oh, and let’s not forget you guys clocking up a massive 62 million kills in the Beta. In a word: spectacular. Thankfully you only have to wait a little longer to get your hands on the full game. However, what I really want to know is how many of you have been pulling your best Resistance battle poses in the hope of landing a role in Resistance 3? Remember – the more props, the better! Here’s your recap:

PlayStation.Blog.Europe Weekly Content Recap

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  • Much good contenct this week for PS3, still a bit sad that some content is much more expenive in norway/scandinavia. I want to but Vegas 2, but it is like 26 Euroe here in norway. That is allmost the full price for the rest of europe, whom got it on sale for 19 euro. It is the same for the GTA bundle =(

    Fix? (we willl never get it, if I know PSN right, but I can wish =()

  • good content, But I can’t help but feel like you have not informed us a lot about portal 2. There were some big events for those who were wondering, a free PC vertion for ps3 users, and better servers. It would be an idea to put the first portal up, get people going?

  • Well overall no complaint’s,but only the ps3 games..
    € 30 Assassins Creed 2,Rainbow Six:Vegas € 20..
    Shouldn’t digital distrubution be cheaper then retail ?….
    I have AC2, i bought it 3 months ago.. 29.99,
    and i can get RSV2 for € 15 retail…. ???

    It’s not only the pricing,they take up a lot of HDD space aswell.
    And i am not even mentioning ME2,
    why are the prices so high, if i read the post above me then i am even more puzzeled.

  • ^ Because publishers set them at that price. Email Ubisoft and ask them why

  • It has come forth that it is in fact SCE that sets most of the prices! It is also 100% sonys fault that they do not have any kind of system to get publishers to set fair prices, no mather where, no mather the curreny in question!

  • BTW, would be fun to know what Tomb Raider: Underworld sold in the chrismas sale. For that price I bought it, have bought ANY other full retail games on PSN tho, cause the prices are just a crime again humanity.

  • PS: Vegas 2 is 15 Euro, full price on steam. I bought it for 4 at sale. SCEE realy need to get competative when it comes to priceing. Wouldn’t shock me to learn that steam earns more than PSN and XBLA cobined.

  • @Martingutten: “It has come forth that it is in fact SCE that sets most of the prices!” Okay, and when did you discover this information that only you are privy to? On another point, there is a system in place but it is a set of ‘guidelines’. Sony’s not a dictatorship, it’s a business.
    Although I don’t agree with setting high prices, I can appreciate that there are many ‘loyal customers’ who’d rip the publishers off anyway, via a little thing which breaks the conditions of use ie game-sharing. In a way, the publishers are just protecting themselves.

  • How is that ripping off ?
    it’s a funtion within PSN, publishers know this.
    Then why are ( Multiplat ) mappacks about the same fee ? (PSN-XBL)

    that,s no excuse,b/c it’s not us who made that possible..

  • This can’t be right. I read that Killzone 3 game is already cracked and downloadable at torrentsites.

    SONY! I am still waiting on a descent answer what you guys are going to do about these people that play games illegally and the consequences for the loyal, paying, customer.

  • That Geo-hotz literally made a song & dance of sony getting on his PC that he made a Rapping video.

    it‘s Monday st valentine’s Day=Slow news day only Nina‘s blog post will warm me heart. :D

  • here a st valentine’s day joke how many sony regions to change a lightbulb?

    2: SCEA & SCEJ Can while SCEE have to Q&A it passed localisation.

    Ha no-wonder SCEE is always in the dark when it comes to content. :D

  • i’m kinda wondering where is this ps1 game list we were supposse 2 hear about last week Ross said within 48 hours we would hear about it well it’s a lot longer than 48 hours right now

    @James Gallagher
    is sony actually aware off the problem with the new firmware that you can’t change your ps3 HDD cause it seems 2 corrupt the data

  • ^ that was fixed ages ago in a optional update, search for it.

  • @AaronSOLDIER

    there are report that it’s back with the new firmware so it need a re-fix again

  • Keep the ‘AAA’ games coming SONY! :P + I really couldn’t care less about the reviews of internet sites. They seem to be Micro$oft/Xbox lovers. It must be sad not having any Xbox 360 exclusives to play. . . :D

  • @gamniac; Being possible doesn’t mean it’s right. Just because it’s possible to play pirated games, does that make it okay? Of course not! What do think you game-sharing is? If you knew the T’s & C’s of the service, you’d know not to provide your account details to anyone which is the clause I referred to. The ability to use 5 systems is for each individual alone.

  • Καλή ενημέρωση

  • since scee is publisher of dead nation then tell me why the F it takes more then 2 months to add voice chat.

    it looks like everything that sony does our owning is slow our having a delay.

    we been told we would got a patch fast, more then 2 months isnt fast.

    hurry the … up and deliver what is promised!

  • Lol a lot of us already got the platinum for dead nation.. I will not be needing the voice chat any more..

    I do have a question for you James G..

    What would be the best course to take for use Dutch gamers interested in getting new services to our shores.. Do you think it would do any good to contact SCE Benelux myself through letters/emails/phone calls.

    Or would you consider all of this a waste of my time?

    Thanks in advance if you find the time to answer.. :)

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