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Steve Papoutsis here, Executive Producer for Dead Space 2. I’m happy to announce we will be doing a Game with Developers session on 2/12 starting at 7pm GMT on PlayStation 3. So far the reaction to multiplayer has been mixed: some people really love it and others have yet to discover how much fun it can be. The best thing I can tell folks is to play as a team and communicate. Dead Space 2‘s MP was designed around both co-operation and competition, you won’t have much fun if you run off like some Space Marine Bozo; you will get TORN UP. Work with your teammates, co-ordinate as you move towards your objectives and remember a team that plays together will generally win.

I’m excited about this weekend since the team and I will be getting a chance to play with people on the PlayStation 3, not only do I hope that we can help people understand the best strategies for success, but we will also have a few cool goodies for those people who are dedicated to playing MP.

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The team and I will be wearing 2 brand new Viral Suits during the session: White Tiger Stripe and Viral Blue. The idea here is that if people manage to kill the developers, they will unlock one or both of these suits. The best part is that after someone gets the suit it goes viral, so that anyone that kills a person wearing one of these new suits will also unlock it. So basically if people are having fun playing DS2 MP and they find someone in one of these suits and kill them, they get the suit too. Anyone who gets the suit will have a big bull’s-eye on their back.

In addition to this weekend many of the team and I hop online from time to time for game sessions, if you interested in keeping up to date on when we may be playing or if we have any other neat tricks up our sleeves please follow me on twitter @leveluptime, which is also my PSN ID.

If you want to keep fully up to date on all things related to Dead Space 2, please follow the game @deadspace.

One last thing: if you want to make sure you’re a part of the Game with Dev session please RSVP here:

Thanks a ton for supporting the Dead Space 2 team and Visceral and I look forward to playing and meeting you all this weekend.

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