Ryota Niitsuma Answers Our Questions On Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds

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Ryota Niitsuma Answers Our Questions On Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds


Eleven long years have passed since we lead the great heroes and villains from Marvel and Capcom into some of the most stunning fights which have ever been seen in a video game. Now, we`re just a week away from the spectacular comeback of the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise – on February 18th Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds will finally find its way to your PlayStation 3 systems. The game didn`t even have to hit the market to win its first prizes (E3 2010 Game Critics Awards in the category “Best Fighting Game”, Best Fighting Game award from IGN and more) and has already earned some impressive review scores.

But why did it take Capcom so long to revive this popular franchise? How did the integration of all these different and unique characters work? And what is it that makes Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds more than just an HD-Remake of MvC 2? We asked Capcom for some answers. In reaction we did not only get some insights from game producer Ryota Niitsuma himself, but also an all-new world-exclusive gameplay trailer.

Lean back and enjoy the show!

Several years have passed since Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and the game established a huge fanbase. Why did the series almost die and why is it coming back to life now?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to really say why MvC almost died, but since it was originally quite popular, and because there has been a recent surge in fighting game popularity, the renaissance came about rather organically.

I guess it was a lot easier for you to pick out the Capcom characters appearing in the game than it was the Marvel characters. How did your collaboration with Marvel work out?

Actually, since we wanted to preserve the sense of each of the respective worlds of the Capcom characters featured in this game, we had frequent discussions with the people in charge of each franchise, which turned out just as difficult. Marvel, on the other hand, was very respectful of our position—as we were of theirs—and were very helpful in discussing what characters would be popular and suitable for a video game.

How significant was Marvel’s input in developing behaviours for characters that are not specifically designed to appear in video games?

With the Marvel characters, we put a lot of work into replicating their movements, designs, and mannerisms from the comics. Marvel gave us lots of precise direction regarding the character design, but was willing to leave the actual game balancing to us at Capcom. Regarding characters not originally from fighting games, we simply tried our best to carefully preserve their essence from whatever their original source was and see how we could siphon that into an interesting fighting game character.

What makes MvC 3 an outstanding game and not just an HD MvC 2?

I suppose to put it simply, the evolved graphics. We’ve faithfully created all of the characters and stages from the ground up, not just reworked old content from MvC2. You could consider this the next stage in the series’ evolution after MvC2.

Do you plan any DLC?

As of now, we’ve confirmed the decision to release two downloadable characters, but nothing else has been decided. We are considering a number of possibilities, so please stay tuned.

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  • I’d rather it played more like the far better MvsC1 than the terrible MvcC2 though I’m more into proper Street Fighter anyways.

  • I am very hyped for this game, even though I am new to the series and not even that much into fighters. I would love to see some Monster Hunter DLC in the future though (subtle hint). A Rathalos to counter Sentinel in the big character area possibly?

  • This looks great.. I am a major fan of the characters used. But I am yet to be convinced to buy this one with Mortal Kombat coming out soon.

    And I still have street fighter @ home..

    What would your argument be to win me over!?

  • Hello Capcom i don’t want to rain on your parade but i will when are we getting the resident evil series, mega man legends 1/2?

    as for resident evil who is the publisher this time or is it just you lot as we don’t want to Wait for things again?

    thanks :)

  • opps i look at the Top it not capcom it‘s SCEE we wont get a answer just the normal response wait & see sorry can’t help :D

  • Heh, was I the only one who smiled at seeing this exchange in the interview:
    What makes MvC 3 an outstanding game and *not just an HD MvC 2*?
    I suppose to put it simply, the *evolved* graphics.

    Ok, you can put a little extra into ‘evolved’, but still he came very close to saying that MvC3 not just a HD MvC 2, because it is a HD MvC 2 :)

    • I did wonder that when I was proofreading this and I think perhaps the full meaning may have been lost in translation. I think what he meant is that the visuals have been ‘evolved’ rather than ‘ported’, meaning that they have been built from the ground up using the latest tech. Of course, there are also many more improvements to the overall game and I know I can’t wait for a copy… I’ve been bugging Capcom about it almost every day this week!

  • Please add Ken via DLC

  • I’m still crossing my fingers for Ken, Cody or Adon DLC but Deadpool is worth 20 a them.

  • Balancing? That’s not going to happen in this game; Ryu doesn’t lose! Ever!

    @Skookie30; So why don’t you get in touch with Capcom? I’m sure you won’t get the answer you want either. It’s easy to niggle at SCEE but that’s simply underhanded, especially since you appear very clear who makes the decision.

  • “Do you plan any DLC?”

    i laughed

  • @ James G

    I doubt it is the year of the beat ‘m up

    With Infamous 2, L.A. Noire, Killzone 2, Dirt 3, Mortal Kombat.. I think it is the year with a lot of diversity for all.. And if you look just @ the gaming aspect a good year for the hardcore gamer..

    I only wish the games would not be coming so quick after one another.. Now I will have to start making choices.. :D


    Never the less this game looks awesome.. But with all the games coming pffff this will be hard I can’t stand making choices. But I know I can’t have them all.. :D

    And I think I saw a rumor about Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat..

  • Yeah it was from GT TV i think, Ed Boon was being interviewed and said he had alot of respect for em (Capcom) and if they come calling they’d talk, but you got TekkenXSF/SFXTekken so it wouldn’t happen anytime soon. For us though im picking up MK as i dont like a team-based fighting game, atleast in MK there’s an option to play as a team or fight solo if you wish.

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