PlayStation Home: Fantasy Fun In February

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Head into PlayStation Home this week and assemble a ponder of wizards or a coven of witches in the Magic: The Gathering space. It’s a modern castle filled with iconic creatures and animations from Magic: The Gathering. Players can launch Duels of the Planeswalkers, explore an art gallery, view leader scoreboards, a movie screen and tackle six mini games that unlock avatar attire.



You can then continue your fantasy adventure when you get home to the new Dragon’s Lair apartment, complete with Dirk the Daring and Princess Daphne outfits, and some companions coming soon. We have some new items from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, including Silver Warrior and Claudia outfits.


February 14 is the day when men worldwide buy a dilapidated bunch of flowers from the petrol station on their way home from work, but the love will literally be in the air in the The SingStar Rooms. Heart particles will be fluttering around the space for Valentine’s Day and there’s a brand new selection of love-themed music videos to slow dance to.

Home Screenshot 2

With this week’s update to the Lockwood Gift Machine you’re sure to find the perfect gift, from gold and platinum engagement rings, and vintage perfume, to heart shaped cushions and the classic box of chocolates there is something for every pocket and taste, or if you feel Cupid stirring in your heart why not try the Cherub Wings with Bow and Arrow and spread a little love?

With romance also comes passion, for feint hearts ne’r won fair maid Lockwood are proud to announce our new Fool Throttle range for the dashing hero in all of us. And where would a frock coated hero be without a heroine? The Blackberry Jam and Sugar Plum halter neck corset dresses should inspire any red blooded swash buckler to acts of reckless heroism.


From nDreams we have Thing in a Box, which I’ll let them describe: “Thing in a Box is simply the coolest and most unusual companion ever seen in Home. What is it? We simply don’t know. But there is no doubt that someone or something is alive in that box, peeking out, following you around and pulling some truly unique moves.”

Completing this week’s update, which will go live at the usual time on Thursday morning, there are some Warhol and Smiley items, and some Judge Dredd posters in the Vstore; and four snow jackets, two dresses and three off the shoulder tops for the ladies from Billabong.

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5 Author Replies

  • SWEET update guys looking great

    Magic: The Gathering looks EPIC FTW


  • Thanks for the update James.

  • Have SCEE not found anyone to replace Thylaudax or are you taking the position? James.

    • Oh no, keeping this blog going is plenty of work for me – I’m just helping out with some writing. It’s not easy to find someone who’d do as good a job as Alex.

  • Magic The Gathering attire?

    Nerd overload >.<

  • i hope PS Home comes to NGP

  • Really?

    Where’s the picture frames or video playback update?

  • @6
    We can’t have because of laws and stuff

  • Looks like a decent one again this week. :)


  • No news for hollywood hils apartment in europe?

  • Nice Update.

    One i could so much better enjoy if it were not for the whole cursed for Z(9, -2) broblem i am having.

    One mentioned in here:

    Any news on this?

    • I’m sorry you’re having these problems. I’m not really Home expert but I have been asking around and have been referred to this forum thread, where it seems that some users may need to adjust their DNS settings:

      I’m not sure how helpful this is, but I’ll keep digging.

  • Yes, it’s about time Sony repair Home for Scandinavian users. It’s been down for THREE WEEKS now, and it stopped working after YOU updated it. FIX IT – or start compensating those who have PAID for Home stuff they can’t use.

    Hint: Scandinavia is NOT a small village, although you treat us that way… :( :( :(

  • I’d hate to disappoint you, but the Magic: The Gathering Space is not available in the Australian version of PlayStation Home!

    Seriously Sony, why even bother mentioning Australia if the content is completely irrelevant?

    All the time Sony provides news for Australia in various places (here, Facebook, etc…) that is completely irrelevant and at the end of the day, there is simply no reason for it. It’s not like Australia is a small market, in fact in the video game industry, Australia is actually one of the largest markets in the world!

    Here’s a fresh idea, start an Australian-specific blog… It’s really not that bloody hard!

    • That space is available in Australia and so is the rest of this week’s update. Just bear in mind that the update happens the morning after this blog post is published.

  • I’ll demand a refund of the purchase stuff in home if you guys don’t fix it soon.



  • @9,14 and 15
    Chances are, you are doing something wrong

  • @16
    There is a topic in the english forums’ Playstation Home Technical Help section in that topic Thylaudax already has confirmed there is broblems of data passing trough their partners that cover scandinavian areas.

    broblem is that there has not been anything from the officials since 26.01. as to whats the progress and/or why its taking so long.

    Of course this makes me, and brobably others ponder if they are doing ANYTHING AT ALL!! Those with this broblem are missing fun events that they would like to attend, like LBP2 Square and Killzone 2.

    All there is is this suggestion of swapping to Google Public DNS and im not doing so since Last i did swap DNS manually i couldnt get anything to work afterwards not to mention that using Google DNS for this might not even be legal.

  • Our update get a So-So from me, As for picture frames music/video streaming i have No faith with New HMC/HCL he/she who ever is picked wont do better then Alex.

    Alex left us unanswered questions he said last year it be 6 months to find out about picture frames time has lapse & still no answer so back to limbo we go.

    they were suppose to use new Mod tools to moderating pictures i ask for music video streaming if it a problem just our telly.

    this is pathetic excuse blaming legal tripe when LBP1 & 2 have custom music in your Pod & create mode only the music thu the Ps3 HDD can hear it you can also put pictures up on LBP anything at all.

    so i dont buy SCEE excuses i bet SCEA in time be the first ones to get music/video streaming before we do IF we DO. :|

  • @18
    And thats the problem with Home mate, 2 years in and still its a case of nothing unanswered or limitless excuses.

    This is why Home will be nothing more then a program with nothing more to do then buy virtual tat.

    Those that get excited each week with stuff to buy or a space such as this to be used a couple of time with not much to do is short sighted or seriously troubled.

    If Home had video streaming and picture frames it’ll be something i’d use but withhow it stands now its just a missed opputunity.

    Ages 3 and up

    • If you’re not into it, I don’t see why you need to come on and take a pop at the people who are, with all due respect.

  • If picture frames music/video streaming be like LBP1 & 2 & that is heavy moderation due to pegi-7 a App Home a Pegi 16 should be less moderation but what sony can do when it comes to features.

    like Music/video/pictures in a personal space is do what resident evil 5 does slap on a 18 rateing hell we can set up a Password so Noboby can get in.

    then my bought TV‘s radio wont be a useless paperweight. :|

  • oh come on gotta be jokeing “awaiting moderation” so much for easy going GROW UP.

  • Changing DNS “helps”. We can enter. But then it’s so slow that it’s useless. And I’ve read that if we change the DNS then other online games won’t work, so it’s really no fix, is it? Are we supposed to change DNS back and forth?

    I understand that Home is not your responsibility James, but please make sure that the Home tech staff understand that this is a real problem. A lot of ppl have paid for things they can’t use now… :(

    • They definitely do and I’ve been assured that a fix is already underway. I’m also hearing that deleting and re-downloading the Home client is a temporary workaround, but I am asking for that to be tested right now.

  • Great update, thanks james

  • Aw, still no Jill Valentine stuff? :( lol good stuff though! <3

  • @James Gallagher
    Re-installing was actually the first thing i tried when this broblem occured. I am sad to say but it did not work at all.

  • Did the dns change a couple of days ago, it all seemed to work.
    Logged in today and all my unlocked stuff (rewards) ARE GONE!

  • Interesting update, I’m not too big on Magic, but a good few friends of mine play it regularly. I’ll take a look.

    If it’s the furniture, check your Storage. Go to ‘Redecorate’ and on the list of types of furniture, go to the bottom and click the Storage one.

  • @FortyPercent
    No, if only it were that simple.
    It’s all gone, apartments, furniture, clothes, figurines, you name it!

  • Just had another look and all my stuff is now back, thanks to whoever fixed it!

    But if I change the dns back to my ISP, I still get the
    “Network Error Z(9, -2)” when starting PS Home,

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