Digital Comics Store Update (9th February 2011)

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Hello and happy Comics day! Here are some highlights for this week.

Digital Comics Store Update (9th February 2011)

Another great addition to our Video-Games comics range: Deus Ex, brought to us by DC Comics. Called by PC Gamer “The Best PC Game of All Time” and acclaimed by critics all round, the franchise comes to comics in advance of its highly anticipated new instalment. Adam Jensen is a cybernetically enhanced security operative for the powerful Sarif Industries, in a future where biological enhancements have become commonplace. When he unstitches a mystery that goes all the way back to his fully human SWAT origins in Detroit, a globe-spanning adventure of violence and betrayal awaits!

What to do if the Avengers team ever disbanded? Vision has the answer in the form of four teenage “super-powered fanboys”, who will go under the name of the New Avengers! The 2005 Marvel series starts with the Sidekick story arc, where the team makes its debut by defeating an evil being with a history, and by defying some well established heroes’ authority.

The post-apocalyptic Dungeons & Dragons setting gets its first ever comic! In the Dark Sun land of Athas, long stripped of its fertility by corrupting magic, there are no gods, water, or hope. Slavery and poverty are rife, and in the wastelands of majestic desolation and cities of cruel splendour, life hangs by a thread. In Part 1 of “Ianto’s Tomb,” a runaway gladiator and part-time slave hunter cross swords, forever entwining their fates on this savage desert planet…

Other highlights include more Archie comics, more Batman, Spider-Man, Transformers: Prime, Ratchet & Clank, new DC series Devil’s Wake, Tomorrow Stories, and more.

Here is the full list:

  • 2000AD Prog #1714 2000AD
  • Archie #581-584 Archie Comics
  • Batman Beyond Vol.1 #5 DC Comics
  • Bayou #12 DC Comics
  • Deus Ex DC Comics
  • Devil’s Wake #1 DC Comics
  • Domo #5 TOKYOPOP
  • The Dreaming #14 TOKYOPOP
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Sun #1 IDW Publishing
  • Ex Machina #29 DC Comics
  • Fables #44 DC Comics
  • Fringe: Tales from the Fringe #6 DC Comics
  • Green Lantern Corps Vol. 1 #8 DC Comics
  • I Luv Halloween #13 TOKYOPOP
  • JLA #37 DC Comics
  • Justice League: Generation Lost #19 DC Comics
  • Legends of the Dark Crystal #7 TOKYOPOP
  • Legends of the DC Universe #3 DC Comics
  • Ratchet & Clank #4-5 DC Comics
  • Return to Labyrinth #3 TOKYOPOP
  • Road #3 DC Comics
  • Sandman #21 DC Comics
  • Star Trek: Khan: Ruling in Hell IDW Publishing
  • Star Trek: The Manga #13 TOKYOPOP
  • Superman/Batman #48 DC Comics
  • Supernatural: Rising Son #5 DC Comics
  • Tomorrow Stories #1-2 DC Comics
  • Tranformers: Prime #2 IDW Publishing
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #4-5 Marvel
  • Undertown #6 TOKYOPOP
  • Van Von Hunter #4 TOKYOPOP
  • Wonder Woman Vol. 3 #20 DC Comics
  • Y: The Last Man #27 DC Comics
  • Young Avengers (2005) #1-3 Marvel

Please visit for prices and to see the whole catalogue.

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14 Author Replies

  • no more DCU online legends? it says its a weekly 13 week comic?

    any chance for an update to bundle the comics we already have? so we dont have to switch issues while reading same story arc?

    and when are we getting new thor? i want moooooooore.

    • Hello GahLakTus, I believe it’s actually a bi-weekly series, so issue #2 will be with us next week. More details here:
      For the bundles that would be great. but at the minute it’s not possible technically for us, sorry.
      As for mighty Thor, if you can wait until next month, we have some coming up. :-)

  • Bad bad bad bad. SCEE is bad bad bad bad. Hope SCEA takes your job away from you! ;D

  • I’ll be very interested in reading Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Sun! I’ve been enjoying the other DnD series that IDW have been doing so if it’s as good as that I’ll be very happy. On that subject, do you know when we will see the next issue of the other Dungeons & Dragons series Pauline?

    Also, are we going to get anymore Batman any time soon from DC that isn’t Batman Beyond?

    • Glad you like it, I do too.
      #3 will be out towards the end of the month.
      From the info I have now, we are continuing with Batman Beyond. I’ll update if I hear more!

  • I was looking at grabbing The Dreaming but do I have to select the buy button on all 14 episodes or will there be a bundle of them at some point?

    Thanks :)

    • Good point – bundles are up to the publishers, but I will mention this to Tokyopop. Hopefully we can do so, bundles are very convenient for that. :-)

  • Please remove the useless icon from the XMB.

  • This post makes me sad every week :( and even more that I see the icon on my XMB!!!!

  • Can I view these on my Japanese PSP yet?

    Thought not. :-(

  • One of very few positive comments coming up, Pauline. BRACE YOURSELF!!

    Many thanks to the team for more Spidey. Keep em a-comin’!

    One question. Any ideas about releasing motion comics onto the Comic Store? With automatic sliding panels, sound effects and voice-overs? Probably not but there’s quite a bit of motion content out there for Sony to get their hands on. Would be quite spiffing.

    • Thanks very much sir! :-) I’ll pass on the thanks!
      Motion comics have been discussed actually, but they’d fall into the Video store if they contain motion, not the Comic store unfortunately…
      I’ve seen the Marvel ones, they’re quite impressive!

  • PS3 Application in the works? long overdue….

  • Hello Pauline, I have one question you could possibly answer or maybe not, it’s worth a try. Question will Digital Comics be able once NGP – Next Generation Portable is released? It would Supa-Dupa! sweet, flicking the pages or scrolling with the touch-screen of the NGP. As for Martingutten, making sly-comments as “I hope SCEA take’s your job away” cruel & harsh keep them to yourself man. Pauline is only doing her role, making comments like that pfft. You have no excuse to do so. I hope you have a good-day :)

    • Hi BigBoss!
      NGP is a very good question – it would really be great as you say, imagine the autoflow with a touch screen! We’ve been focusing on the PSP so it hasn’t been decided yet (as far as I know), but I’m sure it will be soon. I’m keen to find out and to keep you guys updated, so more on this soon hopefully.
      Also, thank you very much for the kind words, I appreciate. :-)
      Have a good day too!

  • another positive comment here Pauline.
    you bring me comics, i could never say anything bad to you. :)
    deus ex sounds good, shame about the price, but that’s dc’s decision.

    i think i’ll give that D&D book a bash though.

    anyway, more of the usual high quality line up, and another free issue, always nice. :)

    • Aw thanks HazelAM. :-)
      Please do for D&D, the Dark Sun one is quite interesting too if you want a slightly darker setting.
      Enjoy! :-)

  • Hi Pauline,

    Just wanted to say the Bram Stoker bundle last week was superb. And cheap enough at £3.19 for an impulse buy. More like that please and I’ll be throwing money at the store.

    However, can you please clarify the NGP situation, they did say at the announcement that all PSN PSP stuff would work on it. I would be very very dissapointed if the comics were excluded.

    Unfortunately for me though I can’t get the Dark Sun comic this week. My weekly Dungeons and Dragons game has just started a new campaign in Dark Sun and I have been told I can’t read the comic due to spoilers. :-( One to look forward to though.



    • Hi Ryan, I’m really glad you enjoyed the Bram Stoker bundle. We’ll definitely do more like that. :-)
      I’m trying to clarify NGP at he moment, I would like to know and communicate that too, and I think it would be great! I’ll hopefully have more feedback soon.
      Definitely a good reason for Dark Sun – enjoy the campaign (must be a nice campaign to play, I’m a bit jealous) and keep it in mind for when you’re done with it. Have a good week!

  • You should really look in to that with ngp I can say it is great by using my Iphone.. Sadly I have to but we don’t have to go in to that again.

    Well I think it works great on the Iphone and with the possibilies the ngp posses the dev team should really look in to autoflow. ;)

  • The feeling I get from all this is SCEE are cowards. They are hiding behind the good people of this blog. The blog people are getting [Deleted] for something they don’t have any power over.

  • They promised last week we had lots of great stuff to look forward to during the year. Well, I will believe that when I see it… We have heard that before… :(

    Hint to Sony: The world is getting more and more global. If you can’t release something for everyone, don’t release it at all. You just upset ppl, and I tell you, ppl outside UK are getting really, really upset.

    I guess we could have understood the decision if you had said something like “Marvel and DC don’t want to expand the store”, but that wasn’t the case. Of course it’s down to money, but remember – we pay more! Also, if it’s down to money, I guess the store isn’t that big a success!?! Well, close it then!

  • @16

    hey, please speak for yourself not “people outside uk”. things you’re saying about it’s not globalization it’s just you being dog in the manger

  • @17: Well, from what I’ve read ppl outside the UK ARE getting upset. Really upset, even. Not everybody of course, but I didn’t say that, did I? I’m sorry if I upset you, though.

    Most of us, however, don’t like paying more and getting less. We have no Play TV. We won’t get the Comics Store. I very much doubt we’ll get the Video Store… well they are “working on expanding it” – but that’s exactly what they said about the Comics Store!

    Also, we can never enter the competitions due to “local laws”,but there’s no law forbidding Swedes to enter. So it’s discriminating us for being of another nationality, and THAT, I believe, is forbidden according to EU rules! Now, theres something to look at for their excellent legal department…

  • @17
    oh well that’s just life. you can’t expect it’s gonna be fair. besides SCEE isn’t charity organisation – they won’t expand any service unless they think it’d make profit in other areas. and that’s not discriminating – that’s economy.

  • @19: Oh, I was a bit unclear, perhaps… The discriminating part MAY be that they don’t allow us to participate in competitions claiming local laws say we can’t enter. Laws that don’t exist.

    And of course they want to make money. But they still have to follow European laws. When they released the slim version and lowered the price, they held this huge press conference/web event telling us what it would cost in different parts of the world (USA, Japan and Europe). The same price was mentioned in the press release. Of course, in Sweden and rest of Scandinavia, they didn’t lower the price at all. But a press release is the same as advertising, and they never said that the price could be higher, so yes, Sony (or their distributor in Scandinavia – or both) broke European laws when we had to pay more that the advertised price. That’s a fact.

  • Good update thanks

  • Thanks for the post

  • that D&D book was pretty cool, it had a bit of humour too which was good, some of these fantasy books can be a little stiff so it was nice that there were a few comedic moments.

  • The good old questions:
    Release in Scandinavia/rest of EU?
    Comics reader for PS3
    And Crossregion gifting?

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