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This time of year used to be pretty quiet in the games business, as publishers had released their top titles before Christmas and gamers were still working their way through them. Not any more. The next few months are going to be bonkers, quite frankly, with a lorryload of AAA, both first and third party.

It all bodes well for an incredible 2011, demonstrated by the games on show at the PlayStation Experience press event in London this week: DC Universe Online, Resistance 3, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, MotorStorm Apocalypse, Killzone 3, inFamous 2, Journey, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, SOCOM: Special Forces and Heroes on the Move. And let’s not forget two titles that weren’t there, The Last Guardian and Twisted Metal, and incredible third party games like L.A. Noire and Batman: Arkham City.

Plenty for me to write about and for you to play. Here’s your recap.

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  • Hi James,
    Any idea of what’s happening with Tarsier Studios’ The City of Metronome?

    • It is happening here too, but we didn’t manage to get the terms and conditions translated in time to announce on Friday. I’m chasing now to see if I can post the full details later today.

  • Loving LBP2 at the moment :P
    + KillZone 3 beta :P
    Shame most stupid internet sites are trying to make KillZone 3 look bad tho[i.e[full of idiots & run by idiots] & a few other sites] I wish they would all go to hell :-/ Anyway it will never stop me supporting SONY’s amazing PlayStation brand :P

  • Where are the PS+ themes? Getting silly now, not having anyone answering the plus blog after 10 minutes.

    • I just found out what is happening with this. These themes are created especially for Plus and, this month, they weren’t quite ready in time. One will be available on the 9th of Feb and you can grab the second on the 16th of Feb.

  • ^Heh, N4G is a good place to go to laugh at people, that’s about all it’s good for. Well, that and catching up on news, i guess…So long as you don’t go near the comments!

    Anyway yeah, enjoying Dead Space 2 still, and Killzone 3 Beta. Both brilliant. Though i hate the stupid Necros that hide in the shodows then jump out and rip your arms off. Arg!

  • I’m curious… Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was listed as the upcoming full game trial for PS+. Will the game be getting a trophy patch, or are Ubisoft just dumping it on PSN and calling it a day?

    I’m in the US, but I have the retail version and it would be nice to see it updated.

  • Yeah well, we’re still waiting for Playstation Home to work. I wonder if you guys ever are gonna fix what you broke?

  • No bloody answer again. Nice one Sony. Why do people paying for a “premium” service have to chases up so much.

  • Hi James, do you know when we’ll get the improved sleeker headset that the US have got? Thanks.

  • Calm down matthangzhou, it’s the weekend, i’m sure James would rather spend it doing other stuff.

  • I’m not sure if it has been mentioned on the blog but Sega are releasing Yakuza 4 Kuro (Black) and Shiro (White) Steelbook editions to Europe if anyone is interested in the Yakuza franchise :D

  • How come we don’t get all those avatars that the US gets like all the classic Street Fighters and the Rival School avatars? It seems that you underestimate the amount of money you would make for just allowing people access to download them.

  • NGP – Will fail eventually.
    Killzone 3 – Overhyped to the moon.
    LBP2 – Just wait til MediaMolecule turn it into another LBP-like DLC fest waiting to take all your money.
    Playstation Home – LOL No.
    Top Darts in 3D – Buy a dartboard and darts. Experience it in real life (or, to you tech geeks, “irl 3d”)
    PSPlus – Still a disappointment.
    PSStore – Still getting shafted of decent content because the initials for this region don’t spell out “U”, “S” and “A”.

    That was my Blog recap. You stay classy, EU aka UK, UAE, AUS, NZ and IE aka The Region Sony Ignores.

  • NGP – Will sell 60 million are have a whole lot of excellent games.
    Killzone 3 – Still a day 1 purchase and looking forward to it.
    LBP2 – Media Molecule need to made money on OPTIONAL content. Don’t blame MM for your lack of self control.
    Playstation Home – I vist home on a regular basis. Getting unlocks for Killzone 3 is fun.
    Top Darts in 3D – Cheaper than buying a real board and less likely to leave holes in the wall and stands out less.
    PSPlus – I am getting Stacking for free and a Killzone 3 single-player demo. Your argument is invalid.
    PSStore – Still getting the content even if the developers don’t submit it weeks after they submit it in the US or QA is taking longer to get it onto 27 different stores.

  • @10. It wasn’t when I started asking on the 2nd.

  • I’m still hoping for some answers regarding the firmware hacking and the consequences for the paying customers.

    And also for an answer about the upcoming firmware that has been rumored to have cloud save storage, with OPT-out functionality for the devs, which makes me even more curious…

  • I am joining Sp4reNL in his questions..

    @ James I would like to ask if there is a possibility that someone could come on the blog explaining why the comic store is canceled for the majority of the EU region?

    Since it is already canceled what would be the reason not to let us know why?

  • I’m with MrLopes about the comic store.

    Anyway, could it be possible to get the fine folks at xseed on the blog for some Ys, Legend of Heroes news.

  • Today the 2nd part of the Ross‘s how we struggle to get ps1 classics onto EU-store with your List of games that you requested.

    i tell you the reason they struggle because we sucks i read a commet about what we already knew sony rental servers to devs the more you download the more the devs have to cover the cost to tight fisted sony.

    that why atlus has pulled the catherine demo from jap-store ppl download to much. :|

  • keep a eye on the blog today we find out what Ross ps1 classics list is and if you have a jap account you could get catherine demo it a good thing i got it before it was Pulled :D

  • Where’s the dynamic themes for Plus this month? They are not in the store?

  • HA my flag bigger then yours spydude :D

  • lol yeah it is bigger

  • @ James I would like to ask if there is a possibility that someone could come on the blog explaining why the comic store is canceled for the majority of the EU region?

  • @ Skookie30

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Ross has tweeted that it won’t be today (though it might be for some interesting news)

  • I know how you feel about rumors James. But I really have to ask will future games that I import from say the US/JP be region locked.

    I’d rather know up front before I am importing MLB the show 11 only to find out the rumor is true..

    Help me out here please if you have an answer that is.

  • @hiddenaway thanks for telling me i can wait till tomorrow.

    what possibility is well worth it if i say we getting a universal/jap/scea imports do i will a prize. ;)

    that worth it Right :)

  • @MrLopes; It’s a real shame the comic store isn’t getting a wider release but I doubt you’ll receive a further explanation than what was posted. Since it’s to ‘maintain and improve’ current stores, it suggests current/expected resources will make it too difficult. At least that’s what I take from it.

  • that sucks if that the attitude given struggle to maintain the comic store to give way to not releasing the store to other countries.

    but we know “struggle” is SCEE Middle name & if they struggle with that we wont see universal store & no plans of Jap/scea imports though it coming so they say.

    btw i say scea imports as Arc the lad 1/2/3 are in english not in japanese. :/

  • @Project2insanity You might be right. I might seem like a pretty annoying guy on this blog I am not trying to be. The reason why I keep asking is because I keep hoping that the secrecy will be replaced with honesty.

    In other words just discuss with your fans what’s up.. by doing this creating sympathy for the situation SCEE is in.

    I mean what looks better under performing in someones eyes not telling them why.. or under performing and just be honest about why things are how they are.

    Since the post from Ross about the PSONE classics etc. My respect for him went sky high. But my believe in SCEE has hit rock bottom.

    I love my ps3 and other Sony products and just wished I was able to do all the things with it other regions can. But don’t worry I am not losing any sleep over it.. I just think it is a damn shame.. ;)

  • YO SCEE! There are a lot of problems with PS+ this month (I care about people not of my nation, unlike the Brits at SCEE). What about they do their job and get over to their own blog post and give us some answers? When you sell a product, be it digitally or not, and say what we are given from that product you are bound by LAW to uphold what you have said we should be given. I know this is EU law and I would hope (for the sake of all the Brits here) it is also the law of the British realm. BTW, not giving all other countries the same access to the content of the PSN store is again EU law of shared and open marked. You are NOT entitled to sell the same product in all countries, but you MUST by law give all other citizens of EU the possibility to access the British store and buy from there. Class action lawsuits are not good for companies.

  • @hidden Martingutten you right it‘s UK law you buy a dear console £289 for a 300GB is still dear then the 3.60 & it doesn’t do what it says on the tin or in this case the Box eg your PS3 is region free.

    what region free? i seen none don’t count blu ray games it must apply to All games from different stores M$ does it flawless ninty are just as bad. My 50/60htz hunger for games that NOT tie to 1 store. :|

  • *doh look what you made me do a typo 360 i mean not the update lol :\

  • @MrLopes; I didn’t think you were being annoying, it’s a fair question. It’s just extremely rare that any company will state anything that will put them in a bad light. Yes, we’d prefer the straightforward truth but many more would take it as a weakness instead which is their concern.
    I personally would say SCEE run a decent/good service overall. However, that may be because I’ve seen and experienced a heck of a lot worse elsewhere.

  • @Project2insanity

    No I was not aiming @ you but I ask a lot of questions about things that most of the time are not or can not be addressed.

    But yeah a lot of people will probably see this as a weakness. A lot of my friends tell me I worry to much but all I want is to be able to do the same with my console as any other.

    Guess I will just have to wait and see what the future brings.

    (fingers crossed and hopes that not all premium psn services will be canceled for the majority of the EU)

  • If all the services do get canceled well I live in a 14 story building so.. :D (this is obviously a joke) :)

  • I sometimes wanted to tell SCEE To take a Running jump. (obviously that was a joke) hehe :D

  • Hahahaha well @ the very least I am having fun on the blog.. with all these comments.. :P

  • Recently, I think the Blog has changed, quite significantly.

    I used to visit very frequently (three or four times a day) but now I only visit about once a week, which is sad.

    I think that this is mostly because of the Blog content. It may sound harsh but I’m trying to be honest here. A lot of the posts seem to be from third party developers promoting games I have no interest in. Some of these posts are also huge! It annoys me when one post takes up the majority of the page when I come here, why don’t they use the ‘read more’ link that Ross uses in the Store Updates?

  • It is also sad to see more than 200 unanswered commnents and questions in the Playstation Plus posts.

    Why is there content in the PlayStation Conversation section which is over two months old? “A collection of PlayStation news and links from around the web” – It’s not news! By definition.

    However, I do enjoy the Friday Debates and general PlayStation news, like the coverage of NGP.

    In the days that Jem Alexander and Mike Kebby were on the Blog I’d visit, comment and contribute to the community daily. Now I feel like an outsider.

    I do not mean to criticize, that is not my intention. I am merely trying to convey my feelings, and I apologize if I have been in any way disrespectful or ignorant.

    Thank you!

  • I’m still hoping for some answers regarding the firmware hacking and the consequences for the paying customers.

    And also for an answer about the upcoming firmware that has been rumored to have cloud save storage, with OPT-out functionality for the devs, which makes me even more curious…

    “They” are even talking about unlocking the last CPU, which means, not only will you be able to run/install homebrew apps also your ps3 will be faster.
    Comeone Sony! give is a reply…

  • Hi James,

    One more question is it possible to get Ed boon or someone from the Mortal Kombat team on here?

    It would be nice to interact with them on the blog since there game is launching this April.

  • @ James G do you know what happend to the Video Delivery Service Blog posts.. They seem to have vanished since the start of this year.. ;)

  • store is updated dl now

  • @ James G It seems like Apple is going to beat SCEE to it.. The moviestore apple provides will be available in the Netherlands this year.

    If this happens the market share will only keep getting smaller. Maybe you could pass this message on to the video delivery service team.. ;)

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