Australian Killzone 3 Event Comp

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Australian Killzone 3 Event Comp


To every Killzone fan in Australia…the time has come.

Do you think you have what it takes to be labelled the ultimate ISA soldier? Ex Australian Special Forces Soldier, The Commando is leading the recruit and is on the hunt for the most experienced gamers to compete against the best in their field, and take on the evil Helghast army and the world of Helghan in Killzone 3.

The exclusive ISA Recruitment Drive will take place from 19:00 on Tuesday 22 February 2011 at a central Sydney location. The event will feature Killzone 3 themed rooms, complete with stereoscopic 3D gaming setups, ( PS Move Sharp Shooter enabled!), game giveaways, plus a range of activities designed to simulate the ‘true’ Killzone experience. Oh yes, and there will be one Killzone 3 Helghast Edition pack for one lucky winner. Transport will be provided from Central station for all attending new recruits. This is a national competition so we will also be offering travel and accommodation to the selected interstate based winners. Be sure to read all of the terms and conditions. All that is required from you is the belief and confidence that you have what it takes to prove yourself amongst your gaming peers. Are your Killzone skills up to the test?

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For your chance to fast track the enlistment process and win entry to the Killzone 3 ISA Recruitment event in Sydney, tell us in 25 words or less why you are the ULTIMATE Killzone fan. Send your entry in via email with your PSN ID as the subject line to

Visual evidence is encouraged! While only optional, we invite you to provide supporting photos / videos that you are happy for us to share with the PlayStation Community via All entries will be judged on creativity and effort applied.

Be sure to read all of the terms and conditions.
Note: You must be over 18 to enter this competition.

Remember, to survive Killzone 3 you’ll have to know your enemy…GOOD LUCK.

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  • So unfair….. How come it’s exclusive to Australia….

    Sorry just kidding, usually everyone whinges about the UK stuff, so thought it was the UK’s turn to complain :-D

  • Same old England, always whinging :p

    I joke. You destroyed us in the Ashes, let us have this!

  • Good for you Australia, otherwise this blog is always about UK!
    I hope the country where the game was build will also get this.

  • Well.. I just realised how unimaginative my submission was T_T my only chance now is that there are only 49 other entrants in NSW lol

  • Pre-ordering KZ3 and also picking up a Sharpshooter, Move, PlayStation Eye, and Navigation controller for this game.

    Dare I get a 3D TV too? O.O’

  • bring your own wellie boots :)

  • Stink no NZ love….. :( hahah oh well… good luck everyone!

  • …Are you joking. 18+ only.
    I’m 18 in 6 months, I don’t want booze, I just want a chance to win this!

    Come on…I entered the same competition for KZ2 and ended up winning the tournament AT 15 YEARS OLD!

    Come on, Sony :(

  • Shame it’s only in Sydney, there are other cities in Australia, you know?.

    But what I really want to know from Sony is; did they just put a root kit onto my PS3 to track the games I’m playing and media I’m watching with their last firmware update, as is being reported on several websites now?

    There is already talk of lawsuits, if this is the case, as happened with the whole audio CD’s/DRM issue a few years ago.

  • Hope i get in, been dying to play this game really interested to see what GG have done with the 3D effects.
    I have been really disappointed by 3D so far, i was expecting the in your face effects movies offer, but its no where near it!
    Motorstorm 3D rift is probably the closest to that, but only a few effects like mud comes out of the TV, and its not in your face more like just oozing out of the TV does not go very far out.
    I had the idea of bullets flying towards your face, shrapnel from grenades explosions flying past you but so far i have not seen any of that.

    O, and blankedboy you may want to actually read the article.
    anyway, good luck everyone and see you on the battlefield!

  • Is there any entry fee? and when does the event end?

  • Yay i won lol. The ultimate killzone fan. I entered 10 min before comp ended but i had linkst get the accomodation but oh well. of evidence i was pretty good so i think that helped. I can take a friend too. Don’t everyone become by best buddy now lol.

    I live in sydney western suburbs so i don’t get the flights and accomodation.

    I really want to try the 3D as i understand stereoscopic well.

    I entered because i can’t afford to buy the game so i’ll have to take some helghast with me to get it.


  • Is the commando going to be there?

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