New PlayStation Plus Content For February & March 2011

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Exclusive Extras For PlayStation Plus Members

Hi Guys, Hopefully you have all recovered from the Christmas holidays and are having a great start to the year.

This post is just letting you know the content coming to Plus in February and March. Please bear in mind that we try to give as complete a list as possible but some content may be missing as we want to make sure we avoid disappointment.

Wherever possible we have taken the titles you requested and included them.

Here’s the list of content that is available to Plus members between February 2nd and March 2nd.

PSN: Magician Lord – 2nd free SNK title
Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Wild West
minis: Karimogi – New title & 2 weeks early for Plus
I Must Run
Full Game Trial: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Assassins Creed (from the 9th Feb)
Demo: Killzone 3 single player demo – Brand new and exclusively early to you guys for 1 week from the 9th Feb.
Exclusive Discounts: Crash Bandicoot – 50% off
Boom Beats (minis) – 20% off
Kung Fu Live – 20% off
Flight Control HD – 40% off
Samurai Showdown – 20% off
Flow (PSP) – 25% off
Worms: Battle Islands (PSP) – 50% off
Alpha Mission II (PSP) – 20% off
Art of Fighting (PSP) – 20% off
Metal Slug (PSP) – 20% off
The King of Fighters ’94 (PSP) – 20% off
Dead Nation – 20% off (Germany only)
PlayTV Live Chat – 25% off until 6 July 2011
Dynamic themes: Exclusive ‘Cloud’ Dynamic Theme
Exclusive ‘Symbol Art’ Dynamic Theme
Premium Avatars: echochrome Avatars

And here is some of what you can expect to see from the 2nd March – 6th April

PSN: Sonic The Hedgehog
Astro Tripper
minis: PixRev
Enigmo mini
*both brand new minis and 2 weeks exclusive for Plus*
Exclusive Discounts: Fat Princess PS3 – 50% off
Fat Princess PSP – 50% off
Stardrone PS3 – Day 1 discount (date TBC)
PlayTV Live Chat – 25% off – valid until 6th July 2011
Beta Trial: SOCOM Special Forces Beta – We will confirm all the details of this exciting Beta ASAP but keep an eye out for it in March!!
Dynamic themes: 2x exclusive dynamic themes (TBC)
Premium Avatars: Eye Pet Avatars

Apologies if March looks a little light at the minute; this will not be the case when the content launches on the 2nd. As before I didn’t want to include things that might change as I know how much you hate that ;-)

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20 Author Replies

  • Decent content for February, but no PS1 classic?

    • Apologies but we managed to get 2 PSN titles, 1 new and 1 heavily requested on here, and 3 minis which we though you’d love. hopefully this and the other content more than makes up for it ;-)

  • Why is Shatter on again?I am sure I downloaded the full game during January or is this something different?

    • No, its the same. some people had problems with the game that we are working hard to rectify. therefore we thought it only fair to leave the game on so everyone could enjoy it

  • What is happening with the MAG DLC discount, will we ever get it?

  • James, thanks but I am kinda loosing patience with you lot at Sony.
    When the hell is Play TV getting fixed? You do know that Sony are breaching trading laws now but not sorting this out. Thankfully I have had the update refunded and I am now getting the Play TV hardware refunded as its now broken thanks to the update. You really need to put out some sort of answers to the hundreds of people having issues with this. It is really poor customer service not to. Plus you dont want to end up having every person demanding refunds on hardware and software. Answers to this would be great. Either way I am getting a Freeview unit that works!!!
    Shatter, gonna get this osrted as well or are we stuck with the trial still?
    Please respond.

    • Hi, ‘us lot’at Sony are working hard to make sure that both the problems are fixed ASAP. Its unfortunate when these problems do occur but we have said that we are working on both problems and are doing everything to make sure its causes you the least amount of distress. As soon as there are definative solutions for them I will be on here with the details. Thanks

  • Isn’t crash bandicoot 2 coming now? Why not 50% off that instead?

  • Does this mean that the Expiry Date Trial Thing Bug has been fixed for Shatter? Please say it has. It’s not game destroying, but it is a mild annoyance…

    Both months look pretty great, I might add. :)

    • Glad you liek the look of the content, I havn’t been given a solution for the Shatter problem yet but am hopefuly it will be fixed ASAP, apologies for the annoyance

  • @ post 2 shatter is not working for the most of us

    great content sony’
    is it march already ? i wanna play socom

    is shatter working now or still a trail ??
    and are we getting exclusive early ps3 firmware cause the rumors are up

  • Shatter again? That was available last month!

  • February says a ‘cloud’ Dynamic Theme. Wonder if thats to do with Cloud Support of game saves that Plus members are meant to be receiving soon. Surely that means another firmware update is due soon

  • Sonic The Hedgehog = Sonic 4? :o

  • What happened to mushroom wars James? I was looking forward to it :(

  • Were we not supposed to get Mushroom Wars this month?

    • Sorry about that but we didn’t want to rist the same problem as Shatter so have moved this along the schedule and will hopefully still be able to include it once the problem is fixed

  • Sonic The Hedgehog – 46.12% on gamerankings
    Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West – 68.83%

    In other words, poor quality.

    • I think its all subjective isn’t it? Lead and Gold was highly requested on here so we listened and included it, and Sonic is an absolute classic!

  • PSPlus still isn’t looking very attractive in terms of content. The DC universe beta has been the most valuable thing it’s given me so far. I doubt I would’ve been able to see how much I liked it without the beta. But the game trials for 3 year old games (R6Vegas2? really?) is becoming a joke. No trials or digital version for LBP2, I doubt Killzone 3 will have one either. What’s the point of a trial for a game that’s been out for so long?
    The cloud save feature that’s meant to be coming is the only thing making Plus look kinda good.

    • Did you not see the post about Killzone 3 single player demo coming to Plus on the 9th?! you guys even get it a wekk before everyone else! And there was the LBP2 Beta expansion for Plus, exclusive Pro Evo demo, LBP Prehistoric Moves for free, mass effect 2 full trial, etc, etc. We are working hard to get you as much new content as possible

  • good afternoon James, it’s been a month since shatter was released and still its a full game trial for me and anyone who downloaded the game trial a few months back. Can you tell me if it has been fixed yet, if not, when will it be fixed, if it can’t be fixed then you haven’t given me what I signed up for, as it stands I haven’t received a psn game for the month of January.


    • Hi, i’m afraid this is still being worked on but I’m unable to give you a definate date for the fix, apologies for this.
      I’m sorry if you feel you have been let down but it was an unforseen problem that i’m sure we will be able to fix soon. Hopefully all the ‘Extra’ content you are getting mid month has heled soften the blow, there is much more of this to come. Cheers

  • Another 2 months of main content that I already own… when will Plus be worth getting for those of us who constantly buy stuff on the store when it’s released?

    Seems like very poor offerings and I still await something worthwhile to want to sign up to the service but for now it has little to offer.

    The games are pretty poor. Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Wild West is purely online and because it’s so bad no one plays it.

    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is available in stores for as little as £7. As is Assassin’s Creed.

    The PSN games were on special offer not that long ago, would be surprised if people didn’t have them by now.

  • Question regarding Sonic the Hedgehog as a free full game in March. Is it a port of the Mega Drive classic or is it the PS3 game released in 2007? Good content nonetheless in March because of Astro Tripper, finally.

    Keep up the good work. I’d be a fool not to renew my subscription when it expires!

    • Hi, Sonic is the free PSN game, not a full game trial, and its the 2007 PS3 game re-mastered with trophies. cheers

  • Looks very good. March can’t come quick enough with SOCOM beta. Also I have been sooo close to buying lead and gold when it’s been on sale, now I get it for free :D

    Also I would very much like to see Flowers either discount or free ;) in the future, is that possible?

  • Quite a good update for Feb. Does “Sonic The Hedgehog” in March mean “Sonic The Hedgehog 4 : Episode 1” or do we have an Episode 2 to look forward to?

    • Hi, its the 2007 PS3 version of Sonic but with trophy support. In terms of other sega classics then keep an eye out for a Sega post on here soon! ;-)

  • Is Stacking coming later this month? It’s listed as free content on the Official website for Feb.

  • A few questions:

    1) Why Shatter again ?
    2) Why no Psone titles for February (for January, it’s ok because of Magician Lord) ?
    3) Sonic The Hedgehog = Sonic 4 ?

    Thank you !

    • Hi,
      1) This is because we are still working on a fix for the issue some people are having and so we wanted to make sure it was still available to those people.
      2)As I said above, there is more to come in March but we couldn’t confirm in time for this post, sorry.
      3) Sonic is the 2007 PS3 version re-mastered with trophies

  • for god sake yes for the love of god as BenchyUK says when cloud base gamesaves thing feature we don’t want crap old discounts you said features soon.

    i loath hype & i loath crypitc clues like that cloud theme SCEE really Haveing a laugh.

    hope we get a plus feature later post A simple Yes or No do we get cloud base “online saving” :|

    • Hi, we aren’t being cryptic, as soon as I have all the information about any new features I will be on here shouting about it. We obviously can’t announce anything until we know all the details.
      keep an eye on the blog and i will let you know ASAP

  • When Mass Effect and Infamous are free for Plus members then it’s going to be a worth while subscription

  • I truthfully am not satisfied about the proposed game trials. Why giving us extremely old games to try out, instead of more recent ones ?

    • I’m afraid its a very complicated proces to get certain games for trial but we are working hard to get you the newest content across the catalogue, hence the killzone 3 demo exclusively early to you on the 9th Feb and the recent betas. We will continue to get you new content wherever possible. cheers

  • Last month they said we are getting 2x PSN instead of 1x PSN and 1x PSOne. Shatter is extended because of an issue that some members had to access it. Great to see two brand new minis for Plus.

  • It’s not Sonic 4, clearly.

  • why no psone classics? a bit unfair for psp users. When plus first came out it stated that one psone classic will be available each month, don’t you think by not providing this that you are in breach of contract?

    don’t get me wrong, i love the ps plus content, just want to build up my classics catalogue and i can’t do that whilst this is happening :-(

  • looking good for febuary the us is getting assain creed 2 on digital copy and game trial but hell i aint complaining more games to play

  • interesting to see Mushroom wars is no more, although that benefits me since I already have it.
    Glad to see astro tripper included next month though and I too hope the shatterissue is fixed, bit surprising to see no update on it in the main post

  • what a farce it states quite clearly on the site we would be getting Stacking and Magician Lord. Which is a Neo-Geo title. It like taking a ps3/PSN game and giving us an extra mini.
    These poor poor poor updates just seem to be getting worse.
    I’d like to know James if you were a customer would you purchase this poor service. Absolute Joke.

    All those who had supported PSN since day one and purchased games off the network to support Sony and looked to PLUS to reward us long time supporters, instead we just get a bunch of crap month after month.
    why? is it unreasonable to ask why?
    Is there any details or infomation you can provide on how i cant request a refund on PS PLUS aswell as cancelling cause i’m not waiting till August to be rid of this rubbish.

  • James the official site also says we get a PSN Wave dynamic theme?

  • James PLEASE READ!
    Thank you for a brilliant Plus month well worth the yearly sub,Thanks again

  • Shatter worked for me, i really enjoyed reminded me of a retro arcade game :)

  • Better for me this month, first time I haven’t owned any of the games on the list (excluding Shatter), not the stuff I would normally be interested in but will give them a try. Thanks.

  • When I signed for PS Plus I was told I get a PS1 classic every month, not some 20 year old NEOGEO title.

    Give us a PS1 classic please, like what we paid for.

  • James, can you look into getting Plus access to the new Sodium 2 beta in Home? That would be good.

  • next month looks amazing, sonic and socom beta! :D

  • @SpyDudeFX we always get 2 minis as a plus member that nothing new it was 1 psn game, 1 ps1 classic & 2 minis a a DLC.

    now Plus becomes move the goal post service & change things it‘s really Poor service.

    my Advice still stands if sony cant because they scared to give us a Import as a Free service why dont you put it as a paid service of Plus.

    the plus money goes to devs hell i would sign up a year for that but i love online saving 1st Please. :)

  • Just to let you know, shatter isn’t the only problem. If I wanted to purchase savage moon for example (having previously downloaded the trial from PS+, I will get the same problem as shatter- so you are losing sales. This clearly isn’t a shatter problem, but a problem with the whole PS+ trial system. Games that have trial + unlocks are not affected.

  • please just announce cloud gamesaving already we all know its coming for PS+…btw Sonic the Hedgehog = Sonic 4 ep1?……..ep2?

  • @Skookie30 yeah but I mean new as in never before released minis :D

    Yeah Plus needs more system features, the online saves is great but also need a larger friends list.

  • I hope Sonic the Hedgehog isn’t Sonic 4 or Sonic Adventure as I got both of those in the xmas sale but I am yet to play them lol :S

    Also, first we get told that DLC is no longer a guarantee every month and now instead of a PS1 classic we get a neo geo game. You’re making the rules up as you go along!

  • Yes sony Loves to HYPE things up and when things get HYPE up it becomes disappointing a failure Plus was HYPE up it become a joke a FAIL. :/

  • hopefully shatter is sorted out with the update also i thought we were getting mushroom wars as stated in the last update. last question Magician Lord – 2nd free SNK title what was the first SNK title???? Cheers, Jonno. p.s. i’m in agreement with #15 Lynch182 comments if a solution cannot be reached

  • For anyone wondering why Shatter is up again, it’s due to a problem people are currently having with the download. A lot of people are experiencing a bug where the PlayStation Plus Shatter download is showing up as a 60 minute trial and not the full game. This is something which has yet to be fixed but is being worked on. SCEE have said that they’ll keep Shatter up on the store for another month to make sure everyone gets a chance to pick the title up once its fixed. Shatter isn’t replacing anything you’d normally have this month so don’t worry if you’ve already downloaded it.

  • We already had an Assassin’s Creed full game trial, is this just a repeat of that, or is it actually Assassin’s Creed 2?

  • @45
    First free SNK title was Samurai Showdown.

  • I like others am not happy about missing a PS1 title and it being replaced by a neogeo game. Not the same mate. The last one was crap. I like being given a new ps1 game each month to play on the psp, why would I want an incredibly old game to play on my big TV?!

    Also I’m excited by the Sonic announcement but would like more information. Thanks.

  • No Word on the Shatter Issue again! Shame! Samurai Showdown Discount?
    MAKES NO SENSE! We have it for “free” already, why should i buy it?

    It´s the same like Shatter: First Trial then Discounted Buy.. and since last Month for free (not working). I would bite me in the … if buy it before.

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