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The day we announced the Next Generation Portable, or NGP, was quite an eventful one. You might have followed the live blog, read the message from SCEA CEO Jack Tretton [Ed: or Andy House, here on the EU blog], seen the topics trending on Twitter (6 out of 10 worldwide at one point!), or read the hands-on impressions.

At the very end of the day, I had a chance to catch up with Kazuo Hirai, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. While I knew I’d be unable to gather any more details than what was announced earlier in the day, I was curious about the broader aspects of the news: Why announce NGP now? Where does it fit into the PlayStation console life cycle philosophy? How did publishing partners like Epic Games and Activision get involved in the announcement? I hope you enjoy hearing these answers in detail directly from Mr. Hirai.

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  • Hey, it’s Jeff — on the EU blog!

    I’m most excited from the ability to earn Trophies on the NGP, especially if you can add them to your existing PSN profile.

  • I will reserve judgement properly as yet,but I’m very excited about this and if it meets my ideas so far I will be in day 1!

  • Nice interview, thanks man!

  • I want more hardware details, like CPU and GPU clock speed, RAM size etc… :)

  • With the dissapointment of the lack of support for PSP go, The 3rd Birthday and other Square Enix games without confirmation of PSN release, the confirmation of the comic store not launching in the rest of EU despite one year saying otherwise, and other things I’m dissatisfied with Sony, I’m not getting too excited for NGP, which by the way, I don’t think it will be released in Europe until 2012, which by then everybody will already have a Nintendo 3DS, which comes out next month.

  • You can build new units but cant provide software services to all countries in the region.

  • Riiiiiiiiiiiiidge Racer

  • @6: You are kidding, right? I can’t see anyone in their right minds buying a 3DS in Europe after Nintendo announced they’re charging about 30% more for it in Europe than in America.

    If you think you can do a better job of releasing products across the world, I invite you to try, and see how you manage.

    It annoys me when people always complain without even stopping to think of the huge, almost insurmountable complexities lying behind something like releasing a game across all territories in Europe. Just be grateful that they even try, it’d be easier for them not to bother with some of the small regions.

    Anyhoo, nice interview, if it were physically possible for me to be more excited about the NGP, I would. I want one yesterday.

  • What’s the price going to start at?

  • 6# Comic store is not owned by Sony. And who cares about psp go in psp2 you can buy games in shop.

  • i Wonder if Kez knows how the management of the different regions are screwing over their loyal fanbase.

    still no moviestore for the majority of the EU
    and as of today,in contrairity to all the PRO-MISSES, no longer a comic store for the majority of the EU..

    with Phils Harrison latest notes, “the EU is the biggest important region in the world” ,after he left.
    the spirit of SONY Left.

  • Mr Hirai comes across as a very cool guy, I’d like to have a beer with him.

    Audio on the vid is awful, the music is way to loud.

  • Sony seem really committed to the NGP (and PSP recently, a great lineup of games have been released in the past year and yet to come)

    I hope they have better connectivity to PS3, considering the graphical quality of NGP games won’t differ they have no excuse not to pursue it. And LOAD TIMES.

    I am looking forward to the NGP, I like Sony’s approach of not rehashing old games and re-re-releasing them time and time again. They are really distancing themselves from Nintendo and defining their own market.

    PS Suite sounds promising, and I think they may have the edge on Nintendo with that. Especially if you can play android/ios games the NGP

    Kaz Hirai don’t seem such ‘big mouth’ as that kuturugi guy.

  • “6# Comic store is not owned by Sony. And who cares about psp go in psp2 you can buy games in shop.”

    What do you mean Playstation Digital Comics is not owned by Sony? Who owns it then?

    And PSP2/NGP uses New Game Media, not UMD, so any game you buy in shops will not be available for NGP, so UMD-exclusive games won’t be compatible with any of the newer consoles.

    “@6: You are kidding, right? I can’t see anyone in their right minds buying a 3DS in Europe after Nintendo announced they’re charging about 30% more for it in Europe than in America.”

    [Deleted] you talking about, Nintendo hasn’t confirmed a price for Europe yet, but Spanish shops are selling them for 249.99€, and in US is at 249.99USD plus taxes, so it’s more or less the same money. And don’t tell me EUR is not equal to USD + taxes, Sony does the same with PS3 and PSP prices.

  • Kazuo Hira = GOD :D Cool video;) I WANT 1!

  • I am really excited about NGP. I just hope that Santa Monica and Ready at Dawn brings us another God of War game on it.

  • This is bring back the same emotions I had when the spec for the PS3 was announced. WANT NOW!

  • i think ken kutaragi could have done a better job than hirai cause he is the playstation God

    Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai has said the firm is currently in negotiations with various developers to bring digital versions of already released PSP games to the new NGP system

    and what the hell does hirai mean with that are they gonna be remakes or are they not compatible with NGP now cause if they need 2 be re-release 2 have NGP support it mean SCEE is doomed cause their pspGo support coulden’t be more horrible than it is right now

  • the NGP looks good, it looks sleek and thin, not chucky and thats a good thing. I can’t wait to start learning more about the features and functions it will support!

  • Is it going to use region free games.

  • Jeff, did you get a chance to get a go on the NGP or see it in action up close? If so tell us how is it, more for the Playstation gamer or can it be more social and easy to use?

    • I saw it in action up close, but was not able to play, sadly. Time on it was booked to the second!
      And yes, it really does look awesome.

  • @6: The NGP is actually very good news for PSP Go owners as they will already have a collection of digital versions of PSP games which will all be compatible with the NGP on day one. And with the NGP around the corner, I’m sure Sony will redouble their efforts to encourage the release of digital versions of the entire PSP library, which will of course be playable on the PSP Go.

  • i would like to see a re-release of heart of darkness, dino crysis 2, and midevil 2 that is all

  • Ahhh Kaz You welcome us in our blog now How about a universal store & when is cloud saves coming as it LINK to the NGP hideo kojima even hinted to it. :|

    Yo jeff professor PS what you doing on our blog maybe you can tell me when the 3.60 hits ;)

  • So, will this be sold outside of UK in europe? or is this going to be like Comicstore/Videostore?

  • I one just one thing at launch: Most of the PSP1’s line-up on the PS Store. Square-Enix games in particular.

  • @26 We will get the hardware but not the Services

  • The possibilities are endless, i have about a hundred psn games on my ps3 can i play them on the NGP would that be even possible.

  • Wow… It looks so sleak. With all the support they’re getting, this will be number one on my Xmas wishlist this year! I WANT ONE!

  • So, should we who do not live in Japan, USA and GB even bother to buy this? it will cost a LOT more in all other countries and I bet we will get just as bad treatment as we have with PS3 and PSP. Sony got so much to sort out before they gives us another halfbaked lie about what their systems can do. “It only does a few countries” that should be sonys tagline!

  • Does NGP stand for – Nintendo Got Pwoned? :P

  • Why are you people in the majority of the EU even complaining? You know the NGP is going to cost a ****ton of money. Be grateful you have a few more reasons not to buy into this awful mess. Remember the PSPGO? Remember the promises we were spoonfed? Remember the hype? Now, remember how horrendous it turned out to be? Remember how quickly it became a failed console?

    I’d rather reach into my pocket, buy a 3DS and know i’ll get what I want and what I pay for, than invest in a Sony console, get various promises broken and lies thrown at me, and then have the software slowly grow more and more obsolete as the console is put on the backburner.

  • wow this is awesome tis portable game software will go down in history for sure sony is not just producing the future its making history as well

  • Definitely not buying the NGP, to buy a PSPgo was a failure!
    Try to give everyone what they deserve, before bringing new products to us. There are in fact still other countries, not only the 5 major ones. :/

  • “Does NGP stand for – Nintendo Got Pwoned?”

    Lol,reminds me of E3 04 when Both DS and PsP were shown off.

    I do think that if you put both 3DS and PSP2 into the average consumers hands,(you know Nintendo will have thousands of kiosks)the wow factor and initial impression will come from the the 3D,you cant get away from that.And with Sony pushing 3D gaming as heavily as they are,they cant really criticise it in anyway,like they say “3D is the future”

    I have no doubt that Sony DO have 3D prototypes of this new system,maybe the battery life is so tiny it’s not worth it yet.So I’ll wait on the system.

    If I buy it,it’ll be because
    A) 3rd parties are not just porting PS3 versions over
    B) If they are,home versions come with the PSP2 version on disk,otherwise it’s home version every time.
    C) Support doesn’t die so quick this time
    D) First or second hardware revision.

  • cool interview but the audio levels are all over the place!

  • @33, why are you on this blog then?

    nice interveiw, definate buy with resistance in mind, alhtough uncharted was the clincher for me

  • I have to say that I’m really looking forward to the NGP, and I won’t be moaning if the initial price is £250 GBP either, the amount of technology and “future proofing” built into the NGP will be worth the money.

    Seeing as the NGP can run an Android OS, you guys (Sony) really should consider talking to companies like Adobe. Allowing third party games to run on the NGP (using something like Adobe AIR) would be a massive win for most people. I’m not talking about Flash in a browser, but the same kind of thing as the Apple and Android app stores.


  • Whether the console is a success mostly depends on the software.
    Sony need to get developers like Insomniac, Naughty Dog and Media Molecule committed to develop and push the hardware to the limits

  • Sure software will have a great deal in launching NGP succesfully..

    In my opinion and that is why I will not be buying the NGP.. Sony and in particular SCEE needs to start enrolling more EU countries with services.

    So we recently have been told no comic store.. well a digital comic is something I would like to take with me so in the most of the PAL region FAIL.

    The movie delivery service not yet released to most of the PAL region I would like to buy movies and be able to take them with me. FAIL.

    I will stick with my PS3..

  • @S-Cript

    Could it be Phill left cause he did not agree with a lot of SCEE plans!!

    Well might as well not speculate we will never know anyway.

  • off topic a bit but i now know why MAG vanished off the store for a week….. [Deleted] could put the price up from £19.99 to £24.99 thats just wrong and u are saying to us “ha ha screw u guys we want another £5 off [Deleted] and we know you’ll pay it Mwah” when its in game for £13.99 brand new. I was going to buy this on the PSN to support you guys in the great service you provide for free but You can now go up yourselves this is something that M$ would do shame on you.

    So why have you increased the price and why put it up for £20 in the first place please answer me as id like to know as im sure others would as well

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