inFAMOUS 2 Unveil At The PlayStation Experience

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Greetings from the SCEE PlayStation Experience in London!

We’re excited to be at the event, and for the first time, reveal how our duality/morality system will work in inFAMOUS 2.


Karma moments from inFAMOUS now represented by character driven dialogue and 3D mocap cutscenes. Your conscience comes into play with the introduction of Kuo and Nix, two NPC characters. Kuo is a NSA agent working to help Cole defeat the Beast. Nix is a New Marais native that grew up in the swamps around New Marias, whose hatred for Bertrand stems from witnessing him kill her family. She is your hedonistic guide that coaxes Cole into not thinking about the consequences of his actions.



There will be multiple crossroads where Cole will decide to follow Kuo’s lead or give into Nix’s temptations. Your choices will directly affect the gameplay by permanently remaining in the world. Whatever path you choose, remember in inFAMOUS 2 you can always change your mind for it’s never too late to look for redemption or to say “Hell with it” and become selfish.





Attendees of the show will get to go hand’s on with the Good or Evil version of the Save Kuo mission. Two allies. Two plans of attack. A choice to follow Zeke’s plan and get the help of the captured police by taking out the convoy guarded by the Militia. Then proceed to assault the Militia compound with the army of cops to free Kuo. Or, side with Nix and her destructive plan to ram a trolley filled with explosives through the front gate and fight alongside Nix to free Kuo. The choice is yours!

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  • Stoked for this one. It’s on my most wanted for 2011 list.

  • So, who is doing the soundtrack since Amon left?

  • Sooooooooo many excellent Ps3 exclusives coming this year, so little time to play them all :P

  • Looks beautiful , not sure about coles new voice though, seems nasaly

  • still not a fan of the voice acting :( they need to bring the old voice actor for cole back!

  • While the old voice of Cole was better, I think I can get used to the new one. However, I’m really excited about this game. I have no doubt that this and Uncharted 3 will be the top games this year for me.

  • Definitely looking forward to this game. :)

  • It’s looking very good. I loved the first game so I can’t wait to play this one and see what improvements Sucker Punch have made to it.

    One thing I would like though is the ability to play as the new version of Cole that was revealed when the game was announced. Personally I think that model looked a lot better than the inFAMOUS 1 version of Cole.

  • wow nice trailer, new character reveiled, possible split screen co-op will be awesome

  • It looks great the first one was really good and fun to play i plat an enjoy a lot…

    So she is our co op multiplayer partner?
    any more details you can give about the multiplayer co op?

  • This is awesome x awesome, its awesome squared.

    a must must MUST buy for me, the only problem I have (and I am sure you have heard this a billion times)is the new cole voice. What happened to the cole voice that reminded us that cole was just another guy, not one of these Gung-ho superheroes like superman.

    I am sure you have your reasons, and i am sure what you have added will completely justify that one present flaw, after all, its not as bad if you only think about the simalarities. I am definately gonna give up my cash for this one.

    Release date?

  • This is definitely one of my top 3 games for this year!!! Can’t wait… this does seem like a more engaging morality system than was included in the first game. Can’t wait to see how it plays out.

  • sounds good. but i also hope that it wont b as heavy as mass effect 2. in infamous 1 it was cool, maybe a bit simple. but it was fast, and that fits this game well.

  • Nix looks scantily clad. That’s a surprise. Any chance we can move past videogame stereotypes? I guess I shouldn’t judge until I’ve played the game.

    Anyway, looking forward to this. Infamous was really something special by the end of it. Good luck with this!!

  • Give in to Nix’s temptations eh?

    Tell me more about this explosive shopping trolley swamp girl.

  • I wish you wouldn’t refer to the choices as good or evil. Blowing up the bad guys isn’t necessarily a bad choice, it merely shows carelessness in light of the surrounding police officers and civilians.
    That small gripe aside, the game looks great and I can’t wait to play it. I personally prefer the new voice, it sounds similar enough to be the same guy, but it sounds like he’s had a cup of lemsip and cleared the gravel from his throat.

  • Can’t i do both, blow up the bad guys and then rush in with a army of cops.

    Being a bad guy or evil doesn’t mean laughing maniacally and doing the violent thing just because your evil, you do a nice or bad thing to get something for yourself with the outcome being more important than the method.

    Freeing captured cops = good, you’re risking yourself(probably) for them.

    Getting cops to fight with you = bad, you’re risking them to help you.

  • Agree on the voice acting. Was better in inFamous 1.

    For the rest it looks like inFamous 2 will also be really great :-).

    Where did people pick up this game is getting multiplayer?
    The link clearly states it has no network play ( ).

    And if you guys decide to add multiplayer please don’t let it impact the single player in any way.

  • Uncharted 2 is the best thing to happen in gaming, it makes even SUPERB developers envious and therefore we see them up their game 10-fold. This looks AMAZING!

  • can’t see video in PS3 browser… time for a new browser! webkit maybe?

  • Voice actor is great, comic book style cut scene’s amazing. great job people.

  • @Saber_IV / #19
    Uncharted2? Don’t you mean inFamous2? ;-)

    @djreplay / #21
    Never played the first inFamous? TBH the voice acting in that part was way better.

  • “Whatever path you choose, remember in inFAMOUS 2 you can always change your mind for it’s never too late to look for redemption or to say “Hell with it” and become selfish. ”

    So is there going to be a point to this now? In the first inFamous if you made one good/evil choice you were actually doing yourself harm by then doing any other choices than the one you just did. With consistency in choices came greater powers and rewards, which meant there was never any benefit in choosing the opposite choice to what you have previously picked.

    I loved inFamous, but the karma system was stupid and broken.

  • Still using those lame comic cutscenes I see. Is it a budget thing? Because from a quality perspective they suck majorly.

  • the first one was awesome, and this one look amazing.
    But the new cole’s voice, and i really don’t like kuo and Nix design. they’re kind a cliché.

  • @KylieDog: O_o They are awesome!

  • @24 I disagree entirely. I loved the look of the comic scenes in the first game.

    Very much looking forward to this game. It’s after Uncharted 3 on my very short list of must have games this year.

  • voice actor sounds great. Comic book scenes even look better.

    I hope we get new awesome powers and good AI.

    Can’t wait.

    Oh and please we need an ‘End of the road’ Remix for infamous 2. C’mon james dooley!

  • oh and more thing sucker punch. please keep it as a fast paced gameplay!

  • “The choice is yours!”

    *clap clap*

  • I can’t wait for this game to come the first one was so cool but I have a feeling the second one is going to be even better than the last one.Keep it up sucker punch.

  • says releasing June 1st 2011

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