Introducing NGP – The Next Generation Of Portable Gaming

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For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Andy House and I am President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. I’ve not participated on the blog before, but with the announcements that were made a few hours ago in Japan, I thought that this would be an ideal time for me to write my maiden post.

In case you haven’t heard, earlier today in Tokyo, Kazuo Hirai, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, introduced PlayStation’s portable gaming strategy, which included our much anticipated next generation portable entertainment system (codename: NGP), and details on our first foray into providing PlayStation content on Android based portable devices, via PlayStation Suite (PS Suite).

I’d like to start by introducing you to NGP. It is an innovative and powerful next generation portable entertainment system, built to deliver the ultimate gaming experience on the move.

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At the heart of NGP is cutting-edge technology that will deliver the best performance and graphics, multiple control inputs for new ways to play and complete integration with PlayStation Network for a truly next generation portable gaming experience.

NGP introduces new ways to play and interact with PlayStation games, giving gamers and developers the biggest range of control inputs, offering the best gameplay experiences for all types of games. It features the much requested familiar two analogue sticks, as well as motion sensors, a front touch display, plus a unique multi-touch pad on the rear for a truly innovative gameplay experience. Coupled with a stunning 5″ OLED screen, NGP offers gamers the opportunity to experience quality handheld gaming that’s way beyond anything experienced in the portable market.


NGP will also be supported by an incredible software line-up with all titles being developed to maximise the capabilities of the system and provide the richest portable gaming experiences. I’m particularly excited to see that the best PlayStation exclusive franchises will be coming to NGP, including Uncharted, as well as fantastic new IPs that will provide ingenious uses of the NGP functions. And let’s not forget the incredible titles being provided by our 3rd party developers and publishers.

We have learnt a great deal from our previous experiences and as such will be distributing games both at retail and via the PlayStation Network. We want to give consumers the choice as to how they access the great content available on NGP.

photo4 photo3

For the first time on a PlayStation platform, we will be offering a choice of connectivity options – including 3G network support, providing a completely connected experience, fully integrated with PlayStation Network, allowing you to enjoy true social gaming, entertainment on demand and anytime, anywhere* communication with your PSN Friends.

I am extremely excited about the potential of this innovative and powerful next generation portable entertainment system, which has been built to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.

NGP is the first step in our portable strategy as we start to offer PlayStation experiences to a wider audience than ever before. As well as offering the ultimate portable gaming experience, via NGP, we will also be introducing a new way to deliver PlayStation games, via PlayStation Suite.

Casual gaming on multi-purpose mobile devices is a growing market that we simply cannot neglect. With that in mind, PS Suite is a new initiative to offer PlayStation quality games on Android based portable devices, be it mobile phones, smartphones or tablet PCs. By offering a fantastic selection of legacy PlayStation games (PS one classics), alongside content made specifically for PS Suite, we believe that we will be offering the PlayStation experience to a wider base of users.

Via a program, called PlayStation Certified license program, we will work with hardware manufacturers to provide devices that optimize the gaming experience. We want to give consumers the freedom to choose between various devices when they wish to enjoy a certain piece of PlayStation content.

We also realise that PlayStation content should be provided through a secure and unique means, that is both reliable and user friendly. Therefore we also plan to open PlayStation Store to download content on the Android based portable devices. This is a significant move for us and one that we firmly believe will make PlayStation content more accessible than ever before.

So as you can see, today’s announcements we have set out our Portable Strategy for a significant length of time. We see huge potential in this market and with our experience and knowhow, believe that we can not only improve on the portable experiences previously offered by PlayStation, but make it more accessible to a wider audience.

If you want to see more about today’s announcements, visit

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  • That will be mine.

    • Hello everyone. Andy House is currently holding interviews and will then be boarding a plane in Tokyo, so won’t be able to answer any of your questions. However, I am the European NGP Product Manager and here to answer some of your questions on his behalf.

  • WOW, fantastic, I really hope I understand right that I can play ps3 games on this on the go, and you can earn trophies on the go!, hope you make the trophies “shared” with the ps3 ones, and I’m sold!…Any price suggestions?, Hope it’s not getting more expencive than the ps3 itself, if not I think it will be a HUGE success!

  • Woke up at 6 and was reading IGN’s live blog. Made it sound amazing. Can not wait to see some videos of this.

  • This is so Amazing, when will you have more details on the NGP?

  • Two analogue last !

  • This is exactly what I want as a core gamer. Can we get party chat on it (first!) (joke).

    Day 1 purchase for me.

  • gimmie now i must have this precious

  • I’d love to see Warhawk on this :)

  • Ok so now just give us release date and price. Second analog stick is something essential for shooter games so finally I can look forward to play those!!

    • Glad you are looking forward to playing with 2 analog sticks! The release date is planned for the end of 2011 and we will announce further details on price when ready.

  • NGP……. Neo Geo Pocket.

  • People seem to go NGP = Neo Geo Pocket

  • Day 1. I need it now. Give it to me.

  • This is very very nice, a must own Sony product et again

  • This looks amazing.

  • “People seem to go NGP = Neo Geo Pocket”

    The same people who think GoW means Gears of War long after Kratos reared his head.

    People can adapt. People with a reasonable understanding of how the English language can be changed and acronyms adopted for different devices, that is…..

  • Mr House if your reading this, Please for the love of god give PS3 cross game chat.

    On topic.

    2 quick questions i hope someone can answer, will the new PSP2 have phone capabilitys and will the trophy system be tied into my current PSN profile and trophy rank. Also will esisting purchases of PSN games work on the new device.

    • Hi Dante_Zero. Mr House is not available at the moment, so hopefully I can help.

      NGP can not be used as a phone. For your question on existing PSN purchases, NGP will be able to play digital versions of PSP titles, minis, PS one classics from the PlayStation Store, as well as all games newly released via PlayStation Suite

  • also can you please make sure Playstation suite is actually compatible with Android Sony devices first before looking at other manufactures handsets. still gutted cant use the psn app on my xperia x10 mini

  • After the past few months or rumours it’s great to finally see that the handheld actually exists. It looks great, the new functionality sounds great and the potential line-up of games has me excited. There’s a few things that I would like to know which I may have overlooked. (It is early after all) :P

    1) Format? I’m assuming UMD has been removed so is the NGP favouring SD cards or something similar?

    2) PAL?NTSC. IS it going to be region free?

    3) How much is the little beauty going to cost? With the amount of functionality it has I’d imagine it may be a fair bit, but with the competitor (3DS) out this year that may alter the price somewhat.

    4) Connectivity. Will I be able to link my NGP and PS3 together for some truly innovative gameplay experiences?

    5) Trophies! I caught a glimpse of a trophy in the Japanese advert but wouldn’t like to make too many assumptions. So, will I be hearing that trophy ‘ping’ on the bus?

    6) Release date! When? When? When?


    • Hi Bearskopff

      I can answer a few of your questions.

      Software titles will be available on a small flash memory based card designed for NGP and these cards can store add-on game content and the game save data directly on to the card.

      Regarding connectivity with PS3, NGP will offer some great compatibility features with PS3 and we will announce further details when ready.

      And you are correct on trophies as NGP will support trophies!

      When? When? When? Released date is planned for the end of 2011

  • Glad for getting a PSP Go now, most of my PSP games will go straight over! :)

  • of*

    Ruddy typo :( In fact, there’s loads of typo’s! I stand by my original statement still. It’s early! :D

  • YES! :) FU GeoHotz, if you hack this again ;p …Job Well Done Sony, hope we can play our PS3 Games on this new version of PSP. :) wers the L2/R2, button?

  • I’ll admit, it does look good; two analogue sticks and other buttons/controls keep it up to date.

    However, it appears that once again, Sony are ignoring the potential for backwards compatibility, and the second hand market. In order for this console to truly work as they want it to, Sony and the various games developers REALLY need to take a long hard look at the content that will be available digitally; both in terms of range and pricing.

    For that, I’m not holding my breath, and will wait until the console is more established before even contemplating parting with my hard earned cash.

  • looks nice but after buying the PSPGo and the game prices in the store this will be a no buy for me.

  • “Sony are ignoring the potential for backwards compatibility, and the second hand market. In order for this console to truly work as they want it to, Sony and the various games developers REALLY need to take a long hard look at the content that will be available digitally; both in terms of range and pricing.”

    Not essential in any way shape or form if they are looking to attract a new audience as well as existing PSP adopters.

  • Very nice, this looks pretty much like exactly what I want from a new PSP.

    I hope you won’t screw up the European launch of it. There’s a first for everything, right? ;)

  • My wallet is ready Andrew. Just give me the damn thing ;)

  • I really hope it will be backwards compatible with the original PSP games. >_<

    • Hi Ygdrasille

      NGP will be able to play digital versions of PSP titles, minis and PS one classics from the PlayStation Store, as well as all games newly developed for PlayStation Suite

  • so its like a psp1000 only bigger?

    While I feel sony is missing the point of this whole portable gaming thing I will buy at some point.

    also it was good to hear downloadable psp1 games will work :)

  • What about a price?


  • why 3G???when the world is gettin ready for 4G???

  • “Not essential in any way shape or form if they are looking to attract a new audience as well as existing PSP adopters.”

    Did I say backwards compatibility was essential? No. I said Sony appear to be ignoring it. Again. If they weren’t, the current PS3 would play PS2 games, and the PSP Go wouldn’t be digital only. And as it stands, PSN is barely fit for purpose for the PSP Go, hence why I said what I did.

  • Oh my god, all these features in ONE handheld? I must be dreaming!

  • Is it ok if I still call it PSP2? Just seems easier to say. Anyways the main improvements for me are the second analogue and the 3G connectivity. Couldn’t care less about touchscreen crap and hope that developers are at least more sensible about using those than a lot of the DS developers were (seriously, Konami, those touchscreen bits of Castlevania are frickin’ annoying).

    Oh and portable Uncharted? That alone sold me on it.

    Can I play PSP games on it though or will I have to carry around two handhelds?

  • Seriously the the PSP2 is AWESOME!!! It has alot of features that are both needed and wanted. (3G, camera, touch screen, two analog sticks) Definately getting it on launch day. I just hope you don’t screw the PAL regions over and make us wait longer.

  • Want it!! Where can i pre-order?

  • Brilliant. I can’t wait for this. Can I not fast forward to “the holiday season” so I can get this.

    One question though, this new media format, I presume we are going to be able to buy blank cards for it as my PSP game collection is massive and I would love to be able to swap cards in and out when wanting to play different games. I know I can do that with the GO, but I find the M2 Micro cards too fiddly to do this.

  • Unimpressed I’m afraid for many reasons.

    Still uses physical media (seriously?)
    Low DPI screen
    It’s physically enormous
    Games look like a bunch of ports
    Where is the innovation?

    You should have put this GPU and GPU combination in the PSP Phone instead. I really can’t see anyone buying this thing outside of Japan.

  • Will it come with a hammer or gift certificate to get your hands broken so you can hold it semi-comfortably in the palm of your hands while having your thumbs on the analog sticks and fingers on the bumpers?

  • Well its finally here.

    Being a PSPgo user, and the problems connected with that device, this just screams to me ‘FAILED’ before its even launched!

    Firstly the broken promises of what games where going to be released on the Store for digital download didn’t appear and the one’s that did the costs were so off target for DD it was a laugh!

    Why are people saying that this will play PS3 games? It won’t. (how do you get them on there?) There hasn’t even been any mention of what format the games are going to be on in retail. (at least UMD is dead)

    Lastly 3G connectivity, oh no…. so that means you’ll need to sign up for a contract with a network provider, so 2 mobile phone contracts???? Where does this leave the PS Phone/Xperia Play??? Also it looks like that is a pointless device as the NGP looks like it will be able to play those ‘android’ games too???

    Add to this the MEGA cost of the device….I think I’ve been burnt once before!


  • Trophy unlocked: You just took a huge market share from Nintendo! :D


    So basically I get shafted, because I prefer to buy UMDs, alright.

    Also who are the thrid party publishers that will also bring games to this new machine. Nintendo announced a ton of them with the release of the 3DS. So basically I’ve no garuantee there will be a major line up and I can’t play the games I bought on. On contrary to the 3DS which let’s me play bought DS titles. Any update on this would be very welcome.

  • @42: As I understand the article above, 3G will be an option and not the only rule.

  • Hmmm so near Sony so near!

    If they’d switched the placement of the left analog stick and the dpad it would’ve been perfect. Still looks a wee bit uncomfortable to me…

    Nice screen though but if it gives me the cramps then…

  • Looks good but I’m worried that its going to be too small.

    At 6’7″ and with large hands to match, I already struggle to hold my PSP; I’m worried that PSP2 will be smaller and that the touch pad will be unusable given the way I have to hold the PSP.

  • i like it and i’m pretty excited about it, but…

    1) it will be region free? this is really important to me because i play a lot of games from japan and the US

    2) the games announced so far seems pretty uninteresting…

    3) battery life? i hope that will be better than the actual psp (which is not really portable)

    4) price? keep it within the 200€ range

  • Will it support multiple PSN accounts? Please say yes :D

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