MotorStorm Apocalypse 3D Trailer…In 2D

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MotorStorm Apocalypse 3D Trailer…In 2D

Hi again,

Yesterday I paid one of my irregular visits to our research technicians in the building they share with our embedded testers and sound engineers. Once again they blew my mind with their staggering glimpses of tomorrow’s world. Videos of Sony prototypes such as the head-mounted display and the volumetric cylinder show how exciting the exponential growth of technology for games really is. The Holodeck is closer than any of us could imagine!

About five years ago, at the same time MotorStorm was in pre-production, I shared a studio space with these guys, and they were adamant that stereoscopic 3D gaming was going to be far more compelling than 3D movies. To prove it, they built a 3D simulation of our local race track and stunned us all. Politicians, senior SCEE Execs and pro race drivers all secretly visited to see what the modest geniuses we hired from British Aerospace Engineering had achieved.

The culmination of that work can be seen in MotorStorm Apocalypse. It is now regularly described as the best example of 3D gaming you can get, so all that research and development looks like it was well worth it. Hopefully most of you will at least get to see the 3D, but even more than that I hope you get to play it. This video is one we’ve made to showcase the tech – it’s 2D on the blog but you’ll be able to grab the 3D version from the PSN store to view on a 3DTV.

It’s so cool to see a ‘blue sky’ technology grow into a real game in this way. Maybe in a few years I’ll be back here with a video of something I saw yesterday, but till then, the 3D revolution will suffice. ;)

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  • that does look pretty damn epic

    • What did you expect from survival racing at the end of the world?

      Great to hear that you enjoyed the trailer; hope you get to experience the game in 3D!

  • The game looks good with the city falling down, the explosions and all (also MLAA? ) :), surely the trailer in 3D will look even better.

    Also is nice to see the 3D trailers for games are coming to the store :), can’t wait to see trailers like the U3 one in 3D.

    • As more and more PlayStation 3 games are developed in true stereoscopic 3D you will see more and more 3D content on the store – there’s certainly more to see of MotorStorm Apocalypse in future updates. :D

  • Please just keep supporting the game after we buy the DLC this time. Unlike the last game.

    • Your ongoing enjoyment of the game is something the team at Evolution Studios cares passionately about, and we will support this once the game is in your hands.

  • The 3D in the trailer isnt bad. (i have 3dtv)

    I just thought the pacific rift 3d demo had more 3d effects aand stuff than this trailer.

    But i bet the final game will be awesome :)

  • Looks cool;) So far this year is looking excellent for PS3 exclusives
    i.e LBP2/Jan + KZ3/Feb + MotorStorm:Apocalypse/March. . . :P

  • nice, but some recycled footage that keen stormers will have seen, although not in 3d. not keen on the music, liked the lalo scriffin bullitt mix but gizza trailer with some d n b next maybe. beyond the usual ‘coming soon’ any dates set for dev dairys and demo
    WHAT ABOUT UK PREORDER BONUSeses (bonii?) sorry but holding back till these are sorted.

    • No official dates set for these but they will all be officially revealed on the blog – you won’t have to hold back for long…

  • hey Matt i have played the track demos in 3D already and they all look spectacular but im not liking this 2d trailer , idk seems to me that the graphics are not that good , textures and details either , could it be that the trailer is meant to be watch in 3D ? anyways i cant wait to play MS:A , 1 more thing how can i get that flamed Motorstorm Logo ? LUNATICS UNITE!!!!

    • It’s best to experience it in 3D but the game looks spectacular on standard and hi-def TV’s. Nothing beats playing the game in 3D – glad you’ve had the opportunity to experience a little of it already!

      Matt’s flamed MotorStorm helmet avatar isn’t a PSN Avatar – it’s for the blog. I think we’ve mentioned before that we are planning to release PSN Avatars though… ;-)

  • Don’t mean tot sound harsh but where the kickass music to get me pumped for this game?

  • alright there remanutd5, apparently textures are reduced in 3d graphics to make em more seamless or something. im sure a motorstorm spokesperson may be on shortly to explain. and yes LUNATICS UNITE (sooner in eu anyway :-) )

  • at Kegs11 ok that would make sense , lol you had to remind me again uh ? i still dont understand how you guys are getting the game a month earlier than us , NOT FAIR !!!!!!

  • Wow, looks great in 2D. I’m sure it will be even more awesome in 3D.

  • Why are Americans obsessed with screaming ‘lunatics unite’ at everything motorstorm related? It’s not in any of the games or anything :/

    • It’s from the Pacific Rift TV adverts – there’s a banner in the Garage on the Pacific Rift Dynamic XMB Theme too. :-)

  • @10 / remanutd5
    LOL! About 90% of the games come out in the US before it comes out in the EU. So I don’t think you have any reason to complain about unfairness.

    And Matt, did you tell that simple guy at marketing I want him to remove that ugly purple spam print from the amazing boxart?

  • @12 wow actually play motorstorm much? lunatics unite was a huge tagline first used in pacific rifts trailers, that were released worldwide too. then im pretty sure its still been used for arctic edge and apocalypse

  • And I almost forgot: Amazing trailer again :-)!

    I might have to take a sabbatical now because of all those great games…

  • Just downloaded the 3D trailer and it looks pretty damn epic! There needs to be more 3D trailers on the Playstation Store

  • Is there a version in yt3d? YouTube 3D that those of us with a spare pair of glasses or 3D PC can have a look and maybe convince us to buy a 3DTV?

  • Tell Sony to make a cheap 3DTV. Doesn’t matter how small! I want one so badly. Heck… what’s THIS about Sony:

    11 inches… £3,000….

    You telling me you can’t afford to develop a small 3DTV too? :\

  • My Sony 40 inch kdlhx803 3D tv will arrive on the 5th of Febuary, I’m getting it for Killzone 3 but mainly Motorstorm Apocalypse. I’m just saying my jaw best hit the floor Matt or I’m sending you the £1000 recipt for a refund. ;)

  • I love that you guys have made a burger joint called “Jaffe”!

    Especially because you guys MUST have played at least a tiny bit Twisted Metal! I love metagame-references… :D

  • D’OP! I need a 3D tv now, *sad face

  • Played the 3D demo at this years EG Expo and it was definitely my favourite game at the show. Will pick this one up on day one, too bad I has no 3D at home ;_;

  • @14

    Yes, I have played the games ‘much’. But I don’t sit around watching the US TV adverts all day ;)

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