Win Exclusive In-Game Items In The DC Universe Online: Legend’s Quiz

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Win Exclusive In-Game Items In The DC Universe Online: Legend’s Quiz

Are you a fan of quizzes? Is your knowledge of the DC Universe second to none? If the answer to either of these is yes (or even a maybe) then we have something for you. Introducing the DC Universe Online: Legend’s Quiz.


Over weeks on Facebook, you have the opportunity to prove your legendary status and (for those eligible – see below) the chance to win exclusive in-game items, PlayStation Home masks and an awesome Batman figurine designed by none other than Jim Lee himself.



We’ll even give you the chance to ask your friends for help on some of the questions; you can’t say fairer than that.

To become the next DC quiz legend and win these great prizes you need to be 18+, but you can still play the quiz for fun if you’re not and register your high score on the leaderboard.

Good luck!

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  • It says quiz expired???
    Is there any way to get it working?

  • Yeah, i’ve finished quiz and got two codes for weapon and mask in PS Home. How do I redeem them?

  • Is this going to go the way of the other Facebook promotion they ran where a week or so later they change their mind and exclude everyone not in North America?

  • I tried to do the quiz two days ago and kept getting a blank screen, then I tried again yesterday and I kept getting ‘quiz expired’. Not good :( Looks like I’ve missed out.

    Loving the game by the way. Soooo addicting!

  • I’ve been trying to do this quiz for a week now, but the last question is not appearing.

    I tried on 3 different browsers and 2 different PCs with no luck.

    As a consequence, I can’t get my codes, even if the app says I unlocked them. This is sooo frustrating !

  • The quiz works for Irish people when they select the united kindom as there country but when we select Ireland as our country it says the quiz has closed, it is expired.

    Any word on a fix or is Ireland excluded?????

  • Hey, this may not be the correct forum to post this question, but I have not had any response on the official forums or by contacting SOE directly. Can anyone here explain how you purchase a 180 day subscription on the EU PSN store? It appears the content has been removed. The only sub available is the 30 day sub (which is a bit of a rip-off compared to the other subs that were announced). Thank you in advance.

  • I completed the quiz, it says I won the items etc. The codes didnt show up, and now when I try to go back to redo the quiz it just says its expired.

    I wish they wouldnt use these stupid Facebook apps…

  • the quiz on facebook afther u finist the quiz than facebook dc app errors.

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the quiz. I’m looking into these right away though.

    For those of you that were having issues with accessing the quiz then this temporary issues has now been fixed.



  • Booooooo Facebook!!

  • When I try to take the quiz, I get “Disallowed key characters in global data.”. :|

  • So again please tell me is there will be any way to recheck my promotional code for items on PS3? There was only one time after finishing first quiz when I got to see those codes and I’ve got only something like: _PENDING_*here some numbers*. Is this even proper legal code?

  • Sooo DCUO is selling like crazy, and I had it written off entirely. I’ve enjoyed EVE Online and WoW, but does DCUO offer anything to adults?

  • I changed my facebook email, suspecting an underscore in it was causing the invalid character error, and it worked!

    I completed quiz 2, but got a massive error message after answering the last question. It won’t let me retake or resume the quiz, and the codes don’t seem to be saved anywhere that I can see, so the codes are apparently now lost to me. :(

  • Is there a way to find the codes we won?

    In last week’s quiz, I got both the surprise question and Legend question right and should have gotten two codes. But at the end of the quiz, there weren’t any codes, it just took me to the leaderboards.

    This week, everything is back to normal, but who should I contact to get my codes from last week.


    (PS Quiz is fun. And DCUO is even more so!)

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