Happy Birthday MAG! Let’s Celebrate!

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It may sound clichéd, but wow, time really flies! It’s hard to believe that it has already been a full year since our massive 256-person PlayStation 3-exclusive shooter, MAG, was released all over the globe. To celebrate our one-year birthday, we’re unveiling a handful of promotions as a thank you to our fans throughout the week.

First up, starting Wednesday, January 26 at 12am Pacific Time, we’re changing all in-game queue and “Happy Hour” bonuses to 256% until Sunday, January 30 at 11:59pm. If you’ve been meaning to level up to grab our various “level 60” trophies, our promotional time period is a great time to go for it!

Speaking of January 26, all day from 10am-5pm Pacific Time, members of the Zipper Interactive QA team (our best players!) will be online and playing MAG throughout the day. If you’ve never participated in our “Play MAG with Zipper” events, they’re great fun and offer you the perfect opportunity to show us your skills.

Our third and final promotion is a special “Faction Neutral” switch for the Domination and Acquisition modes. For the first time ever in MAG “Live,” our two biggest game types will switch from being PMC-specific to being open for defense by any of our three factions. Like our 256% XP bonus, this mode switch will be in operation from January 26 at 12am Pacific to January 30 at 11:59pm.

But this isn’t all we’re doing to wish MAG a happy birthday. We’ll also be posting some additional posts throughout the week, including a breakdown of MAG statistics and numbers on Thursday and a special “Five Things You Never Knew About MAG” article on Friday morning. It should be fun.

As always, everyone here at Zipper Interactive wants you to know how much we appreciate all the support and feedback you have given us over the last year and we hope you’ve enjoyed playing the game as much as we’ve enjoyed making and improving it. Thank you very much!

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  • I know how you can celebrate :D

    Put the full game back to 19.99 on the store ¬_¬

    Gone for 2 weeks and the store team put it back up at 5 quid more <.<

    I was waiting for it to go back on the store to buy it because 19.99 was a respectable price but for 24.99 computer says no :|

  • wow has it really been a year…..happy birthday MAG

  • Haven’t played in months now, but this is a great excuse to give MAG one last tour of duty before I trade it for Killzone 3.

  • roxas you can pick the game up for £15 new and iv’e seen it second hand at a tenner £19.99 is still too much for this game on psn.

  • I have been getting back into MAG over the last couple of weeks, having played since launch (and fighting vs Zipper at the game launch in London), then having had a long hiatus.

    It has been great to see that there is still a very active community, with games being easy to find. The maturing community also seems to be much more objective driven than it was at launch, which makes for some interesting, tactical games.

    I would like to thank you for the robust lobby system that you have put in place – my online buddies and I were in the same group for about two hours last night, with no-one being kicked and voice comms working perfectly throughout. A few other FPS developers could learn from that.

    Happy Birthday anyway guys. Looking forward to seeing your work on SOCOM next.

  • this is my first time comment on the ps eu blog. i was gonna buy Mag but since it has 256 players online i was not sure want spend of broadband it will need. could anyone let me known as i would like to buy it. is there move support for MAG.

    • Welcome to the blog! Don’t worry too much about the bandwith – even though it supports more players, it doesn’t need any more internet juice than your normal multiplayer games.

    • And yes, MAG does support Move.

  • I´m looking for a good raven clan, any recommendations? And with good I mean a clan where a lot of people play together regularly and are willing to work together (they dont need to be the best players).
    I´m in a clan right now but usually there´s only, like, 8-10 of us playing at the same time which kind of sucks.

  • You must have been reading my mind – just yesterday I picked it up again, haven’t been online for a while. The guys at Zipper have made some welcome changes and fixed some (almost) gamebreaking issues, the most prominent being the excellent multiqueue to all or some game types of your choosing. There were plenty of people online as well.

    As a hardcore FPS player with 15+ years of FPS experience this is one of the best FPSs out there, PC or PS3. I’ve always enjoyed the game, and now there’s DLC which I’m thinking of buying as well.

    Happy birthday!

  • Makingdamage, I recommend Deadly Blue Dots. We’re one of the biggest clans on Raven, with lots of Scandinavian players, and players from all around the globe. Check out http://dblued.freeforums.org/

  • Can you please tell me why this game dont have status updates on the xmb like MW2, its so helpful to see what your friends are doing during the game.

  • DLC @ -50% 2morrow 4+. Now tell me i can read your mind James :D

  • I rented MAG and it was fun, but don’t feel like I have time to sink into it anymore…

  • I can’t find MAG on the stores near me. If only it would be back on the PSN Store, I could enjoy this :(

  • MAG is such a great game, I played it for far over 200 hours, and no end is in sight. Gettin my platinium in a few days also, after that I will continue playing the game… It’s am game of the year and zipper did an excellent job with it. Thanks and Happy Birthday MAG.

  • You know what you guys should do; create a viral trophy for this special event. If someone kills you they get this trophy and if someone kills them they get it as well.

    Of course discounts and many other things would be cooler as well :P

  • Hey, wouldn’t you know, MAG is back on the Store :D

  • Hey Zipper

    I remember you guys from the awesome MECHWARRIOR games!

    Any chance of a PS3 re-boot??? I miss my PC gaming days for all things Battletech!


  • Hello Zipper!

    I was wondering if MAG would be compatible with the upcoming sharpshooter accessory (I’ve been playing it with the move recently, which is great, but it’s really left me wanting a physical gun to hold (which I wasn’t expecting to be honest)…

    More people should play MAG, it’s awesome!

  • Here’s to everyone carrying on playing MAG! :D

  • i stopped playing ever since they made it faction-free and changed the weapon-purchasing

    still one of the best console shooters in terms of teamplay and communication, it’s just hard getting used to the technical and graphical quality again if you’ve been playing cod or whatever instead..but i put in over 300 hours and enjoyed this game so much

  • I buy all the major FPS’s, and I think I’ve had the most fun with MAG. I played the beta so much, that I was a little exhausted of it by the time it came out. But I ranked up as Valor – totally steaming mad about SVER the entire time. It wasn’t as fun losing to them every time. Then I vetted over to SVER, and my frustration level subsided a bit. I come back to MAG every couple months, realizing that it’s the game I like the most. There’s nothing like Domination. I appreciate all the effort Zipper puts into the game and I can’t wait for their next project. Congratulations, guys.

  • Just picked up MAG the other day for $30, another two clan mates got it for that price as well so we’ve already got a small group playing together.

    It’s the first FPS to pull us away from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in a year, so that says something about the game.

    But discounts or free DLC for Plus members would be great and bring in more players :)

  • PS+ subscribers in the US have been given free access to the full game, but with a level cap. I wonder if we will see the same offer on this side of the pond?

  • any chances of getting that PS+ demo to EU? :(

  • I can’t believe some of you are complaining about this being too expensive at £20/25. I bet you guys buy CoD mappacks at £12 a pop without batting an eyelid?

    £25 is amazing value for such a finely crafted and well supported game, compared to certain other franchises that act as black holes sucking out all of your money because their publishers know you’re dumb enough to buy their content without thinking.

    Buy MAG, make Zipper happy, because they deserve it.

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