Dead Space 2 Terrorizes PS3 This Week, Includes Dead Space Extraction For PlayStation Move

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Dead Space 2 Terrorizes PS3 This Week, Includes Dead Space Extraction For PlayStation Move

Dead Space 2

The Dead Space 2 team and I are super stoked that Dead Space 2 is almost out; we have been anxiously awaiting to hear what gamers think of what we have been working on. The PS3 Limited Edition version of Dead Space 2 is crazy — it not only includes Dead Space 2, but it also has Dead Space Extraction. That means you can get your MOVE ON with Dead Space Extraction, and you can play it solo or in co-op as well.

Making Dead Space 2 has been a blast, getting to see everyone’s speculation on what the game was going to be about, if we lost our minds and cut out the horror, or if we were making some sort of ninja-puzzle-adventure game. Now is the time to see what the final version Dead Space 2 is all about.

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2

From my perspective, the team did a fantastic job. This is the game I’m most proud of being a part of. The game feels better, looks better, has bigger moments, and even includes multiplayer for the first time. I really hope you like it!

Head out now to your local game store and get a copy of the Collector’s Edition — if you can still find it — or the Limited Edition and start dismembering Necromorphs today. If you want to keep up on the game and maybe get your multiplayer, follow me on Twitter: @leveluptime.

Thanks again.

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  • 2 days left for Finland, I can’t wait!

  • would have liked to have gotten the one with the plasma cutter instead :(

    But it’s xbox only here, what’s the deal with that?

  • Got it preordered, should be here on friday hopefully :D

  • well looks like i’m going to have to pick up the gun to hold my strangely disco phallic errr move controller being an on the rails shooter means it should be easier to play than other move titles where i look like someone having a fit

  • Wow – I was going to get this for the Xbox but since for the same price I get a bit extra – PS3 version it is!

  • hope it comes with a spare pair of pants too! 8D

    cant wait to play Dead Space 2! and Extraction! (without Move though 8().

  • Can Extraction be played with a normal controller? i dont have move

  • Loved DS1 was a supprise hit in my book that mnay peopleover looked and missed out big time, this one is gonna be awsom, can’t wait for the multiplayer.

  • Will DS2 be on the Playstation Store like Mass effect 2?

  • I’m anxiously waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail. Can’t wait to try out extraction with the Move. 2 awesome games for the price of 1, very cool.

  • Its been a long time coming, but as a massive fan of the first game, I’m hoping for that whole Sci-fi, cold dark space hulk of pure evil that can only exist in the unknown reaches of our black universe type of game, just like the first one really with more gore/horror/tension! I WANT to be scared!!!

    Not only the games are worthy of a mention but also the team’s development of the ‘expanded’ universe. Yeah, I’m talking of the original games’ Graphic Novel and the awesome animated movie – Downfall. Just watched Aftermath (the prequel to the sequel….if that makes sense lol) So I’m totally ready for some Dead Space 2 action!!!! Event Horizon meets Aliens meets The Thing, in a word – AWESOME!!!

  • Shame the plasma cutter looks like McDonalds happy toy, but great game regardless.

  • @7 / OniEyes,
    Yes you can play it with normal controller.

  • I really hope my webshop comfirms my CE today, if not I might only be able to get the LE. I also pre-ordered the hardcover CE gameguide.

    And Steve, please tell EA Netherlands that they should really fix their website, its a horrible maze. You can’t find a thing on it regarding the CE :-(.

  • Limited Edition.. Pre-orderd for some time now can’t wait 2 days left.. :(

  • Just saw the date changed to 16 jan so that is today.. still not shipped though..

  • Buying it this weekend.
    I hope I can find limited editions on shelf.

  • Oh Bully to all of you with your high-tech spaceys games…as for me, I’M still waiting for Sony to get their buns out and finally possibly release Dora’s Adventures: Dora’s Street Moves. It’s supposedly all about Dora FINALLY growing up and coming to next gen consoles, in da Street, with Her moves, doin’ her walks(she turned 18 now remember)and you with your Move controller (all five of you), playin’ her. But rumour has it Sony have CHANGED Dora. She now a white he-chick from PS Home with pale yellow skin an a buzz-cut(you know the one/s thats always dancing in the glitchy area in EU shoppe centre with a ring of outwardly outraged men-childs but really they all inwardly approverling)and her clothes gonna be made up of 3 polka dots of hessian sacking(for boneus sack moves dl’able featurette). So there. Im lucky too…(sniff)

  • There, I pre-ordered it. I shall throw the Wii version of DS:E out the window.

  • Got the Extraction demo from the usa store yesterday. All I can say is……. “WOW”.

  • Gonna two player Extraction and dual-wield my Move controllers. BOOM!

  • Can co-op be played online?

  • As much as I would like to buy this game, going to have to wait for at least half price, just too many games right now. Plus, still not got around to completing the first one yet. Just no time at the moment.

    As for Limited and Collectors editions, I would probably call them Limited Content for both. Just a waste of money for not much extra content.

    I expect far more for a Collectors Edition. Seems everyone just bungs Collectors on anything they want to sell more off.

  • i went back to complete the first one a couple of weeks ago, but a game ending glitch (*) that meant i would have to restart from level 1 again. no thanks, i don’t have the time to play games twice. i doubt i’ll get round to DS2 for a while yet, i’ve got LBP2 and ME2 until KZ3 comes out.

    the end of level 5 where you have to mix the dna and chemicals that you’re sent off to collect, the prompt doesn’t appear to let me do the mix in the lab. it’s a known bug for that level apparently, that hasn’t been fixed in 2 years..

  • @ 13 / Sp4reNL

    Thanks man :)

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