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First of all, I have realised that Mass Effect 2 is not available in PlayStation Store as promised. We are very sorry for this – it turns out there was an issue with the game file that we need to upload to PlayStation Network. People are working on this as a matter of priority and the game should be available to download soon. Here’s your recap.

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  • Thank for giving atleast SOME info.
    Can you tell is it possible it is downloadable today.

    • I’m keeping an eye on my emails and will update on here if I hear anything. At the moment, I’ve no idea.

  • And btw that word SOON remembers me game name by DukeNukem: Forever

  • And when it will be possible to download GTA IV DLCs bundle pack…

  • I don’t get why everyone’s mad about Mass effect?


  • What about not shouting things around BEFORE you do it? I know you love GB, and therefor refused to release the game on PSN when it was released in most of Europe. Doesn’t Brits need to [Deleted] of the rest of Europe for their queen or something?

    Andrew House should really lose his job, he just isn’t any good at it! SCEE is the worst part of SONY, by a long shot. I believe the HQ for SCEE should be relocated to another country, maybe Germany, since it seems UK is just as good at leading a computer entertainment company as they are at making cars. In other words: very bad at it. 9/10 times what SCEE does is bad compared to SCEA and SCEJ (and to MS). How active is SCEE in getting the rights to games made by brilliant european developers from Sweden, Finland, Germany and Poland? SCEE should be in constant contact with these to secure some of the best and most interesting game on scene! Alas SCEE can’t do S, and it is up to SCEA to manage EVERYTHING that has to do with game. I would not be suprise to learn that SCEA is in lead over the European in-house developers live MM and Cambridge studios (they do get the better deals on many of their products)

    Rest follows:

  • The rest of the post (can’t you make it eaiser to post long comments?)

    SCEE, and in a large degree Sony overall, should keep a good eye on the PC indie scene. they could get SO many good games with a little effort there, but of course some of the best games of the last decade (like Torchlight) gets swooped up by MS, and we will not see it on a Sony device. Please SCEE, get some people that actually cares about games to work for you and fire some of the paper-pushers that is clearly in charge there now!

    • We speak with a lot of indies and they often tell us that we’re great to work with – just ask the Joe Danger guys and look out for UnderGarden as an example of an innovative, exclusive indie title.

  • The update’s most appreciated James.

    An explanation always does the trick, as most angry mobs would agree ;-)

    Say, how come Microbot isn’t out in our PSN store yet? It’s no big title as such for it to be released over several dates and for each of the stores separately.

  • Like people have said, thanks for more info on the ME2 crisis James :P Hope you lot can sort it out ASAP.

    On another note I enjoyed the Killzone 3 videos, reminded me why I used to play Killzone 2 so much. Looked like total chaos

    • Yes, sorry it took us a while to clarify – all the information came through to us when we were leaving for the weekend.

      I was in the Killzone 3 betas and loved it. Organised chaos though… sort of!

  • I was going to enjoy ‘LBP2’ this weekend but Argos don’t seem to have any in stock yet? :( [well it said that on their web site + i got to get it from Argos, because i have a voucher to use] :D Oh well, back to GT5 :P
    + After playing ME2 demo it just seems like another over-rated ex-xBox 360 game to me. . .[there i said it] :D

  • Hi James!

    I don’t know if you can help me, or if you can get in touch/get me in touch with the right people, but basically I have a massive issue with my PSN account. Basically, I created my account when I first got my PS3 around launch and I had to have a sub-account which was tied to my Dad’s master account. I wasn’t too fussed about the restrictions of sub-accounts because I presumed that it would be upgraded to a master account when I turned 18, which it didn’t. :(

    It bugs me so much having a child account which cannot fund the PSN wallet without having to log-in to my Dad’s account and add funds from there. It’s worse on my PSPGo because I can’t access my Dad’s account at all, so I have to log-on to my PS3 and my Dad’s account to add funds, then go back to my PSP and download my stuff, which is really frustrating considering the Go is download-only.

    Is there any possibility that I can have my account upgraded to a master account? I have spent £100’s on the PSN store, yet I’m still tied to my Dad’s account. :/ If there is anything at all that can be done please let me know because I’ve been in contact with Sony customer services numerous times and heard nothing. :(


    • Hmm, I can see why you want to get that sorted. I’m afraid it’s impossible for me to do anything about it as we, as employees, cannot access people’s PSN accounts – it’s for everyone’s protection. I’m afraid all I can do is refer you to the UK customer services helpline: 0844 7360595

  • hey James are you guys covering the playstation meeting happening next week in Japan ? i keep hearing sony will have something to reveal that day , if thats the case it would be very kool to see it here on the blog

  • Psst, James, the undergarden isn’t exclusive. Surely you should know this? ;)

  • James, please answer my question about GTA IV DLCs Bundle pack. I can’t wait no more :)

  • James make it happen please!!!!!!!!!!

  • playstation meeting?? what announce psp2? who cares! fix the damn jailbreak i spend hundred of euros on games and others get it free do something about it i dont care if you patch every single day.

    i pay for psn games others have it free, i pay for overprized retail games, others get it for free, whatever sony is doing, do it fast!

    if they not announce ps4 with a 100% hackfree proof then dont anounce anything

    its time sony starts working on a fix for this JB crap

  • Been a great week mainly due to LittleBigPlanet 2 though I must say I’ve bloody loved Spare Parts especially in 2 player (the end boss annoys me though).

  • Today we’re not gonna get it? :(

  • Makes me glad I picked it up the disc version for £36.99 from Gamestation yesterday….

    If the digital download really is £47.99 then you’d have to be insane to buy it from the PSN store frankly, or spend the weekend waiting for it to appear in the store for that matter instead of popping out to buy the disc version.

  • Hey James, thanks for your response! :)

    Well, having rung the Sony hotline, it would appear to be a simple case of “erm, that can’t be done”. :( Is it possible that you can get in touch with someone who can look at adding the feature of upgrading a sub-account to a master account? Xbox Live never had this feature originally either, but added it in at a later date. I just can’t stand being chained to my Dad’s master account!!

    Please James, you don’t know how truly desperate I am for the ability to do this, it frustrates me beyond utter belief how I basically don’t have a full PSN account. I kind of feel I don’t really own all the stuff I have purchased. :( If you could speak to someone that could make this a reality I would be eternally grateful and I’d go on a PSN shopping spree to celebrate!! :D

    I’m beggin’ ya man!! :(


  • @19
    MusterBuster (community manager at SCEE) said that he requested the feature a while ago but that it isn’t possible right now (it was more complicated then we would think).

  • I am just back from the LBP2 event in Dublin. It was great meeting members of MM and getting to play LBP2 as well. The free stuff and the €10 off the game was also brillent.

  • @20
    Thank you very much for the reply Casper, I wasn’t aware of that. Hopefully Sony are actively working on it and it will be possible at some point in the near future then, I guess for now I’ll just have to live with the restrictions of a sub-account. :( Arrghh if only I’d have just made a master account originally or if purchases could be transferred by Sony to a new account, the solution would be much simpler. :/

    Anyway thanks again for that information! :)


  • “Mass Effect 2 Launches On PS3 Today – the long-awaited action RPG arrives on PS3.”

    no. no it didnt.

  • Pretty decent week! I’m a bit miffed at the moment, because I tried out Qriosity for a free trial, and then it auto renewed at the end. I didn’t expect it to, there wasn’t any prior warning, but the darn thing took £9.99 out of my PSN account, so now I can’t buy that warhawk bundle :( Nothing you can do, but just a heads up. It was seriously irritating to have a music app that I used once take a tenner from me :(

  • I have got to a point now where i’m not surprised by SCEE inability to keep up with the rest of SONY. What amazes me is that the company allows this to carry on and not fire a lot of the SCEE staff and relocate somewhere else.

    You promise Mass Effect 2 to the consumer on a given date and fail to meet it. On top of that when ME2 does finally come to PSN you’re charging consumers £48 for it.

    It just fills me with disbelieve that you treat consumers like this and get away with it every single time.

  • Hi James, i have a few questions:

    Do u have an idea on when the MGS HD remake will come to PSN or stores ??
    Is there any chance there will be a dc universe discount for + members ??
    Beta’s ??? ( like Killzone3)

    sofar i am pretty satisfied,not always is there something that’s my taste ( I have no PSP <– omg )
    But overall i am pretty happy with what u guys try to deliver for us,
    What's the criteria for re-newing ur subscription ( + ) without losing ur prior conent ?? ( i was few days to late but i luckily still had everything )

    thnx in advance gamniac

    • I don’t know anything about an MGS remake and nobody has said anything to me about DCUO discounts to Plus members as of yet.

      There’s no criteria really – even if you wait a while before renewing your subscription, you will be able to access everything when you sign up again.

  • BTW
    This is nothing personal to any Australian guy or girl, but is it wise to have Australia as part of EU PS,
    bc i know that the Australian consorship is ridiculous at times, are u affected by that in the content u can put on the store (+ included) why is that ?
    Why don’t they have a own region ? same goes for New Zealand.. i don’t have anything against any nationality.
    But this is affecting all of the EU users, did this never occure to anyone ?? b/c u can’t put anything on the store that’s in violations with Aussie or NWZ law Big let down.

    • I won’t get involved in all the stuff below but our Aussie and Kiwi mates have been a part of SCEE for a long time and it does make sense, what with them also being a PAL region. On the topic of PS Store, if for some reason we are not able to publish something in a country, we can simply remove it from the Store in that country, so it doesn’t affect everyone else, like you said.

  • NVM
    i found that the AU store is diffrent and censors,
    but still i don’t understand why non European countries are in our region.. but anyway
    ignore reply above

  • I have to say, I’m really disappointed about the delay to the PSN release of Mass Effect 2!

    I have been waiting ages to play this game, (I have it on the XBox 360, but much preferring my PS3 I chose to wait to play it on it) and have a £50 PSN card sat next to my PS3 purely for ME2. I feel really let down and am tempted just to sell the card and play the XBox 360 version unless Sony offer some sort of discount on the title when it becomes available!


  • So, i’m not gonna play it today. Bad, very bad, weekend.

  • Why am I totally expecting to ME2 not be released till next PSS update which is in 3 days?

  • Oh yeah! PSP2 next week brahs. Hope it has Parallax Barrier 3D. Sony are the masters of 3D. If it’s HD too and comes with Uncharted/LBP/KZ (either one) at launch… *DROOLS*


    If you only pay £37.50 for your £50 PSN card in the first place you are paying the same as retail :)


  • @PeteX19

    Firstly you don’t know how SCEE or SCEA is run. SCEA runs about 4 stores on a united federal continent with 3 or 4 different languages. SCEE has 27 stores to look after. They have to translate content in at least 10 different languages with each country with different set of rules on how the content is distributed and censored.

    Secondly Sony did promise ME2 but like with all computer based development one piece of wrong code can mess everything up and can take ages to fix. Last minute problem are a fact or life in computer based development. Also EA set the price not Sony. Sony can recommend a price but they can’t force them to set it at that price.

  • LoL, well excuse me for wondering.
    So Australia and others are europe ??
    no i didn’t hold on to my point, and i was very wrong, but then again i didnt ask u did i ??

    my question is ” READ ” why is australia part of EU blog or w/e

    if had an idea how the stores work would i ask then…
    I should have used Google like i always do, atleast the engine doesnt burn me down at making mistakes..
    shows how silly u are really imm,anyway nvm first and alst time i came here that’s for sure

  • sorry James for this but i clearly stated Not personal, guess that’s why Auistralia is censored b/c of the sensetivity of theirpeople lol..

  • @ PROJ3CTAL1C3

    Your stores missing out on stuff the uk has so by your reasoning everybody but england should be out.

    LoL actually everyone in europe is in but UK ( no € )

    That’s my point why is australia euro learn to read without emotions seriously

  • I am concerned over the rumours of getting serial codes for PS3 games. It is a good idea to stop piracy but I am afraid that it would limited to one console. My brother has a PS3 as well and we share our games. There has to be a leniency for people like me or I would be buying a lot less games.

    Just if you hear anying James please raise this concern.

  • @Project2insanity

    well thats a saine thought :)

    anyway no hard feelings but i will avoid talking to u 2 for sure.
    they actually showed their true colors and that on a first impression.

    luckily i don’t believe in first impressions so w/e..

    James could u please respond to my first post, i really want to know from someone from a PS site..

  • Whem is Mass Effect 2 going to be on PSN

  • As a PAL using and English speaking country it makes perfect sense for Australia’s store to be run by SCEE. I think it’s his ramblings coming over as “those damn Aussies shouldn’t come under Europe” that’s offended Mel tbh, and it does come across as a little xenopobic. So what if they’re not “in” Europe?

  • Gamniac: when you are talking about ‘euro’, are you by any chance referring to the currency?

  • @gamniac

    Starting with “This is nothing personal” doesn’t make you free to say something wrong, a little bigoted and completely without reason. It’s you that’s left a bad first impression, maybe if you’d have apologised to anybody you’ve offended you’d save a little face but it seems you aren’t going to do that and instead accuse people that tried to set you straight. Good day sir

  • when the world says Geert Wilders and joran van der sloot are dutch and people having a opinion on netherlands is hould be offended come on i just asked a simpel question.. and i already said i was very wrong

  • @gamniac; Calm yourself, there’s no need to keep a redundant argument going.
    @ElMagnifico83, PROJ3CTAL1C3 or MEL1605; Can someone please tell me exactly what was offensive? The way I read it is he thought ‘at first’ that Australia was responsible due to differing laws. I honestly don’t see how that is interpreted as offensive; say, for example, three people are refused entry to a bar because one is underage. If that one didn’t go, the other two would be allowed entry. Call the bar PSN and the underage one Australia. The other two aren’t blaming him.
    In either case, I digress, this is a quote of gamniac: ‘NVM i found that the AU store is diffrent and censors,but still i don’t understand why non European countries are in our region.. but anywayignore reply above’. Then you guys replied…

  • The question was not intended for any of u, if they were compelled to respond the way they did is not my problem.
    idc if u think i am a fool.. i never intended this, u expected to setting me straight and i would not respond on what i said.

    I don’t use creditcards,b/c it’s money i don’t actually have…
    and thank u for w/e u think i need to thank u for…

    that still leaves my question unanswered.. JAMES
    why did SCEE take all those countries ( if ur not james shut up )

    i have read this forum many times, and i’ve seen people complaining left/right.. so IGNORE ( 3rd time ) me.
    b/c i will not stop as u can see, there was no need for this ws/e…

    Don’t take it out on me ME2 Didnt arrive yet, or do as i did… BUY it in store..

  • Well i am sorry but i never wanted to offend anyone,

    I have nothing against australia, not at all..
    and it’s censorship that’s the target with that joke not the ladies,
    it’s a comparison i could have said a long ” man problem when aging ”
    period but that’s not something women can relate to..
    serious people don’t be so sensitive.. u could joke at me back with my psn name and i could understand it.

    i hop the moderator can see i made a comment to myself that was reported as abuse

  • Hello again,

    Can anyone please give an answer about the GTA IV bundle?

    I bought a PSN card for the purpouse of buying it friday and until today no sign of it :(

    Thanks in advance.

  • If only more people played little big planet 2, there lives will be complete. For example that handbag fight in the above comments?

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