LittleBigPlanet 2 Launch Week Fun – New Trailer, TV Ad, Out Now In UK & Ireland!

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Hi guys – Today LittleBigPlanet 2 is released across the UK, Ireland and several other European countries, and we’ve got some more goodies to help celebrate!

Launch Trailer

First of all, we’ve got a new trailer to celebrate the launch of LittleBigPlanet 2 – it’s a tribute to the history of videogaming, told from Sackboy’s own unique perspective. All the levels shown in the trailer were also created by community members GruntosUK and Jackofcourse.

Advertising Campaign

On top of that, I thought I’d give you all a look at the LBP 2 advertising campaign. Now, the LBP 2 Story mode is fantastic fun – as you’ve all hopefully spotted already from the numerous other trailers we’ve released. But for the launch of the game, we wanted to turn the spotlight on another hugely important part of the LittleBigPlanet universe – the community.

With more than 3 million levels already created (and fully compatible with LBP 2), it’s all the creators out there that really make LBP what it is – and that’s worth celebrating. We approached some of the best creators out there, and asked them to create some special LittleBigPlanet 2 levels that showed off the brand new features, and also highlighted how diverse and truly global the LBP community is.
The fantastic levels that they created formed the focal point of the LittleBigPlanet 2 campaign – from the TV and press ads, to promotion online.

Here are the levels, and their respective creators (take a bow, guys!) – including links to so that you can check them out for yourself…

Rio Carnival Dance-Off
Rtm223: Penguin Turf War
GruntosUK: Venice is Sinking! (Versus & Co-Op versions)
Jackofcourse: Rogue Panda Rescue
Steve_Big_Guns: Mediterranean Street Racing

And here’s how we made use of them in the press ad…

LBP2 Press ad

And the European TV ad…

The guys did a fantastic job of demonstrating ways that you can use LBP 2’s new Create Mode features – I hope you enjoy the ads, and the levels!

Enjoy the trailer, enjoy your weekends, and enjoy exploring LittleBigPlanet 2….!

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  • Great job SCEE & MediaM.

    Little Big Planet is getting the proper non-embarrasing TV Campaign it deserves, and it looks like the Beta & Delay paid off.
    Now all we need is the Kevin Butler & Uncharted DLC.
    But you people get some rest first!

  • Pre-ordered this on Hasn’t arrived, and mail has been delivered!!! Not happy with Play….too easy to blame local postal service…friends have ordered from Game and got there’s yesterday!!!!

  • How does Sony/MM get away with those blatant copyright infringing levels?

    I guess Capcom and Sega don’t mind as people buy their costumes, but the Mario ones…?

    Cmon, tell us how they do it! Do the companies genuinely not mind? If so I have a little more respect for Nintendo.

    On topic, got my CE yesterday. Absolutely without doubt my fave game I’ve played in the past year or so. If this was out last year it 100% would have been GOTY, even ahead of GT5 and Heavy Rain.

  • Love the history of gaming one!

    Advert could be better though. Should have had Mr Fry do the voiceover.

  • @3: Well Shigeru Miyamoto said before that he’s not threatened by PS Move, he said it was a huge compliment from a competitor lol – fair play to him, plus to be honest you cant stop the fans creating a homage to one of the best franchises out there. Ever. So should’nt see why’d they would want to complain – they’re not Square Enix (fan remakes anyone?). I’d love people to enjoy my stuff on LBP.

    Anyways, played a few of these levels earlier on actually and that Venice level is a good laugh but not singling him out but STEVE_BIG_GUNS has made a sweet level, there were a few like this on the Beta and there absolutely brilliant – Think Micro Machines. The folks at LittleBigCentral have done some awesome one’s too (Search author Lockstitch).

    Good job to everyone who’s creative enough to make a sweet level.. Unlike me.

  • Still no answer on the EU CE… I understand i guess, hard to say the truth on the official blog… Still, you went down in my esteem! Oh well, if you ever want to apologies to EU, that would still be a good idea.

  • Great trailers for a great game. I got mine yesterday pre-ordered. Only problem is I’ve got the same multiplayer bug as a lot of people meaning the game gets stuck on the loading screen forever and ever. Hope it gets patched soon.

  • Trailer seems a bit dull. Why not just show sackboy dancing to popular songs like that sackboy thriller video?

  • Hola Alex,yes it’s me again :) did you manage to find out any info regarding the transfer of content,and specifically if it’s a one time transfer.Cheers

    The ad looks cool,and would be nice if you had the budget to keep knocking these out for a few months.

    “I guess Capcom and Sega don’t mind as people buy their costumes, but the Mario ones…?

    Cmon, tell us how they do it! Do the companies genuinely not mind? If so I have a little more respect for Nintendo.”

    I did read a while back that other game companies seemed fine with it.If there was any dispute then I’m guessing any levels featuring certain levels and music that could be classed as copyright infringement,would of been taken down.

  • Also queuing the levels linked,love that feature,

  • Thanks for the Game! Really Love it!


    No Thanks for the Cheap ass CE

  • They don’t seem have it in stock in Argos today :( Oh well, maybe tomorrow then. I can’t wait to get it :P

  • That was a great trailer. Nice ad as well.

    You know the sackbot’s with heart eyes? Could you please make an avatar with them. I would love to get an avatar like that.

  • I will buy it, but only when the price comes down

  • That TV ad is pathetic compared to the US ad.

  • Great stuff. LBP2 rocks!!

  • I really like the gaming history vid.

    the TV ad looks like it aimed at the under 10s tho…..

  • I thought the history of gaming video was great.

    The tv add is also ideal. Much better than the LBP1 advert I can remember.

    As someone said above; both uncharted 3 and Kevin butler dlc sound good.

  • The original was fantastic and from what I’ve seen this one will be even better.

    Can’t wait to get my copy.

  • Great game, to bad SCEE (and MM for not following things up) is just bad. I love it when they thank us for 15 years of support with lies. I am looking forward to see what lies you will give us about KZ3, SOCOM4, uncharted 3 and Last Guardian CE!

  • I’m still waiting for the collector’s edition here :( I don’t want to get the regular one, so I had to wait. That is kindda not fair because If you love the game that you want the collectors edtion of course you want it on day one.
    In fact I’ll get both the region 1 & 2 collectors’ editions, because the EU one doesn’t come with the sackboy & the other stuff Only DLCs. I’ve never bought a special edition of any game but LBP is different, totally worth it :D

  • Yeah I’m definitely getting this; hopefully there’s lot of advertising on the TV. This is not your mainstream FPS, this is something totally unique.

  • This makes me so upset.
    I won’t be able to get the game until Tuesday :'(

  • I saw this advert the other day and i’m pretty sure it was voiced by Stephen Fry so i dunno why this one isn’t.

  • What <wold be great, would be to be able to invite my friends in my pod and play together with not having to kick re-invite every five minuts. Didn't you made a beta?

  • little big planet and little big planet 2 are both narrated by Stephan Fry i got little big planet 2 from gamestation i discoved new adventures anyways but i’ve noticed fake costumes again

  • I played LBP2 with the Move controller and it’s alot of fun. Everyone should go and buy the Move, it’s awesome

  • >> Pre-ordered this on Hasn’t arrived, and mail
    >> has been delivered!!! Not happy with Play….too easy to
    >> blame local postal service…friends have ordered from
    >> Game and got there’s yesterday!!!!

    if you want something for release date, don’t get it from play. they are shipped from jersey, and for me shipping generally takes 3-5 days from play. sometimes great prices if you can wait, but it’s not best to get things fast. i pre-ordered mass effect 2 from shopto and got it yesterday. it’s next day delivery. i just bought LBP2 from the supermarket today because i’d hedged my bets that it would cheaper there, and i was right. :)

  • I dislike this ad. It doesn’t show LBP’s full potential. I know you can’t do that in a 30 second set, but if i wasn’t already going to buy LBP2, this ad would not convince me to buy it.

  • Can we please have an answer to why our CE was so [Deleted]….I mean come on I’ve seen a ton of people on here asking why on everyone of your blogs since you told us about Europes CE…..

    Oh and you said it was the SAME price when in fact you pay more for it. The US CE is actually cheaper then our CE and for what you get in it, it’s mad.

    It’s nice to know that I’m not the only person on here who thinks MM [Deleted] up on our CE or if it was Sony Europe but since you’ve never said anything about the situation we’ll never know who’s fault it is.

  • When do the UK get thier Lttlebigplanet 2 Dynamic theme?

    Maybe avavible for a price, or ps+ members or through the OPSM?

  • >> The US CE is actually cheaper then our CE and for what
    >> you get in it, it’s mad.

    how do you figure that?. the US CE has an RRP of $80 (selling on amazon for $76). the UK has an RRP of £50 (sells at most for £45). and the UK price includes an extra 20% for VAT, so comparing it’s pre-tax RRP (£41.70) with the US’s $80, and it’s definitely cheaper here. anyway, prices will never be directly related to the exchange rate, there are far too many tax (both VAT, corporate profits, etc) and economic factors which vary for that to be the case.

    if you want a sackboy plushie..

    the online is broken right now.. if you accept people to join your level, the loading screen keeps going on and off in an infinite loop till that person leaves. load times for community levels are horrendous. i know they’ve reported that LBP2 has had more simulataneous users online than LBP ever had, so i hope they’re adding more server capacity and not spending the weekend toasting their success with champagne. :p

  • I agree with Twistedintoform. The online is kindda broken. i keep trying to join my american friend and all i get is a loading screen. i’m pretty disappointed :( I got the regular edition just because i couldnt wait for the collector’s anymore and now “loading” is all i got :( i’ll get the collector’s edition anyway. I should’ve waited.
    Thanks Sony :(

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