PlayStation Video Store Update

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PlayStation Video Store Update

Hello Folks,

PlayStation Video Store Update

This week I am pleased to let you know that Resident Evil Afterlife is available to download in the store. If you buy the HD version, you also get an SD version to watch on your PSP. If you fancy watching any of the earlier movies, we have these too:

  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse £6.99 to buy or rent for £2.49
  • Resident Evil: Extinction £6.99 to buy
  • Resident Evil: Degeneration £6.99 to buy

Also available are the following new releases:

To Buy

  • Resident Evil Afterlife (HD)
  • Dinner for Schmucks

To Buy & Rent

  • The Switch (HD)
  • Jonah Hex (HD)
  • The Girl Who Played with Fire (HD)
  • Catfish (HD)
  • Devil (HD)
  • The Last Airbender
  • Baaria
  • Death Wave
  • The Hole
  • Outcast
  • Control (HD)

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7 Author Replies

  • Do a discounted bundle of the first 3 Resident Evil films and then we can talk….

    • Hello hamildan, that would be very cool! It is unfortunatley not possible at the moment. I will keep you posted.

  • @hamildan

    Playing too much Mafia 2?

  • Hi Lindsey,

    I believe this is your first blog post so first things first.. I hope you started the year of Okay. The urgency of a Movie store for me dropped almost to zero.. I am still curious if we will ever get it.
    For the sake of equality and all the other bla bla bla I discussed with you last year.

    I found another great way to fulfill my movie need It was just taking to long for me to wait. For everybody that has this service and enjoys it cheers.

    • Hello Mr Lopes.

      Happy new year! if it is not too late to say that. We are very keen to expand the store as soon as possible but I have no news at this stage.

  • Those RE movies are terrible…

  • 14 months since the video stored launched in the big countries. I assume at this stage there are no plans to bring it to the smaller countries like Ireland.

    • hello mfodder, thanks for your patience. There are plans to bring to the store to Ireland but I do not have a date just yet. We will keep you posted.

  • Hi

    Out of interest, I wondered if you was thinking of adding any 3D films to rent in the future. Be nice to take advantage of my new 3D TV through my able PS3.


  • We dutchies can’t buy or rent movies from either iTunes or PSN, the two places I would be buying movies from if I didn’t want to go to the store to get an actual disc. Please hurry with the dutch movie store! We feel left behind :(

  • Hi Pamperdamps, it would be very nice, I agree. 3D is a big focus for Sony this year so watch this space ;)

  • Heres a tip Lindsay If Sony is so keen on delivering 3D in movies, games other content.

    I suggest creating a Tv where the 3D glasses don’t have to be used. @ least for me this is a big thing that is stopping me from going 3D.

  • @9 lol it be a long time comeing they have not relase 3d without glasse yet in japn (sony i talking about). Allso there only there going up to 22inch tv there no 32 or bigger yet :)

  • Nice, I’m tempted to get the resident evil films, they are just brilliant (except Afterlife, dragging on too long now).

    It would be nice to hear if it would be *possible* in the next couple of months for a resident evil bundle? The first films, not the animated one.

    • hello dotSilver. Glad you like them. I will keep you posted on the bundles and offers. We will have a cool offer coming your way in February ;)

  • @10

    Well not bigger then 32 that is a big no!! I have a full hd sony 40 and loving it.. So no 3D for me untill there are a lot of improvements..

  • Hi, quick question, but this has really been bugging me.

    I downloaded shaun of the dead recently, and after a few days after I cheched it was working fine, it said “this vidio cannot be played when I tried to veiw it. I thought I would re-download the film but nothing came up, instead it said no content was found (I had brought it to OWN). I rang up customer support, and they re-set my limit to download it, and after today, history seems to be repeating itself.

    NOTE: a blue shopping bag appears as opposed to the red one

    • Hello cakeforme288. Sorry to hear that. Did you phone customer services back again since you had the problem. They are best places to advise on how to help…

  • cont. what should I do if the problem cannot be fixed, can you give me a promo code?

  • There is no start date either

    sorry for spamming posts

  • When netherlands !!??

  • are you planning on doing these movie store updates more than the once every month or so we have been getting?

    and i say movie store and not video store because there’s certainly no other type of videos on there yet especially not tv shows, and there seem to be no plans for them either.

  • Hello HazelAM. I plan to post the updates every fortnight but have taken holidays recently. We are continuously looking to improve the store and add new content. I can tell you that this year will be an exciting year with lots of updates and new content. So watch this space ;)

  • Hi Lindsay.

    I would like to know if there are plans to bring the video store to South Africa.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi lin, with 49 weeks remaining in 2011, which week can we expect the in 2009 promissed for 2010 and updated in december 2010 releasedate 2011, videostore in the remaining countries of the E U,
    E.g. Netherlands

  • Any plans on bringing the video store to Sweden? :)

  • when do we in sweden get video store??????????

  • You’ve been saying there’s no expansion date “just yet” for nearly two years now. I’ve stopped caring.

  • @20 i agree i lost my hope…

  • Yeah NZ was spose to have it 2010 but only Australia received it :( Hope to hear some news on further rollouts

  • It’s good to see Hybrid are finally in VidZone, but could we please have the full 8 min+ video of Break My Soul?

  • ^^oops, wrong article.

  • Miss Lindsay Iveson, when this serviçe is available in Portugal?

  • When?????????????

  • And when is SCEE going to do its job , and let Martinique and Guadeloupe access content for their own frickin’ country (France) .

    I now i aint being civil , but this is ridiculous and has gone forever …
    Either lump us with american PSN since we are closer to them (wich i’d even actually prefer) , or let us access fully to content available to France , like Vidzone , comics and the Video Store .

    It’s starting to looks like groundless discrimination you know

  • I think PS3 sucks , if i knew what i did know i would never have bought a ps3.I was on the ps3 network twice and struggled my ass off to get back on with out any succes.Support for ps3 in south africa is a farse you guy’s should not be aloud to be called a company becaus you suck big time.

    I will go out of my way to make sure anybody i know will not buy a PS3 i will tell them how the PS3 network is a farse and that you can forget about any support , rather buy a xbox.

    you guys SUCK , SUCK , SUCK

  • when is video store coming to Norway? “early 2010” was the last I heard..

  • Is there any news on when us small and obviously insignificant country’s will be receiving video store? I find it almost discriminatory towards country’s that make your company little money compared to the high populated country’s in Europe which have had access for some time, is this how sony like to behave cause it aint very nice is it?

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