LittleBigPlanet 2 Launch Week Fun – Behind The Scenes At Media Molecule

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Hi guys – more LittleBigPlanet 2 related goodness to celebrate launch week – here’s a brand new behind the scenes video that’ll give you a personal tour of the place where the magic happens – the Media Molecule studio.

This video was shot as the game was about to go ‘Gold’ – so right around the time Media Molecule were really starting to get excited about the fact that you guys would soon have LittleBigPlanet 2 in your hands!

Check back tomorrow for more exciting bits and pieces…

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  • I can’t wait for the Irish event on Saturday, should be a larf and a half.

    Oh yeah and LBP2 TOMORROW!!!! YAHHHHHHHHH :)

  • I noticed that all of them had very little on their screens, did you warn them before going in there with your camera?

  • to the blog pplz. ceberus network codes for mass effect 2 do not work.

    can we get some answers?

    • Try tomorrow – the release date of the game – as DLC is often activated on the day of release. If it doesn’t work then please contact your local customer services.

  • Yay :D MM are the best…also <3 Spaff!

    More behind the scenes please :D
    i’m going to pick my copy later today… EXCITED!!!

  • Great video! Just paused LBP2 to watch it ;) Well done guys, it’s fantastic to see how excited all of them are about the game. It looks like a brilliant place to work!

  • So the rumours about the game being bug ridden are not true then? if thats the case will be getting tomorrow.

  • Yo liars! You stated on this blog that CE would be the same price as normal edition in Europe! All stores in Norway got the CE for about 200Nok more than normal edition (£22 more). I thought this was an error from the stores side, so I emailed them. Guess what! They said that SONY (or their lapdogs in Scandinavia, Nordic Film) sold the CE to the store for more AND gave the stores recomended price about £20 higher that normal edition!
    This have made me make the desition to NOT buy this game before I can get it dirt cheap. I don’t support people who lie to my face.

    • Hi Martingutten – I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been frustrated by this – I’m investigating this with my colleagues in Scandinavia to get more information about it.

  • Can always tell how enthusastic they are (or at least Alex Evans) when he is interviewed. He always seems so excited to talk about the game and say what’s happening. It’s brilliant :D I love it!

  • We in the netherlands had no axxess to the CE at all.

    None of the shops here had it for pre-order or for sale.

    So i didnt get ANY of the DLC :(

    Is there a way to buy the DLC seperatly for countries that didnt get a CE release in their country? Cause its sony’s fault we didnt get one in netherlands .. not mine.

    Plz respond ..

  • My LB2 has arrived early \o/

    … but it’ll be another 3 hours until I get home /o\

  • Getting mine tomorrow.Not looked this up before,and I’m guessing it works but would like to be sure.
    I know my stuff carries over,but is possible to jump back into LBP 1 at any time,and collect things for LBP 2?


    Will full LBP2 be available to purchase and download in Playstation Store, or will I have to buy a Blu-Ray disk?

  • Wooo my copy arrived today cant wait to get home to play it!

  • Cool video. Going to shop tomorrow to buy it ;P

  • Not to be a pain Alex,but your last reply was after my question :).If you don’t know can find out please.

    “is possible to jump back into LBP 1 at any time,and collect things for LBP 2?”


    • Hey vonhammer – don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you :) I’ll look into the specific details of importing profiles so that I can give you full and correct info on this.

  • Hey MM, Congrats on your LittleBigRelease, (see what I did there? It was a stretch but I made it work)
    Anyways, Congrats Im glad to see all the hard work and delay paid off,
    Oh, some Kevin Butler & UNCHARTED Themed DLC would be nice, no rush tough.
    You guys try to take it easy for a while.

  • Still no apologies for the way you lied to us? I know i’m making a big deal out of this CE mess but you can’t imagine how i was dissapointed by the way you, M.M, of all devellopers handled this situation.

    You lied to us. As if your European gamers base was less important than the US one… Well guess what? It worked! I’m felling like a second class gamer now.

  • I was going to write a comment, but CEK111 did a good job in saying my thoughts =)
    (Everything, but the Kevin Butler dlc part(brilliant btw))
    Can you reveal anything about your next project at MM, LBP sequel? new IP? DLC to LPB2? or is it way too early?

  • “Hey vonhammer – don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you :) I’ll look into the specific details of importing profiles so that I can give you full and correct info on this.”

    Sorry for bugging you :)and cheers for the reply.I hope I can go back and forth,otherwise I’ll need to replay LBP as much as I can tomorrow (HDD died) before playing the second.

  • might be cutting off my nose to spite my face.
    but the fact we get the game last (developed in the uk) and UK CE apart from it being terrible its more expensive that the standard edition.
    im not getting this!
    loved the 1st one but SCEE have treated the uk like idiots, because they know we will [DELETED] and moan about it, but still buy it!
    well im not!
    might pick it up pre-owned then that way the developer and sony get nothing from me!

  • thnx for reply. also this was a fun video. kudos

  • I have another question.

    I live in POland and I have heard that we will get fully localized Polish version of LBP2. Although I am sure our Polish voice celebrities did a great job, I would like to ask if I can still set it to original English language (voice and subtitles)? Or, as always, Will I have to import English version from United Kingdom?

    Thank you for reply :)

  • So, any update on the CE price F up in scandinavia? not that you can fix it now… Send me a CE at normal price and I will mail you the money =P

  • Not a word, great customer service!

  • don’t have lbp1, but tried lbp2 demo and I will get both! :D

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