PlayStation Plus Mid-Month Treats For January

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We’re sorry to report that there has been an issue with the Mass Effect 2 PSN file, which is why it is not currently available from PlayStation Store as earlier reported. We are all working hard to resolve this as soon as possible.


PlayStation Plus subscribers this time.

Firstly I wanted to let you know, if you didn’t already, that on Friday you will be able to get your hands on EA’s acclaimed Mass Effect 2 from PlayStation Store. That’s the same day the Blu-ray Disc version is being released in retail stores.

And also on Friday, if you are a PlayStation Plus member, you can download the full game trial which allows you to play the full game for 60 minutes. Not that it will take much persuasion for many of you to buy the game, those less aware get an exclusive chance to try the full game before they buy.

The next treat for you is a 25% day one discount of on the new PSN multiplayer shooter, Modern Combat: Domination.

Square off in 16-player battles across six modes and complete your objectives to rule the
Leaderboards using the PlayStation Move motion controller.

The third treat is an exclusive discount on a great little game bundle called Costume Quest on Ice. Until 2 Feb, you guys can get this bundle with a 20% discount.

Explore the quaint suburban neighbourhood, spooky mall and creepy carnival. Battle the evil overlords to rescue your kidnapped sibling then continue the adventure by exploring the monster world, Repugia. Face new enemies, collect costumes and quests. Help overthrow Araxia and bring peace back to Repugia.

We have managed to get you a new Sonic dynamic theme from the guys at SEGA. Featuring the Splash Hill zone and the iconic ‘ring’ sound when you scroll through the XMB, the theme will be on the Store for everyone to purchase but we are offering it to Plus members for free.

Finally, I just wanted to confirm on here that you guys are all going to have exclusive access to the SOCOM Special Forces Beta when it goes live. I’ll keep you up to speed on the dates when I have more info, but it’s definitely one to look forward to!

Will be back on here soon to let you know the February and March content; enjoy the rest of January.

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37 Author Replies

  • Nice like the sound of the beta

  • No words on the Shatter situation? What’s the status of when the trial issue will be fixed?

  • ZOMG?! Mass Effect II on PSN Store you say?! I had no idea…

  • Sweet :) thanks :D

  • Cool, is the SOCOM thing on psp?

    thanks for fixing the shatter problem, mine works fine now.

  • mass effect 2 psn as expensive as retail prize never ever i pay that for a digital download.

    less printing costs, less case costs, less manual costs, and still expensive what a deal NOT!

  • Gotta love PS+ :D

  • When will Shatter get fixed as it still says its only a trial…

    • The guys are still working hard to get this fixed and we will also keep shatter on the plus section for another month so no-one misses out on it.

  • WHAT ABOUT SHATTER PROBLEM????????????????????????
    YOU CONTINUE TO PLAY WITH US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • calm down! As I have stated on the blog, the tech guys are working hard to fix the problem and I understand this has been fixed for some poeple early on. Apologies there is an ongoing problem for some but we wil get it fixed ASAP and shatter will stay on Plus next month to make sure no one misses out.

  • Been trying to get standalone MOVE controllers since the beginning of December and still no luck, they say MOVE controllers are hard to come bye in Norway for some reason, I can get the starter pack now but I already got that. Very frustrating to buy a product and then not being able to use it like it’s supposed because Sony can’t deliver essential additional Move controllers.

    If you want people to buy Move software maybe you should provide enough supply of hardware?

    Awesome that ME2 is coming as dl, was thinking we’d been given the boot again.

  • So let me clarify not only a full game trial but also the FULL GAME to purchase after?? If so how much? I am interested! :)

    • Hi, yeh – you get to try it out for 60 mins for free and then if you like it, you can buy the entitlement and don’t even need to re-download it! enjoy

  • Hi James, any chance you could put the plus discounts into a folder ? They look very messy at the moment… so, could that be a future suggestion, discounts always go in a folder on the store

    • Hi, I will pass this on as a suggestion, in the mean time, don’t forget you can choose different store views and the discounts should all appear in a row, so they are not in a sep catagory, but all in order.

  • Are you removing the beta from the EU version of KZ3 for this?
    If not will the beta be available day one with my potential purchase of KZ3,and if it not,can you explain why?

    • Hi, betas will run until the developers decide to stop them and they have nothing to do with other betas available at the same time. so no, the KZ3 beta won’t be removed when the SOCOM beta launches. cheers

  • i got psn+ in december, and so far ther has been NOTHING to make it worthwhile apart from the DC online beta.

    before i got plus, every plus update id see loads o good stuff for free.

    what happens when i get it, either a free crappy mini, or DISCOUNTED minis, or DISCOUNTED PSPS GAMES.

    psp games should be excluded from plus because not ALL ps3 owners have psps ( unless plus users could play psp games on thier psp but they CANT)

    and now we get a trail of a game we ALREADY have a demo for on the store

    why dont you start giving us stuff we WANT:

    DC online discounts,
    PROPER FREE GAMES (the GOOD ps1 games on the store, proper psn games like monkey island, costume quest)

    enough with the discounts, just because you knock off like £1.12 from every other game does not mean we will go “hey its EVER SO SLIGHTLY CHEAPER, i already forked out £40 for this service, lets give em more money for a minimal service”

    i hate people who come on here and moan

    but im really disapointed with the plus service ( and im pretty surfe there was usualy something added every week, why nothing last week?)

    • Hi, i’m really sorry you are dissapointed. I feel there has been some great content since dec, and during dec you got extra treats every week that were above and beyong the normal content – a brand new game to PSn for free (samurai shodown), a brand new mini for free, Abes Exodus (heavily requested PS1 game), loads of great discounts, Prehistoric moves free and early, etc. And trust me there is loads more to come.
      The extra PSP game discounts are just that, extra. they don’t eat into the normal discounts that you get in Plus
      I’ll take your comments on board and hopefully there will be loads of stuff you like in the coming months. I’m afraid the content once a week was just a festive treat and isn’t normally done like this. We would have to charge a lot more for the service if we gave that much away each month.

  • SOCOM beta makes this a win.

    Also, sorry to the guy who was in the Store comments telling me to wait til later for the ME2 stuff – you were right mate

  • does it really matter about Shattered – mine says its expired but it still plays fine – all trophy support etc etc is there – what’s the issue??

  • what about -50% on mag dlc?

  • SOCOM beta! I’m now pleased I got my 3 month PlaystationPlus subscription :-)

  • I dont want to sound pedantic, but the “ring” sound on the Sonic 4 dynamic theme is insanely loud.

  • calm down do you think i will renew my subscription until next month WRONG I WILL NEVER RENEW THIS CRAP SERVIÇE AND I WANT WHAT I PAY DURING THE CURRECT TIME.

    • I think you may be taking this a little bit too seriously?? I have explained that we are sorry for the problem and a fix is being worked on and will be ready ASAP. I’m afraid that occasionally there are technical problems that we can’t foresee but we try to fix these as quickly as possible.

  • if sony really cares about customers many serious problems in plus section, never appear…

  • plus is a big mistake guys really dont subscibe this!!!!

  • will there be any day 1 discount for ME2?

    oh and will the downloadable version come with all the DLC the disc version has?

    • As far as i know the downloadable version will be the same as the disc version but i’m afraid i don’t know about the discount yet.

  • “Hi, betas will run until the developers decide to stop them and they have nothing to do with other betas available at the same time. so no, the KZ3 beta won’t be removed when the SOCOM beta launches. cheers”

    Thanks for the reply James,guess I worded it wrong though.

    Will my SCEE version of KZ3 come with Socom 4 beta access like the SCEA version.Or has it become exclusive to plus members in SCEE regions.


    • ah, sorry! The beta won’t come with KZ3 as this is just happening in SCEA. In Europe the beta is for Plus members, thats the only info I have at the min.

  • why do the posts that offer critism against psn+ get ignored?

    im just asking a few questions and would like a reply if thats not to much trouble

    • Hi, please see the reply to your post above. I have taken your suggestions down, will pass them on and I have answered your questions. but there really isn’t a lot i can do if you are just saying that the content recently is not for you.
      I take down any suggestions and we have delivered many titles that people have requested on here. Its very difficult to provide a service that exactly fits what everyone wants but we are working on developing plus to give you more choice where possible.

  • Well good a beta for ALL Plus members & not a stich up like LBP2 beta.

    @jame thope the ME2 free game trial & buy game later from store will it have some of the DLC then we have to buy the rest of DLC 1 free DLC as well because it be a even bigger download.

    if not got THE same DLC as the disc why would ppl want to download from the store.

    and james any features coming for plus members not just games thanks :)

    • Hi, the info I have at the min says all plus members but that is not final. we will always try to push for it to be for all members if we can on betas.

      Again, i don’t have all the info yet but I think the version of ME2 will have the DLC like the dic version.

      We are working on developing Plus and part of that is going to be new features, so keep an eye on the blog!

  • James I think you misunderstood the question from Vonhammer about the Socom beta and Killzone 3. Think he meant does the socom beta still come with Killzone 3 full retail game like in the US?

  • Looking forward to the SOCOM beta.

    The theme is cool but the sounds are horrible. Is there a way of disabling them?

    When can we expect the next months blog post?


    • Hi, afraid you can’t turn the sound off, sorry. Next blog post is on the 2nd Feb – monthly content refresh is the first wed of every month

  • Why doesn’t the EU have a discount on the R.U.S.E Chimera dlc? US has…

  • thanks for response,

    but games that require move support shouldnt really count, same as the psps argument, not every1 has move.

    but i apreciate the response ( and if u really wanna make it up to me, u shud try and get tales of monkey island, simelar to the sam and max deal i saw awhile back ;)

    • no worries. we will always make sure the content that is limited to certain users is always just an added bonus rather than replacing the content for everyone.
      I will try my best with monkey island!!

  • omg how many times do i have to ask is there any chance theres gona be a discount on the dc universe ie monthly fee for plus members ,it a simple yes or no

  • Hi will i need the navagaion controller for SOCOM Beta and the modern combat GAME? ill look forward to the sonic theme! DING

    • Hi, i dont have all the details on the SOCOM beta yet but the full game supports the dualshock and the Move/Nav. I will also have to check about MC but as far as i know I will use the Nav

  • hi James,will we see Call of Duty classic on Plus in the near future?


  • “Hi will i need the navagaion controller for SOCOM Beta and the modern combat GAME? ill look forward to the sonic theme! DING”

    You can use the duel shock 3,but for comfort and ease of use,you’d be better off with the nav con.

  • I wasn’t talking about Ross, i meant someone else in the comments!

  • “ah, sorry! The beta won’t come with KZ3 as this is just happening in SCEA. In Europe the beta is for Plus members, thats the only info I have at the min.

    *Shakes head* Cheers for the reply man.

  • Glad to see we got the Sonic Dynamic Theme on Plus, seen it on the US Store yesterday and was like / , but yeah the sound effects on there are too loud lol, and the icons gfx are nothing special but you know.. its Sonic. Tempted to get that Modern Combat too but the sensitivity with DS3’s is too low (yes i’ve maxed out the settings) But seen as we dont have Call of Duty anymore, i might cave. Anyways good job in the past few weeks PS Store people, cant be easy trying to please everyone and type the same stuff week in week out. Nice first comment too there Ross, made me laugh i spilt my tea alittle!

  • Hello James, looking good you guys bring to PlayStation Plus, I understand some peoples’ frustration about the SHATTER problem but as you said your tech team are working on this hard, so c’mon guys cut the guy some slack here he has told you that they’re working to resolve this issue. Great work on securing us ALL PlayStation Plus members a spot on SOCOM: Special Forces beta. :)

  • Joined ps plus today.

    Made the most of modern combat 25% off deal and am looking forward to the upcoming months.


  • Gunna be a cheeky git and paste this from the Store Update Thread:

    “Anyone heard any info about Might And Magic Clash of Heroes? Its been delayed for like 8 months and hoping that its still coming to our Store this Quarter 8(”

    All i need to know is, is it coming or have they canned?

    • Hi, sorry but I don’t have anything to do with this so can’t answer you. your best bet is to ask Ross on one of his store posts.

  • Thanks james hurrah features FTW :)

  • Beta Fever > Bieber Fever

    This is why I get psn+ (although the minis are awesome too).

    Frankly I don’t care much about the quality of the other free games because I spend so much already in the store on games that I would like, but not necessarily anyone else, so at least Sony tries to cater for everyone.

  • yea lets us play the mass effect 2 trail so we cant unlock the trophies in the full game like shatter ;S not quite smart to announce that now
    but still cool stuff to come keep it up sony

  • Hi James,

    How much will Mass Effect II cost?

  • thanks james :)

  • Can we have Mass Effect Avatars? :)

  • its great when you ignore comments


  • Absolutely loving the SOCOM beta idea. Also, can we expect any Mass Effect 2 deals?

    Also, how much will Costume Quest cost?


    ALOT of people bought monkey island in the sale as it was only 9 euro… ALOT of people, including me.

    Please, just give us some nice games…. I would like you to try get us some LBP2 dlc when the first batch comes out.

    Sony owns Mm, so, it can’t be that hard to get LBP2 dlc

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